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  • Google Mexico Celebrates 10th Birthday

    Yesterday was the 10th birthday or anniversary of establishing the Google Mexico office. Google posted about it on Google+ saying: Celebramos 10 años de Google en México Muchas gracias por habernos acompañado estos 10 maravillosos años… y los que faltan. Jack Fermon from the office there posted a picture of himself in a happy birthday […]

  • Google Location Filter Option Changed In The Search Results

    Over the past few weeks, I have been seeing sporadic reports in the Google Web Search Help forums around Google dropping the location setting, where you can filter search results based on a specific locale. Being in the US, I am not too accustomed to seeing such a feature, so I wasn’t sure if it […]

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  • Disavowed Links Show In Google Search Console Link Report

    This is just an FYI, in case you did not know this, but the link report within the Google Search Console will 100% show your disavowed links as well as your non-disavowed links. Most link builders and SEOs know this because they cannot use the report to just show links that Google is counting towards […]

  • Google’s Gary Illyes: I’d Marry The Google Algorithm If I Could.

    Google’s Gary Illyes who is on vacation right now, not on a honeymoon, said before he went on vacation that he’d marry the Google search algorithm if he could. He was commenting about how stable and solid it was that he would look for the same qualities in a spouse. Of course he was joking […]

  • A Stolen Google Bike

    Louis Gray from Google shared a photo of a bike he rescued from the streets of Santa Clara. Supposedly, every now and then a Google bike goes missing or gets stolen. Louis Gray said he saw one few blocks away from his home, with a young 20 year old. He approached him, questioned him and […]

  • Google Logo For Writer Lucy Maud Montgomery On 141st Birthday

    Today on the Google home page is a logo, Google Doodle, for the 141st birthday of Lucy Maud Montgomery. Lucy Maud Montgomery was a well known Canadian fiction writer who wrote many children oriented books including Anne of Green Gables, Rilla of Ingleside and Emily of New Moon. She was known as L. M. Montgomery […]

  • Google Tests Replacing "Web" Search Filter With "All"

    Zeshan Ahmer shared a screen shot on Twitter of Google testing showing “All” instead of the “Web” navigation filter link. Typically when you do a search at Google you see the default option set to “Web” at the top, under the search box. You can often toggle to filter for News, Images, Videos, Shopping, etc. […]

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    Amit Singhal, Google’s Head Of Ranking, Celebrates 15 Years At Google

    We have talked about Amit Singhal a lot here, but often, people here do not understand that virtually everything you see in the search results with the exception of the ads, is under Amit Singhal’s supervision. He is the head of ranking, core search, knowledge graph, voice search, mobile, pretty much every answer and search […]

  • Google Says For AMP Mobile Development, Use Canonicals

    So Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages is expected to be pushed by Google big time in 2016, so much so, Google will power their own mobile results off of it in early 2016. So SEOs and webmasters are trying to test it out and they ask, when you build using AMP, how do you avoid duplicate […]