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  • Google Search Shows Wrong iOS App Reviews Ratings

    An ongoing thread at the Google Web Search Help has people, mostly app developers, complaining that when Google shows their iOS app in the search results, it shows their apps as having a one-star rating, when in reality, the app has a five star rating. This doesn’t happen for all apps but here is an […]

  • Google Patents On Clicks Influencing Rankings

    Last week, Google was caught removing the statement that they posted around clicks impacting local rankings. So now the SEO community is asking, is Google lying about clicks influencing rankings? What are they hiding? Bill Slawski, the SEO patent guy, wrote a post last night putting together many of the patents Google has published around […]

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  • Google On Campus Store Now Open To Public

    Danny Sullivan was at the GooglePlex, Google’s Mountain View headquarters, last week. He snapped a picture of the front door of the new Google Merchant Store. He said that it is now open to the public. Before, you needed to be escorted by a Googler, and what Danny is implying is that anyone can now […]

  • Google Expands Knowledge Box On Musicians, Actors, TV Shows & Movies

    Late Friday, Google announced they’ve expanded their answers and knowledge graph information around musicians, actors, TV shows and movies related queries. The new answer box kind of feels like the Google medical knowledge graph interface but provides more entertainment based content. Google said: Wondering if your favorite singer is playing near you? Or looking for […]

  • Google AdWords Ads With Two Structured Snippet Extensions

    Google in August came out with a structured snippet extension that lets advertisers show additional structured information that show with your text ads. Now, Google is allowing advertisers add two lines of that information. Google announced this on Google+ saying, “we’re introducing a second line of structured information that can show with your text ads.” […]

  • Google Traffic Soars After SEO Drops Links From Disavow File

    There is a WebmasterWorld thread which has an SEO who accidentally removed all the links from their disavow file and a week later, his traffic to his web site “soared” he said. Here is his timeline: 22nd Nov – Disavow file overwritten by mistake. Some domains previously disavowed, re-avowed as a result. The error went […]

  • Google Place Actions Documentation Removed & 404ed

    Friday we reported that Google now is showing the Google Place Action rich snippet documentation to all. But some time between when I wrote about it and now, Google has removed the documentation from the web site. The links to the documentation, which is what we saw on November 25th is still there, but the […]

  • Google Testing Four AdWords Ads Again

    The whole SEM community is up in arms about Google testing four ads, AdWords ads, in the Google search results page. This is something Google has tested on and off for years and years. I think the earliest one I saw was four ads at the bottom of the results back in 2006 but nevertheless, […]

  • Google Search Disses Hanukkah This Year?

    Every year for a long long time, when you searched for the holidays, be it [hanukkah], [kwanzaa], [christmas] and related queries, Google would return special holiday decorations in the search results – especially during the holiday season. The picture above is from last years Google holiday decorations but they did this in 2013, 2012, 2011, […]

  • Mountain View Has Leaf Plows Not Snow Plows

    Mike Brzozowski, Google’s Senior User Experience Researcher, shared a photo of a leaf plow on Google+. He took it in Mountain View, California, where Google’s headquarters the GooglePlex is located. He explained that in Mountain View they don’t need snow plows, so they convert them into leaf plows. He wrote, “some places have snow plows. […]