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  • Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: January 1, 2016

    Happy New Years everyone, I prerecorded this video on New Years Eve to be released on New Years Day. This week we covered a possible small Google search update. Google says the No Country Redirect feature should come back working one day. Google won’t retroactively forward old reconsideration requests. Google said on-hover links that activated […]

  • Google Movie Theatre

    The Google Students account on Google+ shared photos of some of their cooler spaces in some of their offices. This picture looks like a vintage movie theatre with a screen, old chairs, and popcorn machine. They posted this on Google+ with some other photos. This post is part of our daily Search Photo of the […]

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  • Spoiler Alert: Google New Year’s Eve Logo Hatches A…

    If you visit Google today, you will see their New Years Eve logo. It is a bunch of of birds with party hats on a branch, looking at an egg that is about to hatch. What will be found in that egg is the big question. It will hatch as the clock strikes midnight, on […]

  • John Mueller: Fetch As Google Renders AngularJS But Cache Doesn’t Currently

    John Mueller of Google answered two questions around AngularJS this week, one in the Google Webmaster Help forums and one in a Google Hangout on Tuesday. The first was why does Google’s fetch and render feature in Google Search Console show the page rendered properly but the Google cache version shows nothing at all? Google’s […]

  • Google: We Don’t Forward Retroactively Your Reconsideration Requests

    We know that some old messages may show up in the Google Search Console around manual actions and their history. But Google doesn’t have a system to send you the old reconsideration requests and manual actions dating back forever. A Google Webmaster Help thread has an SEO asking for the old messages because he has […]

  • Google Search Adds "View on Twitter" To Tweets

    Google has made a small but significant change to the way they show tweets from Twitter in their search results. They added a blue clickable link to the tweet that reads “View On Twitter.” Here is an animated picture of how it works now, notice the link: Here is how it looked like when it […]

  • Bing’s Home Page For New Years Is Interactively Awesome

    So we covered Google’s New Years hatched logo but what about Bing, the second most important search engine. If you go to Bing you may see a boxed up surprise where you can change up the home page for New Years. The animated GIF above shows me clicking on the various lights, frost, fire and […]

  • Google Self Driving Car All Lit Up

    Brian Kuhn from Google posted a picture on Google+ some time ago of him spotting a Google Self Driving Car driving along, but this one was all lit up and looked incredibly happy and fun. He said “I’v seen self driving cars before, but never one of theses cute ones…” He posted the picture on […]

  • GoogleBot Treats 307 Redirects As 301s?

    Over a year ago, we covered a topic that is rare, 307 redirects when it goes over HSTS, HTTP Strict Transport Security. When we migrated this site over to HTTPS, we went really strict and uses HSTS and I saw that the redirect was a 307 from the non HTTP to the HTTPS of this […]

  • Google: You Can Cloak Your XML Sitemap Files

    Google’s John Mueller in a long Google Hangout yesterday said that it is not problematic to cloak your XML sitemap file to search engines. The reason is, the XML Sitemap files are meant to only be seen by search engines and not users, so cloaking them differently for users makes no sense. You can change […]