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  • World’s Largest Android Marshmallow Mosaic

    Aaron Kasten posted a picture on Google+ of a massive marshmallow mosaic, which he called the world’s largest one, in the pattern of the Google Android logo. He took the photo in Amsterdam and wrote “World’s largest marshmallow mosaic at #babbqnl.” This post is part of our daily Search Photo of the Day column, where […]

  • Google Webmaster Team Member Interviews & Profiles On Wednesdays

    Google announced on Google+ that they will be showcasing an interview a week with a member of the Google Webmaster team. This will help us get to know those who work at Google, specifically on the team that is here to help webmasters. Google wrote on Google+: New #spotlight series: Join us Wednesdays as we […]

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  • Google Adds Pinch & Zoom To Tablet Search Interface After Complaints

    Honestly, I am surprised, Google actually listened to the complaints of the folks who disliked the new Google tablet interface and to solve the white space problem that is incredibly noticeable on the iPad Pro – they added pinch and zoom to the interface. So now you can pinch and zoom in to remove a […]

  • Google Launches Red Live Label & Live Blogs Schema Markup

    Remember in early October we reported seeing red live labels in the Google search results? Well, Google officially launched it yesterday, announcing it on Google+. This live label is reserved for publishers who have implemented the brand new live blogs schema structured markup on their sites. It will show up in the publisher carousel when […]

  • Google Releases Version 10.0 Of The iOS Search App

    Google has pushed out a revised version of the Google Search app for iOS, you can get it over here. This is a big version number update, version 10.0. It brings the app more in sync with the Android counterpart. It updated all the branding around Google Voice search and the new Google logo. Especially […]

  • Google’s Maile Ohye Wearing A Dress

    One of the fun and wicked smart personalities in Google is Maile Ohye. She speaks fairly often at developer and search marketing conference but when she speaks, she normally gets on stage in flip flops. For some reason, at SMX Milan the other week, Maile decided to get all dressed up in a full dress, […]

  • Google: Despite Chatter, There Is No Update To Announce

    Over the past 36 hours or so, I’ve been tracking a level of chatter in the industry around a possible Google update. Some are telling me they are seeing huge changes in their rankings and traffic from Google. Others are saying spammers have returned to the Google search results. Either way, I am getting this […]

  • Matt Cutts Wants To Purge The SEO Industry Tweets

    Maybe I am reading too much into this, well – I won’t read into it at all. Matt Cutts of Google posted on Twitter that he is trying to “do a purge of SEO tweeters to rein things in a bit.” The context was about people asking him SEO related Google questions often on Twitter […]

  • Google Does Use User Metrics For App Rankings But Not Web Rankings

    Yesterday, I wrote an absolutely amazing (if I must say so) story on how Google ranks app content at Search Engine Land. You have to read it but let me give you the short version here. Google uses the Google App Indexing API (which I covered here a billion times) to understand the content and […]

  • Google Publishes The Full Version Of The Search Quality Rating Guidelines

    For the first time ever, Google has released the full and complete version of the Search Quality Rating Guidelines that Search Quality Raters at Google use to rate the quality of the Google search results. The only other time SEOs had their hands on this full version was when it was leaked fully in 2011 […]