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  • Google Does Have Holiday Decorations For Chanukah, Christmas & Kwanzaa

    Honestly, I am sad but not surprised. Google implied that they are not doing holiday decorations this year, instead they were doing games in the search results or in other sections of Google. After not seeing any Chanukah / Hanukkah decorations by the fourth night of Hanukkah and repeated emails to Google on where are […]

  • Google’s Dinosaur, Stan In Heart Shades

    Last month, Stan, the Google Dinosaur was wearing slick sunglasses. Well, last week, Danny Sullivan visited Google and noticed Stan was now in these heart shades. They are pink and bold. They make Stan a bit more approachable, don’t you think? Danny posted this on Google+. This post is part of our daily Search Photo […]

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  • Google: Confident Google Penguin 4.0 Is Good Enough For A January Release

    As you know, Google told us Penguin 4.0 won’t be released by the end of this year. But people are asking me, will it be released in January. Well, it looks like it but Google doesn’t want to make any promises. John Mueller of Google said in a Google+ hangout this morning at 18:44 mark […]

  • Automated Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Via Google Analytics Smart Goals

    Google announced a new way to quickly and easily add a form of “conversion tracking” within Google Analytics for your AdWords campaigns named Smart Goals. Smart Goals basically automates the process of setting up conversion metrics for your AdWords campaigns. Google explains: Smart Goals are configured at the view level. Smart Goals uses machine learning […]

  • Google: When Blocking Spammers, Make Sure They Know It

    Keep your site clean of spammers, especially in places where spammers can add content to your site, is important. Those who fill up the site’s comments area with irrelevant content can hurt a site from being trusted by both Google and users. Yes, I know the comments here are pretty wild but they are mostly […]

  • Google News Requires Each Language Of Your Site To Be Submitted For Inclusion

    Stacie Chan from the Google News team said in a Google News Help thread that if you have a multilingual news site, each version of that site needs to be submitted individually to the Google News submission team. Stacie wrote, “for every language on your website, you’ll need to apply for Google News.” So if […]

  • Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: December 11, 2015

    This week in search, we covered that Google expect Penguin 4.0 to be released in January 2016. Google seemed to have sent out a large number of manual actions this week, after changing the language of the reconsideration request responses. Google said there may be a ranking boost for going AMP and I shared some […]

  • Google Holiday Gift: Christmas Lights To Agencies

    Every year, before the holidays, Google gives select AdWords partners and other partners across their other products, holiday gifts. The gifts vary but one posted a picture of their gift this year, it is christmas lights! David Melamed posted on Facebook the gift he got from Google this year. He said they are Christmas lights/decorations. […]

  • Google Spin The Dreidel Game For Hanukkah

    After forgetting to post Hanukkah decorations this year in the Google search results, Google has responded that they changed it up this year by adding a spin the dreidel game to the Google search results. Search for [spin the dreidel] , [play dreidel] or other variations and Google will post an interactive dreidel that will […]

  • Beta: Google AdWords iOS App

    Earlier this year, Google introduced the Android Google AdWords mobile app to let advertisers manage their campaigns on the go. Well, Google posted on Twitter that they have a beta version for iOS users in play and those who want to test it out over the holiday season can do so by requesting access. To […]