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  • Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO In India

    Sundar Pichai, the new CEO of Google, is in India doing his rounds to bring more adoption to the Internet and thus Google. Just go to Google and search Sundar Pichai and India to bring up the stories around what he is doing there. He has been busy. Above is a picture from Neeta Tolani, […]

  • Google Beethoven Logo

    Today on Google’s home page you will see a special, time wasting, but incredibly educational and fun Google logo, aka Doodle for the birthday of Ludwig van Beethoven. Well, technically, he was baptized today 245 years ago on December 17, 1770. The logo is interactive, asking you to piece together the music sheets from some […]

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  • Google’s Interactive Bubble Level Or Spirit Level

    As I reported at Search Engine Land last night you can now make your mobile Google search results page into a bubble level (or spirit level). Just go to Google on your mobile device and search for either [bubble level] or [spirit level] and Google will return this interactive bubble that shows how much your […]

  • Google My Business API Has Launched

    Google has now officially launched the Google My Business API in order to make it more efficient for larger businesses with many locations to manage their listings. Here are the features of this API: Create business locations with information such as name, address, phone number, category, business hours, and more Manage special hours Mark a […]

  • Google AdSense Certified Publisher (GASCP) To End December 31, 2015

    Google announced on Google+ that the Google AdSense Certified Publisher (GASCP) program will be closing down on December 31, 2015. Google AdSense Certified Publisher (GASCP) launched in October 2013. Google is replacing GASCP with the Google Certified Publishing Partner program, which launched two years later in October 2015. Google said: The Google AdSense Certified Publisher […]

  • Google Hosts The Santa Clara University Men’s Basketball Team

    For the second time, Google has hosted the Santa Clara University Men’s Basketball team at their campus. Specifically Mark Louie, who works at Google, did a lot of the work. He does it to give back to SCU by trying “to inspire and help the next generation.” He posted several pictures on Google+. You can […]

  • Google Updates Rich Snippets For Articles Documentation For AMP

    We know Google recently updated their documentation for the rich snippets for articles page by requiring author name but that wasn’t it. Kyle Sutton posted on Google+, which I spotted via that Google made several changes there specific to AMP. Kyle wrote: There is a host of new mandatory Publisher properties, many of which […]

  • Video: Google Hangout On Google Mobile, AMP & App-Indexing

    There was an excellent Google+ hangout with Google’s John Mueller on the topics of mobile, AMP App-Indexing. He started with a presentation and then spent the rest of the hangout answering questions. There isn’t much new there outside of some questions around what may happen in the future around the Search Console and the data […]

  • Google Indexing HTTPS By Default

    Forget mobile first, now it’s HTTPS first. Google announced last night that they will be indexing HTTPS by default from now on. That means GoogleBot will start crawling HTTPS equivalents of HTTP pages, even when the former are not linked to from any page. Google explained that “when two URLs from the same domain appear […]