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  • Google Not Launching Penguin 4.0 This Year; 14+ Months Since Refresh

    Although almost everyone, including Google, expected the Google Penguin algorithm to be revamped and released as Penguin 4.0 this year – that is not going to happen. I’ve been pestering Google about this for a while and Google gave me a statement yesterday afternoon saying it ain’t going to happen this year. Google told me: […]

  • Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: December 4, 2015

    This week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable, we learn that Google won’t be launching the Penguin 4.0 algorithm this year, it is postponed to next year. I posted my monthly Google Webmaster Report as well. Google first admitted clicks impact local search rankings and then retracted that but wouldn’t clearly say why. Google’s […]

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  • Matt Cutts With A Beard

    So Matt Cutts of Google (yes, currently still with Google) was on This Week In Google with Jeff Jarvis and friends while at the Google office and he has a full beard. Here is a picture of him in a full beard from the show. It was an interesting show, so definitely watch it, all […]

  • Google Changes Statement On Clicks Impact Google My Business Rankings

    Yesterday I reported that Google said clicks impact Google My Business rankings. Well, Google later edited what they wrote and removed that clicks matter. Originally Google’s Rahul J wrote as the fourth ranking factor for Google My Business listings as: Search history: In the past how many times has the listing been clicked on by […]

  • Google’s Richard Gingras & Matt Cutts On AMP

    We know Google is pushing AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages on publishers to solve the issue with the mobile web. I even said this in my what to look for in 2016 as one of my three things to look at. Yesterday, Google’s head of Google News Social Products Richard Gingras was on This Week In […]

  • Google Shopping Policies Changing In February 2016

    Google posted a help document that discloses the upcoming changes to the Google Shopping Policy Center including changes to their shopping policies. The changes documented here include: Fewer and simpler Shopping policies More transparency into why we have each policy More insight into how a policy can affect your ads Aligned across our advertising products […]

  • Woes For Google Search Console Crawl Errors For Apps Continues

    Over a month ago, we reported about issues with the Google Search Console crawl errors reports for apps that it was not updating. Google’s John Mueller said then it is a known issue and they are working on it. The issue is still there and John updated us in the ongoing Google Webmaster Thread saying: […]

  • December 2015 Google Webmaster Report

    For the last recap of this month, we have for you the December Google webmaster report where I summarize the most important Google SEO/webmaster related topics for the month. There seemed to have been a Google update but Google wouldn’t confirm it, while we wait on Penguin. Google finally released their full search quality raters […]

  • Google Panda Nativity Scene In Lobby

    So if you go to Google’s headquarters, head over to building 43 and enter the lobby, you will see this unusual nativity scene with Panda bears. Of course, some SEOs may think it is to mock SEOs who were nailed by the Google Panda algorithm, but others might say – oh, how cute. I suspect […]

  • Google Admits Clicks Impact Your Google My Business Listing Rankings

    I believe this is common knowledge in the local SEO world but I don’t think I’ve seen Google come out and say it. Google’s Rahul J from the Google My Business team posted in the Google My Business Help forum four ways to help promote your local listing in the Google search results. The fourth […]