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  • Different & Interesting Ways to Make Money as a Travel Writer

    Yep! You can make money while having fun on the beaches of Goa or Thailand. In fact travel junkies are living a good life only being travel writer or blogger. Travel and hospitality industry around the world including accommodation, transportation has a market share of over $2 trillion dollars. India’s travel industry accounts for over […]

  • Velata Review – Legit Business Opportunity or Scam?

    Welcome to my Velata Review! Chances are you have been approached by a Velata distributor who pitched you on the business opportunity or shared those Velata warmers with you… Now you have been searching the internet for some reviews and you noticed one thing… There are not many reviews that are done by third party […]

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  • Zurvita Review – Find Out If This Company is Legit or a Scam

    Welcome to my Zurvita Review! Chances are you have been approached by someone in Zurvita about this business opportunity… Or maybe you were spammed on Facebook about it with a random link to “Check out this amazing opportunity!”. I get those all the time and it’s so annoying that people don’t even build a relationship […]

  • Motives Cosmetics Review – Legit Business or Scam?

    Welcome to my Motives Cosmetics Review! Chances are you have been approached by a distributor or maybe you were at a home party where they were showing you the products… Now you are here because you want to make sure this company is actually legit… Good news, because in this blog post I am going […]

  • Nucerity International Review – Legit Business Opportunity?

    Welcome to my NuCerity International Review! Chances are you have been approached by a distributor about their Skincerity product or maybe you were just looking for a MLM company to join and found this one interesting? Or you could got spammed on Facebook like I do on a regular basis LOL. Whatever the case may be, you […]

  • Matrix Revenue Review – Good Business or Scam?

    Welcome to my Matrix Revenue Review! In this blog post, I am going to share with you what this company is all about… This is one of the latest Twenty tier revenue-sharing programs out there… It has sparked some buzz already in the marketplace. So I decided to investigate the company even though the information […]

  • Kindred IM Academy Review – Good Business?

    Chances are you have been approached by this new business opportunity called Kindred IM Academy and you want to learn more about it correct? I want to congratulate you for doing your research because so many people jump into opportunities without even finding out what it’s about… So in this Kindred IM Academy review, I am […]

  • Powur Review – MLM Solar Panel Business?

    Hey, welcome to my Powur review! There has been a lot of buzz around this new company and I decided to investigate what it was all about… Maybe you have been approached by a rep about their solar panels or someone talked to you on Facebook about it… And now you want to make sure […]

  • How Design Impacts Blog Readership

    This is a guest contribution from Damion Wasylow. You have things to say, ideas to spread and concepts to share. That’s why you’re a blogger. But, if you’re like most bloggers, you’re much better with words than visuals. As a result, many bloggers’ sites are poorly designed or rely on simple templates. Your content may […]

  • Top 10 Most Expensive Watches

    Do you have any idea about most expensive watches in the world? I guess you don’t. But we created a list of 10 most expensive watches in the world. If you know these watches could cost you millions of dollars because they are encrusted with gold, diamonds and other precious stones. Here are 10 most […]