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  • Volishon Review – Legit Travel Company or Scam?

    Welcome to my Volishon Review! There has been a lot of buzz about this latest Travel based MLM company and I decided to investigate… So why are you here? Maybe someone approached you about this new opportunity or maybe someone spammed you on Facebook and now you are researching the opportunity correct? I am glad […]

  • 31DBBB Day Five Challenge: Email a Blog Reader

    Welcome to day 5 in the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge. You can find today’s challenge here. There’s nothing like a personal touch in any kind of business, and that includes blogging. When service goes above and beyond, or when a blogger takes the time to notice and acknowledge their readers, it can […]

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  • Talk Fusion Facing A Class Action Lawsuit?

    I have personally did a Talk Fusion review a little while back and did claim it not being a scam… However, other people thing otherwise… A Talk Fusion lawsuit has began… The lawsuit was filed on November 26th By Dennis Gray, a former Talk Fusion affiliate… The FULL Lawsuit can be found here. I will […]

  • Lyoness Vouchers Are Not Considered “Retail Trade” In The Philippines

    Welcome to this blog post! There has been recent news about Lyoness that might not by pretty… Even though only money is changing hands, there are members of Lyoness that argue that the selling access to discounts or discounts in general consider to be a retail sale of products or services. In Lyoness, affiliates invest […]

  • ProBlogger Podcast: The Benefits of Your Blog Being Mobile-Friendly

    Today is Day 6 in our 31 Days to Build a Better Blog Challenge There’s no denying it – the time has come where you’re going to lose traffic if your blog is not optimised for mobile viewing. Whether that dip in traffic is due to Google penalising non-mobile-friendly sites by not featuring their content […]

  • Blog Promotion Strategies: How to Think Outside the Square

    It’s day three of our thirty one day challenge! How are you feeling? Pumped? Motivated? Ready to shake up your blog and your routine during these 31 days? We’ve already covered nailing your elevator pitch and how to create a super-shareable list post, and today it’s all about getting yourself off your blog to promote […]

  • Get Paid to Go to Church: Earn $45 per Visit as a Mystery Worshipper

    You’ve no doubt seen the Mystery Shopper offers where these companies pay you to pose as shoppers and report back your findings, and perhaps even thought about doing it yourself. There is a genuine need for Mystery Shoppers who shop at retail stores and report on their findings. Well, now you can become a Spiritual […]

  • Why Use A Website Broker and How Much Do They Cost?

    By: Jock     Topics: Make Money Online Sites like have opened the market to the possibility of selling your website. However you may be sitting there with a decent business on your hands that is making over $5,000 per month in net profit and you want to sell. If you research multiples on auction platforms […]

  • Earn up to $300 as a Poll Worker in 2016 Elections

    Remember the last time you voted at your neighborhood polling place? Remember the old folks that checked you in? Well, they know something you might not know… Need Extra Cash for Free? Join Smart Panel, a new survey site where you earn rewards to share your experiences about how you use the internet. They pay […]