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  • An Unexpected Piece of Advice that Will Help You Grow Your Blog

    Today’s challenge in our 31 days to build a better blog podcast series is a bit different, and hopefully – a lot of fun. It’s to not blog at all! Today I want you to leave your electronics behind and go to your local mall or shopping centre. Why? Because it will put you out […]

  • 31DBBB Day 12: Develop an Editorial Calendar (and How to Do So!)

    So yesterday your 31DBBB Challenge was to brainstorm 10 posts for your blog (you could come up with more, but 10 was the minimum!) and today we will be building on that – developing an editorial calendar. This is going to serve as the next week of content on your blog. Ultimately these two exercises […]

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  • How to Harness Brainstorming to Build Great Content for Your Blog

    Blogs can’t exist without content, and it is often one of the most stressful parts of blogging. Coming up with fresh, interesting, new content repeatedly for weeks, months, and years on end can take its toll if you don’t put strategies in place to help you before you get to burnout point. Today’s challenge in […]

  • ‘Tis the Season for Holiday Cheer!

    Happy Christmakwanzakah from The Penny Hoarder! We want to say thank you for making it a great year — from launching our first online course, to moving into our new HQ, to surviving Black Friday madness. We’re grateful to share it all with you, and we look forward to finding even more creative ways to […]

  • A Simple Way to Exchange Your Gift Cards for Cash Instantly

    93 Percent of Americans buy or receive gift cards of all kinds every year. I myself spend hundreds of dollars on Amazon gift cards every year. From clothing stores to online retailers to movie theaters, Americans spend over $100 billion annually on gift cards. Need Extra Cash for Free? Join EarningStation, a new reward program […]

  • 3 Project Management and Organisational Apps that I Use in My Blogging

    The last two weeks have been crazy. I’m sure you know the type of weeks I’m talking about. Onn top of my normally full weeks… I impulsively decided to launch a month of daily podcasts (and I crazily decided to do all of the show notes, editing and production myself) We launched our mid year […]

  • ProBlogger Podcast Day 10: How to Use Alerts

    As ubiquitous as the internet is, you can’t be across all things at all times in your niche. It’s important to have a general idea of what the trends are not only for your sake so you can stay current, but also so you can share that information with your readers (perhaps in your next […]