Matt Cutts Wants To Purge The SEO Industry Tweets

Maybe I am reading too much into this, well – I won’t read into it at all. Matt Cutts of Google posted on Twitter that he is trying to “do a purge of SEO tweeters to rein things in a bit.”

The context was about people asking him SEO related Google questions often on Twitter and what he is doing about that.

Here are the tweets:

The problem is, people like me, I keep dragging him back into the SEO world. I won’t let him go. 🙂

I don’t blame him for wanting to purge the SEO out of his world. I mean, he should be deciding within a month if he is staying at Google and if so, in what capacity. I have to assume it won’t be related to the SEO space. Much of his SEO history was in a position of defending Google, while fighting SEO spam. It isn’t easy.

So let Matt purge us, the SEO industry, out of his life – or at least his Twitter space.

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