10 Easy Fiverr Gigs Anyone Can Do to Make Money

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Example: This guy is doing this all the way from Sri Lanka. He charges people $5 to write their message on his “big belly” and dance with it. He offers an extra 40 second dance “like a crazy man” for an extra $5.

2. Come up with Slogans and Company Names

A lot of new businesses and startups actually pay people on Fiverr to come up with brandable names for their new business.

If you are creative when it comes to coming up with names, this can be another easy way to make a few bucks.

Example: This guy has over 700 positive reviews!

3. Create Video Testimonials

One of the most popular types of gigs on Fiverr is testimonial videos. Video testimonials are highly sought after by business owners in particular. Generally, companies are looking for people to create high quality video reviews of their products or services or to be a spokesperson for their brand.

The client will let you know what they require you to say in the video. All you need is a camera and a place to record your video. If you have a smartphone with a good camera, then you could use that.

But, whatever you decide to use to film the video, make sure the area you are filming in has good lighting. Try to sit near to a natural light source, as this will improve the quality of the video.

If you are confident in front of the camera, then testimonial videos are a fairly easy means of making cash on Fiverr.

Example: This lady has over 3000 reviews. She is making a killing here.

4. Be a Sign Holder

Believe it or not, something as simple as holding up a sign can make you money on Fiverr.

“Hold your Sign’ gigs, as they are referred to on Fiverr are one of the most popular types of gigs on the site.

The client with ask you to hold a sign with a message on it. The message can be anything that the buyer wants, and most often it is their brand’s information, like their website address and logo.

This is one of the easiest gigs on Fiverr, as it does not require much time or expertise to complete the task. While sign holding is a good option, it’s generally a better option for women.

Example: This girl has over 400 reviews and seems to be doing great.

5. Do Voice Over

If you’ve been told you’ve got a great voice, then you could get work as a voice over artist on the site.

On Fiverr, buyers often search for people to provide voice overs and narrations for YouTube videos, audio books, podcasts, commercials and more.

The client will let you know what type of voice over they need and they will, generally, provide you with a script. All you need to record the voice over is a microphone and recording software, which is easily accessible nowadays.

When you’re just starting out, you can use your PC if it has an in-built microphone, and then you can move onto using better equipment when you’re more established.

It’s a fairly easy gig to make money from, and if you offer extras, like accents and script modifications, then you could earn even more.

Example: She has more than 18000 reviews, and almost all of them are positive. She is easily making a living selling this gig on Fiverr.

6. Be a Virtual Assistant

Bloggers, website owners, business owners and a range of other people are searching for someone that can help them with tasks that they simply don’t have the time to do themselves.

Whether it is for scheduling posts on Twitter or data entry, buyers on Fiverr are always looking for virtual assistants.

So, if you’re reliable, easy to communicate with and offer convenient services, then you could make a good amount of money as a virtual assistant.

People generally need virtual assistants to help them with things like, typing, data entry, research, email management, social media management and more.

Being a virtual assistant does require a bit more time and effort than other gigs on Fiverr, so it’s not the quickest way to make extra money.

Example: This guy has over 1000 reviews with an average 99% positive rating.

7. Blog Commenter

Do you enjoy reading blog posts?

If you do, then you could earn money from simply commenting on other people’s blogs.

On Fiverr, buyers are looking for sellers to leave comments on their blog posts or to leave comments linked to their blog on other people’s sites in a relevant niche.

For example, you could provide an offer like “I will write five comments per day on your blog for the next week”.

Or “I will find blogs in your niche, and leave relevant comments linking back to your blog.”

Blog commenting is a quick and easy job, but you may need to know a little about anchor text to complete some of the backlink comment tasks.

Example: Alex has over 6000 reviews. I imagine she is making good money with this.

8. Website Tester

As long as you know how to browse the Internet, you could make money as a website tester.

Startups, new blogs and even established websites all need to know whether their site is user-friendly.

That means that a site owner could pay you simply to check their website and report your experience to them.

Generally, you’ll usually only have to check for simple things, like how easy the website is to navigate, if the design of the site is appealing and just how user-friendly it is overall.

This means that you don’t need any technical skills to complete this gig. Some clients will ask you to use screen capture software, which you can easily get for free, to document your experience.

Example: This guy has just started and already has 12 positive reviews. Seems like there aren’t many people who are offering this service. It could be your chance to get in there and establish yourself.

9. Social Media Promoter

Social media has become an essential part of digital marketing. Everyone, from bloggers to big brands, now wants to build a strong presence and increase their visibility via social media.

Whether it is Facebook likes or tweets to a large audience, buyers on Fiverr are prepared to pay you to aid their social media marketing campaign.

You can easily set up a gig that offers likes on platforms, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And, if you have a large following, you could make money simply doing brand mentions on your social media profiles.

Example: This guys charges up to $30 to tweet clint’s message. He has over 400 reviews.

10. Prankster

Yes, even pranking can earn you money on Fiverr.

You can do all kind of pranks–making prank phone calls, offering to be somebody’s girlfriend/boyfriend on Facebook, etc.

Example: This clever girl charges people $5 to be their fake “crazy in love” girlfriend on Facebook. And for an extra $40, she will post the video prank directly to her Facebook profile.


Overall, Fiverr can be a good source of income, especially if you stick with the tasks that require little skill and time or those that you’re already experienced with.

To earn good money with Fiverr, you need to be consistent and build up your reviews.

If you do that, you can turn Fiverr into a good source of income. In fact, some people make hundreds of dollars each month, just from offering gigs on this platform.

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