10 Fun Ways You Can Earn Money at the Beach

people at the beachSummer is here and that means thousands of us are going to head to the beach.

The beach seems like the least likely place to get work done or make some money – but there are actually some surprising ways that you can earn money while spending time outside and enjoying yourself.

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Have a look at the list of ideas below!

They provide great ways to make some cash, and can help inspire you to think of creative ways to make money in other parts of your life.

1. Rent Beach Equipment

Depending on the beach you are at, or what the traffic is like, you may be able to make a lot of money renting out beach equipment like coolers, umbrellas and shelters.

Many families go to the beach forgetting the essentials, or may simply not have all the equipment they need to enjoy the day.

To do this, you can select an area with signage making the equipment available. But you can also be more proactive, approaching families and groups in need and offering the rentals. Families with small children or elderly relatives are likely to take you up on your offer.

Business cards and signage will make people more likely to trust you, and be sure you have a system in place to ensure your items are returned.

Renting Beach Huts

Depending on who owns the local beach and how licensing is set up, you may be able to work with local vendors to rent huts for beach-goers.

This allows people to thoroughly enjoy their spot on the beach for a whole day or weekend, and can be a great way to make money.

2. Teach Beach Sports

If you are a beach-lover, chances are you have experience in a beach sport like surfing, kite surfing, knee boarding, or wind surfing. Consider offering lessons to other beach-goers while you are there.

You can offer lessons to people you know, set up ads, or approach people first-hand on location at the beach.

This is a skill you can use anywhere around the world, and one you can definitely enjoy while you earn.

3. Search for Treasure

Searching for buried treasure on the beach may seem like a fantasy, but it is something you can really do and potentially find very valuable items.

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Bringing a metal detector to the beach allows you to find all the dropped change and jewelry that tourists have lost throughout the season.

While your finds will probably not be very consistent, there is potential for a large payoff (or enough change for ice cream).

4. Sell Refreshments

Many people on the beach enjoy having cold, fresh drinks available without the bother of having to get dressed and travel to the bar.

Traveling with an ice-filled cooler and offering a variety of drinks to beach-goers can be a great way to make some extra money.

Make sure you have change to provide your customers and load up on popular drinks.

A couple of hours selling could make you a good amount of money.

5. Sell Paperback Books

Often, people heading to the beach forget that they may want something to do while they relax all day.

Consider bringing a selection of paperback books that you can sell to people looking for something to read while they relax.

Have a small selection, and know a little about the titles you offer, and you will be surprised how many people take you up on your offer.

Used books are available at garage sales, thrift stores, library sales, and for very low prices.

Charge reasonable prices and you can still make quite a bit.

6. Learn to be a Lifeguard

Lifeguarding is a very fun and interesting job that allows you to spend your time outside meaningfully. There are courses available in most major cities that will give you the certification you need to get started.

Generally, pay rates depend on the number of qualifications you have, and increases with experience.

When you aren’t at the beach, you can also work at pools or supervise casually when you want a little bit of part-time work.

7. Work in a Beach Bar or Cafe

An obvious choice for working in this atmosphere is to get work at one of the bars or cafes popularly located along beach strips. If you are good with people, capable of handling busy environments, and are looking for work that is casual and fun, this is a great option.

Generally, you will be bar-tending, waiting on tables, or working in a kitchen environment. But, in a vacation atmosphere, pay and tips are generally very good. Plus, you are right on the beach when your work ends.

8. Sell Ice Cream

Nothing goes better with sun and sand than a cold, fresh ice cream.

Selling ice-cream can be as easy as ordering from a wholesaler, getting a cooler, and getting to the beach.

As with refreshments, many people appreciate the direct service and the ability to stay settled while they buy.

Shout what you have to offer as you walk along the beach and you will have kids flocking to you for a serving.

9. Rent Sport and Activity Equipment

Most people aren’t fully outfitted to enjoy every activity the beach has to offer, and a lot of beach equipment can be an expensive purchase for casual visitors.

You can make good money by renting equipment out by the day to families who want to enjoy the beach. Your offerings can include everything from towels, buckets and spades, balls and frizbees, to larger equipment like surfboards and canoes.

Consider the type of visitor you generally encounter at your local beach, and load up with your offerings. Make sure to create a system to ensure you get your items back at the end of the day.

10. Act as a Tour Guide

As a beach lover, you probably know more about the local beach, culture, and environment than a lot of the people working in the area.

If you are a local enthusiast, you can offer your services as a tour guide, giving tourists an insiders look into the area and providing a bit of a local history.

Consider walking, biking, or even swimming tours depending on the spots you want to show, and themed tours can be a great way to boost your audience at certain times of the year.

Final Word

The ideas above vary in their level of commitment and upfront investment, but all give you the opportunity to earn while you enjoy the sun.

If you love to be outdoors, consider these ideas as a way to make extra money or offset your vacation costs.

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