10 Things I Wish I Had Known About Blogging When I First Began


In today’s 100th episode of the ProBlogger podcast, I take a retrospective walk down the lane of memories from my last 13 1/2 years blogging.

I’ve learned some pretty huge lessons along the way, and back when I started in 2002 there were quite a few things I wish I’d known! I hope to share with you the top 10 things that might help you on your own blogging journey.

Mine began when I received an email containing four simple words: “check out this blog”.

Of course I did, and I was not only intrigued by the blog itself, but blogging in general. What was it? Why was anyone doing it? Could I have a go at building a community around a blog even though I had zero experience and probably more important things to do?

In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about some important lessons, and identify ten things that I wish that I had known when I first started blogging in 2002. I hope to share some of the things that will help you get over the bumps in your own blogging venture.

I discuss not only my introduction to blogging, but the things I was doing to earn money in the early days, what my first blog was all about, and how people even found that blog in the early days of long ago.

I talk about all the things I didn’t know and now take for granted – like how to make bold text! There was so much to learn: blog design, promotion, making money… I learned a lot by reaching out to others and asking those who had gone before.

When it came time to make some money to be able to afford my new blogging addiction, I went from a few dollars a week to a full time income, which I did in 2004, just two years after I started.

So all the way back then, these are the things I wish I’d known.

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Thank you for riding along not only on the podcast journey, but on my blog journey, too.

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