10 Tools to Create Money Making Apps Even If You’re a Beginner

appsApps have changed the way we do things. And there are apps that can do almost anything you can think of. “There is an app for that” just about sums it up.

You probably use a few of those money making apps yourself, maybe even you pay for them. But have you ever thought about being on the other end of the transaction?

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The modern world belongs to tech people and engineers, you say. How can anyone who has no clue about coding, design an app, you wonder.

Wrong thinking!

What if told you that you, yes, YOU, actually can start developing your own apps?

I’ll show you how!

First Things First

If you’re reading this, odds are that you’re an extremely creative person (remember, creativity makes money). You always think about mobile apps that don’t exist in the market. You have checked the main online apps stores, like Apple Store or GooglePlay, to see if your app ideas were as original as you thought.

You might have even come up with great ideas for free apps with a monetization option!

You’re a gifted creator but not a developer!

Calm down!

You already have the most important thing that apps need: a new idea to start working from.

Becoming a Developer

You have the idea.

You don’t need to learn code (although learning it is very useful in this day and age. It’s a great money making skill).

You can build your own app.

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There’re several resources on the internet which will help you to build an app with the most basic or zero programming knowledge.

A) Platforms for Making General Apps

Here is the list of the best online resources to build any kind of app:

1. MyAppBuilder

A good place where to start your experience! With a monthly membership fee of $9 to $79, you’ll be able to get your app for iPhone or Android started.

You only need to provide the content and MyAppBuilder pros will do the rest. They will not harass you with technical jargon and they will even download your app in your selected stores for its sale. You can create through this easy platform up to two apps per month.

2. Mippin

You’ll feel very comfortable resorting to this user friendly London-based platform. It will help you to create and design apps for iOS, Android and Windows and also to distribute it through the main apps stores like the iTunes, Android, Windows and Amazon.

A native app may cost you as much as $999 per year.

3. AppMakr

An equally friendly service, this browser-based platform is cheaper. You can create in no time the iPhone app you dreamed of.

The platform also allows you to use existing networking and content to improve or create variations on your app.

As additional resources it also offers push notifications, location-aware GeoRSS, custom CSS and JavaScript capabilities.

The platform is free but, if you pay a monthly fee ($79,) you’ll get the access to the more advanced features you’ll probably need. And it is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating system.


If you want to revise and change your apps as often as you like and/or manage your presence on the app, GENWI should be your choice. GENWI is a tablet and smartphone publishing platform that allows you to create apps for all devices and systems—whether iPad, iPhone, Android or HTML5—using all sorts of interactivity options with graphics, photos, video, and audio.

You can include monetization options such as coupons, ads and in-add subscriptions.

You may opt for a three-month trial before signing in for a subscription. The fees will vary according to the number of services you request.

5. RunRev

As an up-scale option, RunRev has the advantage of using RunRev’s LiveCode, an English-like language, to develop your apps for IPhone and Android operating systems, using all their available capabilities.

You’ll find countless tutorial son the site to explain and guide you through the app building process.

The prices for RunRev’s commercial-level Live Code packages are anything between $299 to $1,499.

B) Platforms for Building e-Commerce/Business Apps

If your app idea is mostly for e-commerce, consider these platforms:

6. MobiCart

Ideal to get an e-commerce store to the mobile sphere. You’ll build apps that link with PayPal, and you’ll be able to register consumers only with an email address to advance sales and send or receive payments online.

The Professional plans cost $49 a month but you can access to the basic service for $15 a month.

7. SwebApps (Update: no longer accepting new users)

If what you need is just a simple app for your business or for a client’s business, with SwebApps you can create online a native mobile app for iPhone or Android.

Once your app is in the store, you can also track and update it through SwebApps every time you need it.

You pay a one-time development fee of $399 (includes one app for one platform) and a hosting monthly fee of $29 per month.

8. BiznessApps

BiznessApps is a platform devoted to helping developers easily make apps for businesses. It comes with tons of great features such as shopping cart, loyalty programs, dynamic content, and even food ordering.

Their user friendly content management systems lets you create an app in mere minutes. They also have pre-built designs that you can use to speed up the process, while at the same time allowing you to customize everything.

Their membership costs $59 per month.

C) Platforms for Creating Apps That Connect People

If your app idea involves gathering or connecting people, these app makers might serve you better than others:

9. ShoutEm

Bloggers, students, sports fans, news portals and local publishers use it because of its easy and friendly app-building features It doesn’t require any technical or code knowledge.

ShoutEm will also submit your apps to the iTunes and Android marketplace.

You can opt for one of the multiple available packages (basic, advance, pro, and enterprise-level,) starting at a $30 monthly fee for the basic package.

10. MobBase Update: no longer in operation.

Used by singers, bands, sportsmen and politicians, MobBase specializes in apps with RSS to keep fans updated on news or mobilized to events and concerts. It also allows to download tracks or speeches, to find relevant information, and to buy tickets and get directions.

To set your iOs developer account and activate your iOs app you’ll have to pay a one-time fee of $250. If you need extra Android activation, you’ll have to pay $20 more. Hosting monthly fees: from $15 to $65 (additional fees for support services are not included.)

Things You Should Always Keep in Mind

  • When you sell you app in a store, the store keeps 20 to 30% of the sale.
  • You may sell your app to a corporation or a nonprofit under a contract and cash only for your service or negotiate for royalties.
  • You may use your app in your own business, store or web site and monetize it.
  • There’re many ways to make money with an app but it’s only the best and timely ideas which get the big earnings.
  • You need to keep updated on the market and its swift and unpredictable changes.

Once you start to find your way in the app market, you’ll see where the best opportunities are.

You creativity took you there. Now, it’s time to trust your commercial instinct!

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