13 Places to Make Money Selling Items from Home

13 Places To Make Money Selling Items Online - Free Work at Home GuideWith more people wanting to earn a decent income, it has become critical to find legitimate business websites.  One of the low risks, easy and quick ways to start a business is to sell products online through direct online sales. Many companies in direct sales are well established brands hence as a consultant you will spend very little if any, on marketing the business.

13 Places to Make Money by Selling Items from Home

You can make money selling through some of the world leading companies. Below is a list of reputable online places that can help you make money by selling products from home.

1. Craigslist

Craigslist allows you to buy or sell online. There is no fee that is charged for either buying or selling. It is also convenient and easy and items are searched by city. You can post the items you want to sell and once a buyer likes your item, the buyer will send an email to you or call.

2. eBAY

If you have any items that are decent enough to sell, you can set up a free store online on eBay. The company charges fees on all sale and purchase transactions.

3. Amazon

Amazon started in 1994 and has grown to be the world’s largest bookstore. Amazon later diversified to sell other products online. Today, Amazon is a leading online market where you can sell anything and everything. To learn more about how to make money by selling products on Amazon, click here for a step by step guide.

4. Abes Market

This is an online marketplace that sells natural products.  It connects buyers who are in search of natural products with sellers who make them. The site accepts new sellers once they have passed the test:”TryFor$2 program”.

5. Etsy

Etsy is undoubtedly the world’s best online platform for vintage and handcrafted items. The website matches the end purchaser with the artists of the handmade goods.

6.  Deviant Art

Deviant ART is an online social network for people gifted in art. If you are a gifted artist, all you need to do is open an account and then publish your art.  Once you get a good number of reviews you can then put your work on the site’s PRINT SHOP.

7. Zazzle

This enables you to create and post for sale your uniquely designed products. You can open your own free online store. You are also able to set your own profit margin for each item you want to sell.

8. Mary Martha

This site was previously known as Blessings Unlimited.  The company sells housewares and contracts consultants in their sales program. You can purchase a business kit for as little as $99.You can earn 25% commission on all sales that you make.  Better Business Bureau has rated the company with an A+ rating.

9. Rodan Fields Dermatologist

These two doctors are the brains behind Proactiv®. The company offers revolutionary products for total skin care. The company has products for damage reversal, sensitive skin, blemish control, aging and acne. The cost for start-up is between $45 and $995.

10. Discovery Toys

This site sells educational products and games for kids. The business startup kit is goes for $125 or $399. Consultants can earn between 25% and 34% commission for their personal sales. Discovery Toys is only open to Canadian and American residents. Better Business Bureau has rated the company with an A+ rating.

11. Origami Owl

The company was started by a 14 year old teenager who wanted to save money for a car. Origami Owl sells Living Lockets and has a new consultant’s waiting list. You can earn commissions of 30% – 50%. The startup costs are between $149 and $1,199.

12. Jordan Essentials

As a consultant with Jordan Essentials you will sell body and bath products. You will be required to throw Girl-Night parties featuring mineral make-up and spa products. The starter kits come as: Basic Kit for $89, Deluxe Kit for $125, and Deluxe plus Minerals Kit $150. Consultants earn between 25% to 35% percent of the personal sales and 5% to 8% of sales made by persons they have recruited.  The company also gives in the first ninety days, a Fast Start Rewards where consultants are awarded cash bonuses of $50-$100 for recruiting persons. The company gives out product bonuses, cash incentives, prizes, trips and product bonuses.

13. Stella Dot

This jewelry business is great especially if you are a stylist. The company gives you a chance to be a stylist by selling baubles boutique-style. The starter kits goes for $199 and also jewelry worth $350 to display in your home parties. The kit is equipped with a training magazines stylist, sponsoring brochures, planner magazine for hostess, mini-look-books and look-books, a company DVD with product information and company history, invitations and other supplies necessary business. Consultants can earn up to 30% percent on total personal sales and 4-8% from those they have recruited.

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