17 Online Chat Jobs: Work from Home as a Live Chat Agent for Companies Like Apple & Uber

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You have to provide help, steering customers to the products that they want, so it helps if you like online shopping yourself.

The work is part-time, and you can generally work when you want.

In addition to being paid for your work, Needlers also receive points that can be exchanged for rewards.

4. is for technical support, and employs Remote Service Technicians.

If you know about technology, cloud-based software, and other services, then you may be able to help them.

In contrast to some other jobs, with you may be eligible for benefits.

5. Metaverse Mod Squad

You can do a variety of online digital jobs with Metaverse.

Their contributors don’t only chat online with customers, but moderate forums, provide social media updates, look after online communities, and report on bugs.

6. Arise

Arise gives you the opportunity to work with some of the world’s leading Fortune 500 companies.

However, as it says on the website, it provides a business opportunity and not employment. You can form your own home-based call center, providing support across several industries.

To work directly with the Arise solution, you may need to form your own company.

Alternatively, Arise already has many businesses that use its virtual solution, and you can partner with them.

  • Application/Details Link: (Click on the “Become an Agent” tab towards the bottom of the page for application)

7. Televated

Once again, you can have a variety of jobs with this company.

In addition to doing online chats with customers, you can be involved in customer service, both responding to and initiating contacts. You may also assist with email responses.

Televated pays around $8 per hour, and also provides incentives.

8. Talk2Rep

Talk2Rep is one of the larger customer service companies, and employs Sales Chat Agents.

Your work will be to chat online with customers, answering their questions and resolving problems. In this case, the business is telecommunications.

9. Presto Experts

If you are an expert in something, then Presto Experts may be the site for you.

It specializes in connecting individuals with experts in a variety of topics to answer their questions and problems. Topics range from business to health, and technology to education.

When you apply, you list your qualifications and expertise so that customers can find you. Your support can be given with email, chat window, or voice.

10. Dealertrack

For those knowledgeable in cars, Dealertrack is a customer service company that works with the automobile industry.

It will provide you with a flexible schedule, and you will take online chat requests from potential and current customers.

11. SiteStaff

A more general support role, as a Chat Host for SiteStaff you greet visitors to websites and help them with site navigation, answering any questions they may have.

Your hours are flexible.

12. Capital Typing

Capital Typing provides virtual office support and outsourcing services.

As a customer support representative you can work from home, helping clients with online chat and emails.

They also offer other opportunities such as at home data entry.

13. PostLoop

In contrast to many of the others that require you to work through an online chat window, PostLoop wants its agents to post on forums online.

If you enjoy reading comments and controlling the conversation, then this may be the type of online chat job that suits you.

You can get paid daily if you reach the minimum payment level.

14. Convergys

With Convergys the emphasis is on providing technical support to customers.

The support may be simple or complex, and the pay runs about $10 – $12 per hour.

15. LiveWorld – Customer Service Agents

LiveWorld is similar in theme to Metaverse, providing a range of services online for businesses.

You may be called on to provide customer service, or to moderate forums and responses.

They employ part-time at-home staff, who are paid by the hour.

16. MyLivePro

Specializing in service to small and midsize businesses that need to outsource their customer help, MyLivePro provides business-to-business chat solutions and online chat agents.

The work is part-time as an independent contractor, and the hours are flexible.

17. World Wide Web Hosting

This company basically matches you with web hosting companies (like Godaddy) who need customer support that will be provided via live chat.

So a general knowledge of the web hosting is required.

Final Thoughts

For all these online work at home jobs, you need good communication skills and a willingness to help others.

It helps if you have good typing skills, which most people have developed nowadays, and you need a reasonable computer and fast Internet.

If you have a landline telephone it will help with communication, although it is not necessary for all of these positions.

It has never been more convenient to become a customer support agent. You can work from home, and provide the level of support that businesses require without the tedious commute.

The companies may not all be hiring at the moment, but you have a wide choice with all the ones mentioned above.

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