20 Blogs That Pay You $100 or More for Guest Posts

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For small snippets of jokes, the pay is $50.

5. Babble

Babble wants to build a library on parenting. They actively look for all aspects of parenting and they want truthful, humorous and enlightening stories about the subject.

It doesn’t have to be all straight and narrows, as they welcome controversial and unorthodox approaches to parenting as well.

For short articles, you get $100.

For comprehensive research based entry, they can pay $750 and beyond.

6. Transitions Abroad

This site is all about traveling and staying abroad.

Your article could be about a short road trip or a long stay in a foreign country as an exchange student.

The pay is $150 for comprehensive articles and $50 for shorter ones.

7. A List Apart

This blog is about all things web. It can be about coding, website organization or user interface. It already has a huge collection on the subject, and naturally they tend to be quite discerning.

But for every article they are willing to accept, they don’t mind paying $200 per contribution.

8. International Living

This blog caters to retirees. The main theme is on surviving retiring age on far away places.

They want articles on livelihood and retirement in places away from people last domiciles.

The payout is generous; with $250 for 840 words, and $400 for 1,400 words.

If the article is accompanied by personal photographs, each one is entitled to another $50.

The payout happens after your article is published.

9. Metro Parent

Metro Parent is another parenting blog.

The payout range is broad; from $35 to $350 for every contribution.

The expectation is that individual article should have 1,000 – 2,500 words to it.

The site is sort of region biased and they state publicly they would like to have articles coming from Livingston, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne Counties.

Payment is through check if they happen to pick your contribution, and it happens on the same month the article is published.

10. Write Naked

Write Naked is all about the business of writing, and naturally they are looking for guest posts that cover business related topics.

If you have materials of this sort, they pay you up to $200.

11. Photoshop Tutorials

If Photoshop is your thing, you will be pleased to know that the average pay here is $150 to $300.

For work that is less than comprehensive, expect shorter paycheck of $50.

12. Flash Mint

Show what you can do with Flash and bend them into Animation, ActionScript, Flex and Flash and they are happy to pay you $150 per contribution.

13. Your Online Biz

If you have plenty to say about business and marketing, then you can share your knowledge on virtually any related topic on this site. You can talk about product launch, one-to-one marketing and everything else.

For your individual contribution, you get $100.

14. Howl Round

If you are good in summarizing popular playwrights and theaters into 1500 to 2000 words article, this is the site for you.

They pay $150 for every contribution.

15. UXBooth

Know about user experience and interactive designers? Write a guest post here and get paid $100.

16. Cosmopolitan

If you reminiscence about the good old college days, you can share your fun with the Cosmopolitan and get paid $100 for an 800-word article.

17. Model Railroad Hobbyist

Know a thing or two about model railroads? This is the site for you.

They pay up to $230 for every article.

But if you can craft an article that is more interesting, has a better story line and incorporates visuals and multimedia, they’ll pay you $1000,

18. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is one of the most well-known blogs when it comes to web related tech–think WordPress, graphic design, UX design, etc.

The payout ranges from $50 – $200 per article.

19. Viator Travel Blog

If you have an interesting story to share about your travel, this is the site you can get paid for sharing it.

Payout is around $40 – $150 depending on how they judge your article.

20. Great Escape Publishing

They are inviting stories on paid travel. The motive behind could be an interview with a top celebrity, a photography session, sponsored tours or whatever, they don’t care.

Pay range is $50 – $200, subject to their discretion.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 20 worthy blog where you can get paid $100 or more per article.

If you know of nay other blog or website that pays at least $100 per post, please let us know in the comment below and we will add it to the list.

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