20 REAL companies that want to hire you to work from home

20 real companies that pay you to work from home... don’t have to own a business to work from home.

Although there are plenty legitimate home-based businesses you can start, existing companies will pay you to help them from the comfort of your own home.

So get your home office set up, here are 20 real companies that will pay you to work in your slippers.



Real Companies that Will Pay You to Work from Home

Love to write? Are you an expert in your field? You can share your tips with readers and make money per article you produce. There are a wide variety of topics that you can write about (pun not intended).


Looking for something easy to do to make a few extra bucks? E-Poll lets you take surveys in exchange for money in your PayPal account or gift cards in your wallet. You’ll receive e-mail invitations to take surveys, earn points, and redeem! Simple and easy. If you’re wanting some free stuff, try out (see our review for more info).

3Applied Medical Services

If you have at least two years of experience as a medical transcriptionist, this job is for you. You’ll receive competitive pay rates, premium weekend and holiday pay, and best of all: you’ll be able to work from home!

If you have a graduate degree, consider joining Brainmass uses online teaching assistants to help students solve all kinds of problems. How do you get paid? Students purchase credits to have questions answered, and as a teaching assistant, you’ll be paid a portion of the credit.

Typing Job from Home5Speak Write

Want to transcribe non-medical information? You can do so with Speak Write! Take one hour shifts where you simply type out spoken audio. Fast typists can earn upwards of $15/hour! This is a great opportunity for college students; pick your own hours and have a flexible job!

If you’re a personal finance expert, you can get paid to write for Three sample blog posts are required. Take a look at this article on WiseBread for some tips on how to apply. If you’re interested in blogging in general, be sure to check out Blogging Your Passion University and Bob’s hit article, How to Make Money with a Blog.

Hiring full-time and part-time seasonal work, hires employees, not contract laborers. Pay is about $9/hour. This is a reputable company with several opportunities. has more than just flowers: you’ll find cakes, cookies, candied apples, chocolate and candy, fruit baskets, gift baskets, and spa gift baskets! The only problem? You might be tempted to spend your earnings on all these yummy goodies!


During this work-at-home job, you’ll receive inbound calls for general moving questions and scheduling. You’re able to choose hours that you want to work, so if you are a student, this might be a great way to make a few extra bucks.

Want to complete tasks other than writing or communicating as a customer support representative? Try becoming a “looker!” You can perform tasks online and off. The tasks start at $25 and work their way up depending on the project.

If you’re a bookkeeper and/or a CPA, this is a great opportunity for you. Bookkeepers must have at least 2 or more years of bookkeeping experience, and CPAs must have 5 or more years prior public accounting or controllership experience. You’ll be able to telecommute to work from the comfort of your own home.

11Demand Studios

Another writing opportunity, Demand Studios will pay you $15 – $25 or more depending on the length of your articles. You’ll see your articles and byline on very popular sites (Rachael Ray is listed as an example). You can write on a variety of different topics, the choice is up to you!

12Sylvan Learning

With Sylvan Learning, you’ll be able to tutor students on subjects you want to teach. They’ve been around for almost 30 years, encouraging individuals to think independently to achieve their goals. You’re going to need at least a bachelor’s degree, and a willingness to work with students in the way they learn best.

13Clarity Consultants

Do you love giving advice? Of course you do! You probably do it all the time right? Well, why not get paid for your advice? Clarity Consultants works with clients and consultants to bring them together.

Use a webcam and messaging clients to tutor students with homework. Current opportunities include jobs teaching engineering, history, and law. However, you can suggest a subject that you want to teach. You will be connected with students that can use your help . . . easy, easy!

By signing up through their Facebook app, you’ll be able to complete projects for various companies. Cloud Crowd is considered a “micro-work” company, as you will take on as many tasks as you would like without actually being employed by the company. Each task shouldn’t take a very long time to complete.


Leapforce is a unique company that hires Google Raters to evaluate search engine results. As an independent contractor, you can work as much as you are able: part-time or full-time. You’re guaranteed a competitive, hourly pay.

17ITT Technical Institute

You’ve heard of ITT Tech, right? Well guess what? You can work for them as a professor and teach online classes! Pretty cool stuff! However, you’re going to need a postgraduate degree to apply.

Did you know that is hiring? They advertise work-from-home jobs in their virtual customer service center. Technical support your thing? They have openings for that too! Expect pay to be around $10/hour. is well-known for their Kindle eBook reader and low prices on everyday merchandise.


Arise has many unique opportunities. Customer service, sales, tech positions, and Mac owner opportunities exist – all of which can be worked from home. You’ll be working for major brands through Arise, and joining over 25,000 independent client support professionals.

Speak multiple languages? Teach what you know! Applicants to Go Fluent must be native English speakers and prefers them to be fluent in French, Russian, German, Italian, or Japanese.

As you can see, there are many real companies out there that will actually pay you to work from home. Some are undoubtedly better than others, so choose wisely and pick the ones that best fit your lifestyle and skill set.

What are some other companies you know about that will pay you to work from home? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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