20 Ways to Get Free Money Today

There are many ways to make money, whether it is online or offline. So you can easily find many jobs that offer you money and a way to earn a living.

But have you ever thought off getting money for free.

Yes! I am talking about money in your pocket without doing anything.

Yes this is possible and I can tell you 20 ways to get free money.

You don’t have to do anything you just create an account or subscribe it and money will be transferred to your bank account.

20 Ways to Get Free Money

free money

These are 20 best ways to get free money but if you are looking for ways to make money online then you can refer this post.

1. Sign Up for a Bank Bonus – $200

The first way to get free money is through signing up for a bank bonus. There are lots of banks that provide you free money once you open a new account there.

The money that is added to your account differs from bank to bank but many banks could give you $200 to $250 for free.

This could be one of the easiest ways to make free money.

2. Sign Up for a New Credit Card – Up to $1000

If you can sign up for a bank account then you could also sign up for a new credit card. You can go to your bank and ask for a credit card.

There are banks which will give you free credit the moment you open a new bank account.

Some banks can credit up to $1000 for you new credit card. Not all but some of the bank can.

3. InboxDollars – $5

Inbox dollars is one of the best get paid to take offer site you can instantly get $5 after signup.

The amount is very less but still it is free money. As I said earlier you are not going to cash it because you will get only when you reach the threshold amount.

You can earn more money from InboxDollars if you spend 10 minutes daily there complete simple types of tasks like watching videos, taking surveys, signup on a site etc. to make money.

4. Trade Stocks at MotiInvesting.com – $90

Are you interested in stocks? Do you follow stock market? If yes then this could be another way to make free money.

Trading website like MotiInvesting.com offers you $90 for just signing up there.

If you sign up then they will reward you with $90 for free. This is not the only website there are many others that you have to search for.

5. Housing Grants

Your government (by the way not in every country) could offer you free money for housing grants.

If you are a new buyers with poor credit then government gives you housing grants.

The money that they give you depends upon your financial status. Hence, you have to apply by going to the website, run by government and find new details.

6. MySurvey.com – $15

Now diverging from Grants we should talk about surveys. Survey is also an easy way to get money for free.

Here you don’t have to work you get paid just for signing up. Mysurvey.com is the website that pays you up to $15 if you just go there and create a new account.

7. Swagbucks Surveys – Free $30

I guess every one of you know about Swagbucks. It is one of the many ways to earn money online.

However if you sign up as a newcomer then they give you or reward you with $30. However one must understand that you can’t cash this money until you reach the threshold amount.

But this is yet another way to earn money for free.

8. Download Smart Panel App – Free $75/Year

There is an App called Smart Panel that is ready to pay you money for free. Yes! If you download this app on your mobile phone and use it then the company will pay you $75 per year.

Although the money is not great still it is free money. The app basically collects data from your phone about your habits. So it would fun to use and get free money.

9. Grants for Women and Children and Minorities

This is continuation of free money with grants. Earlier we talked about housing grants. Here we will talk about grants given by government to women and children and minorities.

If you come from a low income household then government could give you grants. The amount depends upon the social status of the applicant.

Usually you can easily get up to $500. You also get grants if you want to start new business.

10. 401K Matching Funds

If your employer is giving you 401K matching funds then you can get free money. However after the recession many employers have cut this particular benefit.

But if you are still enrolled then you get absolutely free money under this program. The money that you will get is every year and it is like getting a bonus or a pay hike. But it is free.

11. Netspend.com Account – Free $20

NetSpend is a website that pays you at least $20 for free if you reload or request a prepaid card.

You can go to the website, create an account and your visa debit card will be dispatched to your home.

You receive the card and activate it and $20 is added to your account. However this is for residents living in US only.

12. Prescription to a New Drug Store – $25

Now if don’t like to go to banks then there is yet another way you can make free money. And that is through prescribing a new drug.

There are drug stores which give you money for free if you prescribe one of their products. The money that they can pay you could be in between $20 to $25.

It is very easy to do it.

13. eBates

eBates and following sites are called Cashback sites. eBates is an online shopping sites. That pays you $5 for free.

Here you don’t get money like hard cash but you get cash back. If you shop here a lot then site is ready to give you cash back up to 6%.

They also give you bonus and gift card worth $10. So go there and get cash backs.

14. Betterment.com – Free $25

Betterment is a platform that allows you to trade online in stocks and bonds.

They don’t charge any transaction fees. But they give you $25 for free as a bonus.

It will take just 2 minutes to open an account. However you have to pay money for opening an account.

If you don’t feel like joining this site then you can skip this option.

15. Reward programs

Reward programs are offered by various stores if you buy something there.

They are like free coupon where you make money because they reward with you a coupon or coupon code.

You get points or coupons and you have to redeem it by going to the merchant’s store.

Reward programs are nothing new but it is yet another way to earn money for free.

16. Business Grants

We talked about grants in earlier paragraphs also. Here we will talk about business grants.

No one gives you money for free but there are schemes started by government where they give you business grants if you want to start a new business.

I can’t tell you the exact money that government can give you because you have to go and ask them.

17. Personal Grants

Personal grants are also a way to get free money.

However you need to keep in mind that all these grants and benefits are for people living in US. If you live in any other country then you have to get in touch with your government.

If you are a head of a struggling family then you can apply for personal grants in US.

18. Serve.com – $50

Serve.com is a prepaid and re loadable card offered by American Express. You can get a free bonus up to $50.

First you open an account there, make direct deposit arrangement and they will deposit $50 into your account.

You make this money in just 5 minutes.

19. College Scholarship

College scholarship is also an easy way to get free money. However not everyone is going to make money with scholarship programs.

If you are good at studying then you can apply for college scholarship. College scholarship could start from $500 and go up to thousands of dollars.

So do not forget to apply for it and get your free money.

20. Raising Charity

The last one is raising charity. You can get money for free if you can raise it. If you are a fund raiser and know how to raise money for charity then this is best for you.

You ask for or donation from around the world using your website. This is the oldest way to make money for free.

So these were 20 ways to earn free money. You can use any one of these which suits you the best. All of them are very easy to do.

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