20 Ways To Make Money with Online Writing

Many freelance writing sites connect freelance writers with clients. Here are 20 ways to make money with online writing jobs and opportunities.Today, companies and people from around the world are outsourcing their content writing jobs to freelance writers and bloggers. If you have basic writing skills, are knowledgeable in at least one topic, you can use your knowledge for finding freelance writing jobs. Here are 20 ways to make money with online writing jobs and opportunities:

1. Write for Article Writing Job Sites

Many freelance writing sites connect freelance writers with clients. You can find article writing jobs on many reputable article writing jobs sites where usually you pick up the jobs directly from the dashboards of these sites. Some sites may send you invitations to take on writing jobs via emails. Here are some of the best article job sites:

  • Textbroker  –
  • Online Writing Jobs –
  • HireWriters –
  • iWriter –
  • Scripted –
  • Break Studios –
  • London Brokers –
  • Content Runner –
  • Crowd Content –
  • Zerys –
  • Great Content –
  • CopyPress
  • Copify –
  • eCopywriters –
  • WriterAccess –
  • Writers Domain –

3. Bid on Writing Jobs

Bidding sites such as Upwork and Guru are a great place to find different types of writing jobs. Clients post various different types of writing jobs on these sites and freelance writers bid on them, listing their experience, portfolio and pricing they want to charge for the jobs. If a client accepts your proposal or bid, you will be awarded the job. You will get paid if the client approves your work. If you work your way out, you may find higher paying jobs and consistent stream of work via the bidding sites. The most reputable bidding sites are:

  • Upwork –
  • Guru –
  • Freelancer –
  • PeoplePerHour –

4. Sell Your Articles via Article Marketplaces

You can write articles on various topics and then list them on article marketplaces like,, swarmcontent, etc for sale. You can write articles on almost any topic. Some article marketplaces let you set the price for your work while others set the price for your work based on the word count, topic, and other factors related to your content. The key is to writing on topics that are in demand and choose attractive titles.

5. Write for Upfront Pay Sites

There are many websites and blogs that invite writers and bloggers to submit articles and blog posts on given topics or topics chosen by the writers and bloggers, depending on the niche of the sites. If your work is accepted by any of these sites you will get paid a flat fee per article or based on the word count of your written content. Here are some websites that pay upfront for writing content.

6. Writing Jobs via Job Boards

There are some reputable job boards where companies and people post various types of writing and blogging jobs and freelance writers and bloggers apply to those jobs via email or they click through the links on the job ads to the clients’ sites or third-party sites. You may be asked to submit sample writing alongside your application where you can quote pricing per article, blog post or project. Here are some popular job boards:

  • The ProBlogger Job Board
  • MediaBistro
  • BloggingPro
  • FlexJobs
  • Simplyhired

7. Write for Revenue Share Sites

Some content-based sites allow writers to write content on literally any topic. These sites make money from ads displayed alongside the content submitted by the writers and then share the revenue with the writers. How much the sites pay the writers depends on each site’s revenue share model. How much money your content generates for the sites you write for is only known to the sites. However, it is a good idea to write for the popular and reliable revenue share sites such as:

  • HubPages
  • InfoBarrel
  • Allvoices
  • WebAnswers

8. Write for Your Own Blog

If you a have a knack for writing and if you enjoy sharing your ideas with others then starting your own blog is a great way to vent your creativity and make money from it. If you write quality content that is informative and interesting, you will build a sizeable traffic to your blog over time. Display online ads, run affiliate marketing programs, sell ad space and post sponsored posts on your blog to make money. You can sell your own physical or digital products via your blog or sell your services such as writing, editing, proofreading, web design graphics design, social media marketing, programming, and much more services through your blog.

9. Offer Your Writing Service via Microgig Sites

You can create a gig by using various small online marketplaces such as Fiverr, Fourerr, Gigbucks, etc. Also known as micro job sites or microgig sites, these sites let freelance writers and bloggers list their service or services by creating a relevant gig, or gigs. When any client orders a gig and the writer completes the task or provides the relevant service that is approved by the client, the writer gets paid. Fiverr is the most popular micro job platform for writers and bloggers offering their writing services for $5 for each gig.

10. Write for Your Own Site

Writing for your site is different than writing for your blog. If you are writing for your site, you write content in a professional tone in the third or second person on a general topic or more. Generally, a website is not updated often. Sharing comments by the visitors is also uncommon. However, the message you want to convey does not need to be changed whether you want to pass it over to your audience via a blog or a website. You want to write for the audience and you want to provide them with the information they are looking for. You make money with a website using generally the same methods that you would use to monetize your blog.

11. Enter Writing Contests

Although some legitimate sites charge a small fee to enter their writing contests, the vast majority sites allow you to enter free writing contests and win cash money in hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you are just starting out writing online, entering free writing contests is a great way to learn valuable skills and gain experience that you can use to land jobs in the future. Google “free writing contests” to see what the search results pages bring up.

12. Ghostwrite for Private Clients

One of the main reasons for hiring a ghostwriter is lack of the time anyone has. Many individuals also lack the creative talent required to write what they want to write, so they hire ghostwriters. If you have good writing, grammar and spelling skills, and communication or interviewing skills so you know how to adapt their style of writing and tone and how to incorporate their ideas into your writing, you can offer ghostwriting services to individuals. Writing autobiographies, biographies etc are ghostwriting. Writing web copy, articles, blog posts, eBooks etc are also ghostwriting where you agree to work for pay but not receiving acknowledgement for your work. Sites like Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, Textbroker, etc offer plenty of ghostwriting opportunities.

13. Write for Academic Writing Sites

Many writers would not want to do this kind of writing for ethical reasons. Others may find it reasonable to write various different college essays, papers, reports, and other academic pieces for students who either do not have the time or lack the creativity to do the writing on their own. There are plenty of writing agencies out there that hire writers to write for their clients (students). You need to be skilled at least in one area of academic subject to make money writing for academic writing sites or students online.

14. Write Resumes

If you are good at writing resumes, you can help others with resume writing. You need to be familiar with various different styles used in resumes across different industries. People need resumes for many different purposes, so you must be able to write resumes based on their exact requirements. You can charge as little as $20 to write a good resume that sells. If you become an expert resume writer you can charge much more. You can join a resume writing agency or set up your own resume writing business from home online. Some reputable resume writing sites are Resume Robin and Resume Edge.

15. Write for Other Blogs

You can write blog posts for people who do not have time to write for their own blog. If you have good knowledge in a particular topic or more, you may find many blogs that are looking for bloggers to write blog posts on your chosen topics for their blogs. There are many job boards that list blogging jobs daily or frequently. You can also find lots of blogging jobs on freelance sites too. You can directly contact blog site owners to find out if they are interested in your blog writing service.

16. Write eBook

If you have a way with words, you can write eBooks on topic of your choice and sell them via your own blog or site or a third-party platform like Amazon. Publishing eBooks via Amazon is the best way to sell eBooks because an eBook writer can reach out to a potential audience of millions worldwide. The hardest part is to get your eBook noticed by your targeted audience. You can promote your book via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc social media networking sites. If you are a new writer, keep the price of the book as low as possible, such as $0.99, to be able to sell more copies of the book.

17. Get Paid to Write Reviews

You can make money writing reviews about products, services, companies, books, movies etc subjects via a review writing site or more. There are some review sites that will pay you as soon as any review you have written is posted on their sites. Some sites will pay you based on the page views your reviews get while others will share ad revenue your reviews generate with you. Some of the top review sites are:

  • Ciao
  • Review Stream
  • Dooyoo
  • Knoji

18. Write Advertising Copies

Advertising writing involves creating content for ad campaigns, brochures and other promotional materials that sell. You must have relevant experience or if you know how to write persuading content, you can get started as an advertising copywriter. You can find ad copywriting jobs at Indeed, Craigslist and other places online. You can type in the keywords “ad copywriting” in a search engine’s search box and see what results come up.

19. Write for Forum Sites

Many forum site owners need a constant flow of content to keep their audience interested in their forums. They pay to writers to engage their audience via written content. There are many forum sites that will pay you to write forum posts, answer to questions by other members or visitors. Postloop is a great forum site that pays well.

20. Write for Social Media Sites

You can make money writing and posting social media posts for companies and individuals to help them grow their social media presence and engage their targeted audience. You can find social media content writing jobs on sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Indeed, FlexJobs and LinkedIn among others. If you have a good social media profile with a good following, you may find lots of social media content jobs.

Final Words

If you have knowledge in at least one specific topic, have good grammar and spelling skills, you can make money from online writing, writing for others or writing for your own blog or website. As you can see from the above list of 20 ways to make money with online freelance writing, there are many ways to get started writing online. You need to have specialized knowledge that you can gain over time to get some types of writing jobs.

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