21 Bizarre (But Legal) Ways for Guys to Make Extra Money

Do you find yourself short on cash for the weekend?

Tapped out of things you can sell and odd jobs you can offer your neighbors?

Have you tried renting yourself out, testing beer or selling whale vomit?

If not, you haven’t tried everything.

Sometimes you have to get creative to put a little extra money in your pocket. If you’re coming up dry, I’ve found 21 new, weird ways to make money — especially for guys.

Next time you find yourself short on cash, give one of these a shot:

1. Take a Picture of Your Receipt

My natural reaction is to throw away every receipt I’m handed, or it disappears into the dark crevices of my pant pockets (only to end up resembling a paper mache art project after the washing machine takes over).

But, get this: There’s a company that’ll pay you for your receipts!

The company is called Receipt Pal and at the moment, they’re looking for guys to participate in a panel where you share every receipt you’re given.

Here’s how it works:

1. Download the free Receipt Pal app here. At the moment this is app is only accepting male participants.

2. Everytime you take a picture of a receipt, ReceiptPal will reward you with points that can be redeemed for gift cards. The more receipts you submit, the more you earn.

3. The ReceiptPal team aggregates your receipt data anonymously with those of other ReceiptPal members, and develops market research to help brands create better products.

2. Divulge Your Secrets to Google

Google (along with its competitors) want to know what websites you’re visiting, how long you stay on Facebook, what time of day you browse the web and with what browser.

If that doesn’t creep you out — get this, they’ll pay you to share!

Download both of these free apps, agree to share your web history, and you’ll earn up to $300/year.

Media Insiders Panel: This one pays you $5 a month and you can install it on up to three devices, making your total possible earnings up to $200 a year.

Smart Panel: This can be downloaded for free on any smartphone. Once you’ve qualified and downloaded the app, they will give you $5.

If you keep it installed for at least two weeks, you’ll earn another $10. And then for every month that you keep the Smart App installed, you’ll get another $5.

3. Look for Whale Vomit

Have you ever heard the word ambergris?

If so, you might know it’s a coveted ingredient in most high-end perfumes — and that it’s also known as whale vomit!

Gross, I know. But, get this — if you find some, it’s worth $5,000 per pound!

Ambergris is usually secreted by the whale via fecal matter. However, in the rare event that the mass is too large to pass through the digestive tract, it’s vomited up (and out) by the whale.

These lumps usually float around the ocean — but sometimes come ashore.

In fact, we recently shared a story about a guy who found $60,000 worth while walking his dog on the beach one day!

If you’re anxious to start combing the beaches in your area, read more about identification techniques and storied discoveries by visiting Ambergris Expertise Buying Worldwide.

4. Watch Movie Previews

Most of you already know about Swagbucks, but did you know it’ll pay you to watch movie previews, along with dozens of other videos?

Plus, it gives you $5 just for signing up.

You’ll need to watch all of the shows in a specific playlist to earn your bucks, so be prepared.

InboxDollars lets you know how long the playlist runs before you start watching. Playlists range from a few minutes to about a half hour.

And it’s possible to earn up to $225/month watching these videos!

5. Become a Test Subject for NASA

Finally, an excuse to lay in bed and watch football all day!

The folks over at NASA are paying $5,000 per month to participants in their bed rest study. It lasts for 87 days and is designed to help them research the effects of zero gravity space travel on the human body.

The study takes place at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. In addition to this being a cool way to help the NASA program, this study could fatten your bank account by more than $15,000.

Here’s the full run-down.

6. Yell About Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Do you think Donald Trump is crazy? Do you believe Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi?

Political polling companies want to know, and they’ll actually pay you for your rants.

Ipsos Panel and Opinion Outpost are two of the largest and rated A+ with the BBB. I participate every election cycle and I’m usually able to pocket around $100 a month.

7. Put Your Gaming Addiction to Good Use

Apparently, the U.S. recognizes professional eSports (“electronic sports”) players as professional athletes.

Last year, we wrote about a team of five men in Los Angeles who make more than six figures in cash, sponsorships and living expenses by playing League of Legends.

If the money impresses you, the hours will seal the deal: The team wakes up around noon and plays the game until about 3 a.m. On top of free rent and sponsorship deals, each team member is paid more than $60,000.

8. Sell Your Junk Mail

I don’t know about you, but I get a ton of junk mail.

My email inbox and mailbox are both full of crap from different cable providers, credit card offers, car insurance, etc.

If you’ve ever wondered what you could do with all the junk mail besides recycling it or sending it to your email’s trash folder, SBK Center has the answer.

This market research company will happily accept your junk mail and email and give you Visa prepaid cards for it, which work just like debit cards.

9. Sell Jellyfish

Yes, there’s a market for pet jellyfish. And they’re not cheap.

The first retailer of its kind, sell jellyfish, their specialized LED-lit tanks, food and other products. The least-expensive kit at the site costs $330.

How do you break into this bizarre business?

There’s a bit of a learning curve, but it’s not impossible: Alex Andon founded Jellyfish Art with less than $100 for advertising, plus loads of guts and creativity.

10. Get Paid for Your Sperm

You’ll find a wide range of opportunities for sperm donation, with as much of a range in pay.

The Seattle Sperm Bank, for example, requires an application, medical history and physical exam to approve you as a donor. Once approved, you can donate two to three times a week and receive $70 for every approved donation.

On the other hand, we found a recent posting seeking a donor with highly specific requirements:

  • GPA of at least 3.4
  • Considered very attractive and athletic
  • 5’10 or greater
  • Have blood type: A+, A-, O+ or O-
  • Attend a 4 year college or hold Bachelor’s degree (or greater)
  • At least 50% Italian (Southern Italian/Sicilian a plus)
  • Have had only female sexual partners
  • Be able to substantiate the above
  • Interest in football, mathematics and history added plus

For the right fit, the recipient was offering $6,000 for a donation, plus the promise that, “there would be complete confidentiality involved and you would be legally absolved of any on-going responsibilities.”

11. Get Paid to Wear T-Shirts

From 2009-2013, Jason Zook made money promoting businesses wearing their T-shirts through his business

He and several “shirt wearers” worked with more than 1,600 businesses before deciding to move on to other projects.

So, there could be a hole in the market…

What creative ways can you think of to promote small businesses?

Zook even used his notoriety to make money selling his last name — over the years, he’s been Jason Sadler, Jason Headsetsdotcom and Jason SurfrApp!

12. Sell Your Friendship

Get paid to be someone’s buddy! I’m not kidding.

You can register to become a Friend at, where paying users can contact you to attend concerts, sporting events, family functions, VIP events and more.

You can charge up to $50 an hour and set your own schedule.

Friends working full time (five days a week) earn up to $2,000 a week, plus free dinners and access to those events I mentioned.

What could you do as a “Friend” for 40 hours a week?

First of all, the site clarifies that it is “solely a platonic friendship website” — beyond that, options are endless.

If you have a special skill, like cooking or foreign language, you could teach them. Some people traveling or new to an area hire a Friend to show them the town. Some people just want someone to talk to.

13. Be a Street Performer

Have a weird talent like performing magic tricks, making balloon animals or just stepping into an unusual character with a little face paint?

Turn it into cash as a busker, or street performer in a busy area of town.

Your workday might be long without a huge payoff, but this can be a fun way to earn money when you need it fast.

14. Try Virtual Gold Farming

This is a less-spectacular way to make money playing video games, but it’s how some workers in China make their living.

In virtual factories, employees play World of Warcraft for hours every day, looting virtual gold, the Guardian reports.

They sell the loot to players in the game who want to level up or obtain a particular item without going after it themselves.

15. Hang Out at Bars

Sign up for the Bar Integrity Mystery Shop through the Mystery Shopping Providers Association to get paid to go to bars.

As a mystery shopper, you’ll pose as a regular customer — while secretly rating each bar on speed of service, friendliness, accuracy, cleanliness and other factors.

MSP offers other types of mystery shops, as well. Choose what fits your schedule, so you can pick up retail shopping and restaurants, too, if you want to round out your day.

16. Make Money Test Driving Cars

Working through a company like BestMark, you’ll go to car lots and pose as a potential buyer.

So you get to test drive a car, which is pretty cool.

It also means you listen to the sales pitch, which is less exciting. But then you report back on your experience and get paid!

I used to do automotive mystery shopping, and I’d make $60 for each dealership I visited.

17. Get Paid $5 to Rate Your Local Pizza Place

Awww…yeah! Who wouldn’t want $5 and a free large pizza?

One of the most popular types of mystery shops is for pizza companies (both Papa John’s and Pizza Hut regularly conduct mystery shops at all of their locations).

As part of the assignment, you’re required to time their delivery service, quality of pizza, etc.

It’s pretty easy to do and you can do it several times a year. If you’re interested in giving it a try, here’s a list of my favorite mystery shopping companies.

18. Watch More Television

Alright, just hear me out on this one.

It’s definitely possible to get paid to watch TV… There’s a new company called “RewardTV” that pays you to answer trivia questions about last night’s TV shows.

Do you know who they killed off on Game of Thrones last week? Tell them about it and they’ll pay you.

Know which contestant got kicked off “The Voice” this week? They’ll pay you.

You’re not going to get rich doing this, but it’s a fun way to make an extra $15-$20/month. Pretty cool, right?

19. Open a Second Bank Account

We’ve put together a huge list of banks that’ll pay you just to open a bank account!

There’s no harm in having multiple bank accounts.

In fact, I often find it’s helpful to have multiple places to save (I’m less likely to touch the money), so I have separate savings accounts for my Christmas and vacation funds.

The top bank bonus is $500 right now — head over to this list to see all of the banks in your area offering free cash.

20. Drink Free Beer

When you get the perfect pint of craft beer from your local pub, it’s because someone trained the bartender in the minutiae of stocking, maintaining and pouring that beer.

Someone gets to make sure everything is running just right. That someone could be you.

Companies like Cask Marque in the U.K. hire beer experts to travel the country drinking pints and awarding plaques for quality.

21. Review the Latest Gadgets

If you’re obsessed with the latest releases in smartphones, laptops, 3D printers, drones and other gadgets, this is a cool way to be the first to see them.

Working for a publication like Tom’s Reviews or Laptop Mag, you’ll get to try new technology products and write reviews, how-tos, buying guides and other articles.

Your Turn: Guys, what’s the weirdest gig you’ve ever done to earn extra money?

Disclosure: We don’t hesitate to pick pennies off the sidewalk when we spot them. But the affiliate links in this post help our earnings grow even quicker. Plus, it’s a lot cleaner than sidewalk money.

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