$21,472: ShoutMeLoud January 2016 Blog Income & Traffic Report

Hey Shouter,

Welcome to the first blog income traffic report of 2016. This is a part of ShoutMeLoud transparent culture if you wish to know why I share such exclusive details, you should read this to understand our culture.

It’s been a while that I have published our transparency report it’s only because I was busy learning more than making money. In the past two months, I have traveled a lot in the quest to unlearn learn again.

Learn unlearn relearn

Attended Affiliate marketing summit West 2016:

Last month I went for my first U.S.A. trip to attend Affiliate marketing summit in Las Vegas.

ShareAsale stall

Bloggers at Affiliate marketing summit

L To R: Zac Johnson, Syed Balkhi, John Chow, John Rampton


Harsh Agrawal  Syed Balkhi

Harsh Agrawal Syed Balkhi

John Chow  Harsh Agrawal

John Chow Harsh Agrawal


Harsh Agrawal  Oscar Blogger ASW16

Oscar Gonzalez Harsh Agrawal


I also had a chance to meet spend quality times with many pro-bloggers such as Syed Balkhi, John Chow, Zac Johnson to name a few. Along with that, I met many of my favorite companies that I have been working over-all going to Affiliate marketing summit west 2016 was a great experience.

Clickbooth Party Affiliate Marketing Summit west

L To R: Harsh, Yasuko Kawamura, Oscar, Michelle Simmons, Bobbi Gould

Eye candy at Affiliate marketing summit 2016

Babes at Affiliate marketing summit


Later on, I also went to Mountain view to meet folks over at Google Coursera. (Check out Google HQ album on Facebook here).  Overall, those 20 days were full of lot of learning new experience. You can browse many of the pics on my Instagram account.

Due to travel schedule, you might have noticed slow posting here at ShoutMeLoud, but as I made it clear last year, you will be seeing only quality posting over quantity here at SML. 

How Not to Write Meaningless Blog Posts

My post on Affiliate Summit West 2016 is pending which I will be publishing soon I also got to know about many new companies, online tools which you will be hearing from me in the coming days. For now, let’s look at how posting less affected ShoutMeLoud traffic.

ShoutMeLoud January 2016 blog traffic report:

For the newcomers, ShoutMeLoud is more than just a blog. We have a dedicated videos section,  hot deals section to start with a forum for bloggers. If you are a Millenials who are born in the mobile first world, you can always download our iOS app or Android app to stay tuned with the latest stuff from ShoutMeLoud.

Telegram users can join our Telegram ShoutMeLoud channel to stay get notified with latest happening in SEO, Blogging, WordPress Affiliate industry.

Here are the stats for (Mobile Desktop) for the month of January 2016:

January 2016 blog traffic

If I compare this report to last known September 2015 report, I see a huge increase in sessions page views. Even our bounce rate has dropped by 4% which is a considerable number. We are about to hit 1.5 million page views a month which is our all-time best.

ShoutMeLoud Forum: January traffic top chart

ShoutMeLoud bloggers forum is another great place for you other entrepreneurs to hang out talk about blogging, entrepreneurship topics that interest them. It’s a self-managed forum you would find many hidden gems in terms of making money resources bloggers are sharing their experience with stuff that helps them drive traffic.

Forum traffic report January 2016

Apart from gaining sharing knowledge, ShoutMeLoud forum is a great place for you to establish credibility for yourself. Thanks to our forum, now I know many hidden gems who are doing great in online marketing in the world of blogging.

Here are top 7 Shouters  for the month of January 2016 who contributed the most at our forum:

Top forum users

ShoutMeLoud forum is fully mobile optimized  you can access the forum on your mobile browser the experience is really smooth. Here you can join our forum be a part of Shouter’s community.

Android app traffic: January 2016

In 2016, one of my goal is to focus a lot on gaining mobile subscribers one thing which I’m going to do something new is; making our app more interactive engaging. I have made few UX changes in past few months by the 3rd quarter of 2016, you can expect the biggest update for our app.

Regarding traffic, ShoutMeLoud Android app traffic is increasing every month here is the mobile app traffic report for January 2016.

Blog mobile app traffic Jan 2016

You can download review our mobile app on App store from below links:

Download Android App || Download iOS App

Overall January 2016 was a great month for ShoutMeLoud concerning traffic I’m pretty excited to touch 1.5 million page-views in coming months. February is going to be the most exciting month for ShoutMeLoud, as you will see a lot of content I’m also updating ShoutMeLoud Affiliate marketing ebook. Existing buyers (Even if you buy today) will get free access to updated version of our ebook.

Blog Income Report: January 2016

Earning source report

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Blog Expense: January 2016

  • Kinsta Hosting: $157
  • Broadband: $80
  • Home office rent: $550
  • Aweber: $169
  • ShoutMeLoud Forum: $100
  • Expense: $587.5
  • Bluehost: $89.88
  • ShoutMeLoud p0rmotion: $2775

I have not included U.S. trip expense which is close to $9500 is also part of my blogging expense. Overall, the month of January 2016 was pretty solid regarding revenue probably the best month in last 7 years.

I’m looking forward for an exciting 2016 I wish you the same. If you have joined ShoutMeLoud quite late, I would suggest browsing the complete website you might change your life like many others.

For now, could you do me a favor share our transparency report on Facebook, Twitter telegram. This would let people know that ethical blogging can do wonder for their life let them discover themselves. Also do share about your January income traffic report. If you have published a blog post, do share the link in comment section.

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