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We are in 2016 and unfortunately for many of us it is still very difficult to make ends meet at the end of the month. So I’ve compiled a list of several websites that pay easily. You will need to watch it, click, meet, buy, call, promote, sell, offer … but who cares, there really is a chance to round your ends meet in this way.

And as a bonus, for each site, I tell you how much you can earn and how your referrals (people you’re talking to this site) can bring you.

1. Moolineo: Very easy to use, and 6 euros for 5 referrals.

Moolineo , the site up and up ….

I’m in the testing phase but I can already tell you that it’s easy and promising! You just click on the email, read or visit a website, and in some cases complete registration offers!

And you can earn 6 euros for 5 referrals. And every 15 days, a competition is held to allocate 530 euros between the 15 or 20 best godparents! Not bad, right?

2. iGraal: Up to 10% of online purchases refunded 10 welcome gift of euros and 5 euros per godson

IGraal : from 2% to 10% of your purchases recovered . Sponsorship: 5 euros per active godson + 10% of its cashbacks. Upon registration, you will receive in addition 10 euros welcome gift .

The cashback, you know? when you make a purchase online, you can recover part of the amount of the purchase, usually 2 to 10%. This works for food, clothing, travel, tech … For everything! In addition the site offers discount codes and voucher codes, so it is a double gain of money. By referring your knowledge, you can earn 5 euros when their first cashback is validated, and 10% of all their cashbacks.

3. Mailorama: between 1 and 3 cents per email read + 5 euros per active godson.

On , you are encouraged to read emails and clicking links. Each reading can earn you between 1 cent and 3 cents. They also offer the cashback (see above).

If you refer friends, you will receive 5 euros when they ask their first payment, and 10% of their cashbacks. Another very cool site level sponsorship.

This site has existed for years , and although I have not tried myself, you can subscribe without fear.

To register on Mailorama, .

4. Opinion Outpost: to complete paid surveys

On  Opinion Outpost , answering surveys and polls. Polls are numerous and can bring a nice little nest egg.

A draw every three months can also walk away with a nice sum.

The main advantage of this site is its payment threshold: 2.5 Euro. So you can easily try this site and quickly leave with some money – as did many of my readers.

5. LooNea: between 5 and 20 euros per month.

LooNea is very recent.

Created and launched in late February 2016 by the founders of Moolineo (see above), he wants more remunerative and as it offers products and testing contest to win more.

you should always click on the email and sign up for offers, and you can expect your attendance by up to 15 or 20 euros per month.


6. Toluna: a nice paid surveys site

Toluna is a nice paid surveys site – in any case I like the interface and the community they created. This is more welcoming and less austere than most other such sites.

Added you earn points that you can redeem against money but also against all types of gift cards or gift certificates.


7. MySurvey: yet another paid surveys site

MySurvey is a site where you can answer paid surveys in exchange for gift points or money paid directly into your PayPal account.

This site is accessible from many countries, including France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada.

The payment threshold is very low and raffles are held regularly.


8. Gaddin: up 4 cents per email read

Gaddin pays rather well: up to  4 cents per email read .

On this site, you are invited to read emails and clicking links. Each reading can earn you between 1 cent and 4 cents. In addition, you can earn 1 euro per active godson !

I have not tried it myself, but this site is known and recommended by many.


Other affiliate and advertising platforms

Google Adsense : the best known online advertising platform. If you have a website, then you probably sell advertising space on it through Google Adsense.Your income will depend on the theme of your site, and its number of visitors. You can count from 1 to 15 euros per 1000 visits.

Amazon : Yes, Amazon is not just for spending. The “partner program” Amazon allows you to promote their products (books, articles, spare parts …) and receive a commission on those, between 3% and 10% depending on the product. Did you really think that Amazon had become inevitable magic?

Clickbank : the specialist in online products and services. If you have a blog, you can take the opportunity to promote products or services through affiliate programs. Commissions can sometimes be really high (up 80%), so it’s really interesting. It is often ebook to promote. Platform in English.

Zanox : Another affiliate platform, which generally promotes other online sites.

Gambling Affiliation : an affiliation platform dedicated to casinos and sports paris

NetAffiliation : very similar to Zanox.

1TPE : similar to Clickbank, but in French.

Other cashback sites

Poulpeo : another cashback site.

EBUYCLUB : another cashback site.

Other paid surveys sites

Global Test Market : another site of Paid Surveys.

Panel Institute: it was previously part of the Top 10 profitable sites, but gains withdrawal conditions have suddenly become blurred and many users have complained. So I decided to stop recommending it.

To learn more about paid surveys, reading this article that tells you all about Panel Institute and other paid surveys sites.

Other sites that pay you to read email

Qassa: a site similar to Moolineo and Mailorama. 2 euros per active godson.

If you want to know more about paid mails, it’s this:

Sites that allow you to sell your creations

Etsy : Site leader in the sale of things made ​​by hand.

A Little Market : little brother of French Etsy.

Of objects shopping sites

Le Bon Coin : If you have something to sell, then you need to sell on Le Bon Coin. It is the site a number of purchase and sale between individuals in France.

Ebay : auction site famous for buying or selling

Price Minister : another site like Le Bon Coin to buy or sell your items, clothes, ….

Some freelancing platforms

Talent to spare? You can write text, draw logos, program an application or you have another special talent? Go to these sites, customers or companies will pay for your talents.

5euros : site that allows you to earn a few euros against simple tasks (translate a text of 200 words, do a 30-second video singing happy birthday …).

Encoder : where the site 5euros rather dedicated to small tasks, encoder is moving towards selling services to large IT projects (among others)

Fiverr : American equivalent of 5 euros.

Odesk : freelancing platform also hosts projects (rather than small tasks low value). More general than the encoder platform.

Still other sites

Crowd Factory: This micro-site work was at one time part of the Top 3 profitable sites, but registrations are now closed. This site is a victim of its success.Many registered but too few opportunities to earn money.

Here, with this list, I not promise the big night or buying a Ferrari, but if you do it well, and sponsor a few friends here and there, I think you could get to 50 or 100 euros additional per month .

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