31DBBB Podcast Challenge: Write a Link Post (And Why You Should!)

This is it! Day Seven of the 31 Days to Build a Better Blog podcast series – you made it through the first week!

If you missed an episode here they are:

But back to today which is another writing challenge, which by the end of the month, should help you define what kinds of posts you like to write and what appeals to your readers.

Today’s challenge is very simple – a link post. But in this episode, I go into more detail about the types of link posts that do well (I talk about the six ways to write a link post), how to expand upon them, and of course – why I think these types of posts are important.

Things have changed since the early days when I favoured link posts, so there’s also tips to ensure your posts will be successful in today’s new online environment.

Don’t forget to share on social media how you’ve enjoyed your first week. What have been the hits and misses for you? What have you learned?

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