4 Awesomely Creative Ways to Make Money Online

creative-moneyMany with some extra time on hand would welcome the idea of making some extra cash through the Internet.

In fact, many are already working as freelancers, bloggers and e-retailers.

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Recently, I stumbled upon four great ways that allow you to generate some cash online by making your own items like mugs, T-shirts, posters, etc.

No, the money making ways I’m going to talk do not require any manufacturing, packing and shipping or managing finances.

You just need to be creative and have fun making money!

1. Café Press

I’ll start with Café Press, which is among the most well-known websites comprising my list.

This site houses more than two million shops, all created by users, selling more than 300 million products including stationery, posters, apparel and drinks.

You are free to sign as a normal user and choose to buy any of those if you so like and even go ahead to start your own store with Cafe Press.

This is how it works:

You create your design, upload it on Cafe Press and select the kind of goods you would like selling using your design.

Your items get displayed on your storefront.

Other normal users on browsing the website may like and buy some of your items, enabling you to get a part of the proceeds.

Café Press takes care of all your requirements from creating to shipping of goods, and from maintaining the server that keeps your store running to securing the process of making payments. Yet, it allows you adequate freedom to give the store your personal touch.

2. Threadless

The most helpful feature of Threadless is that you need not necessarily advertise your goods for making money.

The limitation is that it is difficult to produce items as per your designs and ideas.

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Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you get an amusing or witty idea for a T-shirt. As long as it looks pretty on a T-shirt, it doesn’t matter whether it is a cartoon, picture or a piece of intricate art.

Next, you have to take a pencil and design a masterpiece of your product. Once you are done with it, send it to Threadless. If they accept it, you are rewarded for your creativity.

You are paid $2000 and gift certificates worth $500 from Threadless.

In case your T-shirt gets reprinted, you get additional $500. You stand a chance of making up to $22,500 if your item is selected for their Bestee award.

For the not-so-creative you!

Now, everybody cannot be so creative.

Do not feel disheartened.

You can also submit phrases and messages to Threadless.

Those are judged by the community. Usually, these are remarks and jokes.

The team at Threadless judges the best. If they decide to print T-shirt per your remark, you are paid $500.

3. Zazzle is among the best websites offering services for creating your own range of products without any charges and sharing a big chunk of its earning through sales of those products. You may design a poster, T-shirt, mug and a host of other items to be offered for sale through

The best thing is that when somebody orders an item containing your design, they not only produce it but also ship the same without bothering you in any manner.

The designing part is really easy. You can add logos to a T-shirt and alter the dimensions of items, like increasing or decreasing the length of sleeves or giving it the shape of a bag or hat. You may include text or images, adjust the base color.

Use your creativity to spice up your products and create an image or brand for your goods.

Clicking ‘Sell’ on the top left hand corner enables you to set up a seller account. Having done that, you design your store and start designing any number of items or gifts.

The customary cut that you get on your products is ten percent, but you can enhance your earning by increasing the price of your items.

Of course, you’ll need to advertise your products if you want those to sell well. You could do it through your blog or send samples of your creations to other popular websites and thus have a good source of additional income.

4. Redbubble

Redbubble claim to be the “finest and most diverse creative community and marketplace on the Internet.

Surely, that’s a very confident claim, but I don’t claim to know them well enough to confirm or deny their claim.

Nevertheless, the site has neat looks and seems to convey their philosophy of first rate designs and products which are far superior to what one may find at other places.

But then, quality often comes at a price. In their case the price is not jut limited to charging more than the prices prevalent in today’s market.

The variety of goods is not as large as offered by Zazzle or Café Press. Actually, you can sell items like cards, posters, calendars, prints, tickers, clothing, phone cases and written material.

If quality be the priority, you’ll find Redbubble worthwhile.


You would be wondering which of the above three you should select!

You won’t be wrong in taking the business policy of each as a deciding factor.

It is for you to decide the kind of market you want to cater to. Do you want to sell on mass scale at low prices or prefer selling products with top class designs at higher prices?

If it’s the latter, you would do well to go with Redbubble, otherwise I would recommend Zazzle rather than Café Press. Though both are quite similar, I think Zazzle has an edge over the other.

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