5 Fun Ways To Make Money Online

Most of the online money making methods need a lot of hard work and investment that would make the people get frustrated. Blogging, designing, testing and advertising are some of the emerging online jobs where you can make an enormous income for your interest and talent.

If you’re not interested to do these traditional jobs online, it is more likely to make money with your hobbies. But here, you need to show your smartness and spend quality time to earn decent cash online.

So, if you feel tired of boring regular jobs, you may try some fresh ways to make extra money on the web with more enjoyment. You might ask, is it possible to earn money online in fun ways? I would say, “Yes, probably you could meet some monetary benefits on the internet through some amusing ways.” Let’s discuss a few fun ways to make money online through this post.

Best 5 Amusing Ways To Earn Money Online

Check some of the funny ways to make money online at spare time.

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1. Draw Tattoos

You may not believe if I say that the custom tattoo drawing is a profitable profession. If you’re a person with a creative eye and have excellent drawing skill, you may try to sketch well-defined tattoo designs and set a sale price for them.

Createmytattoo is a perfect marketplace to submit your original Tattoo designs and make money with them. This community dedicated open market is free to join and take part in contests. You may submit many designs and get paid every time your tattoo design is sold.

If you’re more serious to make money as a Tattoo designer, make use of Tattoodo and get paid for creating unique artwork. Here, you could polish your tattoo drawing skills, grow your portfolio, get fans and earn money with custom tattoos.

2. Take Part in Name Contests

Taking part in naming contents is one of the humorous ways of making money online. If you want to pour your creative juice from your mind in suggesting memorable names or slogans, you can make some dough online.

Pickydomains is one such website where you can turn naming ideas into cash. The registration is free instant in this risk-free naming service, and you could earn 40-60% commission for every successful name proposal you make. Payments will be made through PayPal.

If you’re paying attention to take part in naming contests, and then go with Squadhelp to check the active contest status on Naming Branding. Here you can make money with fun by suggesting slogans, the name for apps, domain names, social networking name ideas and brand name for new companies.

US residents can earn money by taking part in business name contests through NamingForce by naming companies and products.

3. Sell Your Stories

If you’ve interesting stories to tell, it’s easy to earn online currency. Many magazines and newspapers are interested to publish real stories, and you may reach them through individual websites or media agents who deal with the press. Be realistic while telling your story and do not forget to attach the proof brief summary of the story.

Yourstoryclub allows you to write short stories for money. You can win the best writer story of the month award here, and few stories are rewarded as editor’s choice. You may write any category of story or poem in English or Hindi, and if your stuff got selected, the payment would be made within 20 working days.

You may also check Sellusyourstory to make money with stories. It is the UK’s largest press agency, and it pays the most for stories other content. To sell your interesting stories, you just need to fill out the form, and they will get back to you with the value of your story.

If you’re a UK occupant, you may try the sites Cashforstories and Weloveyourstories to earn with your stories.

4. Online Shopping

I’m in no doubt that you will adore this fun way to earn money on the net. Yes, there are several websites that would let you get paid to shop online. Who else not interested in online shopping? The e-commerce trend has taken off some years back, and it leads to cash back offers.

Ebates is the best site that pays you to shop online. It gives cash back for you to purchase at any of the 1,800 online stores with huge discounts as it is a leader of online cash back shopping. Joining is free, and payment will reach you through PayPal.

Make money by online shopping is also possible with another cash back shopping website, Mr. Rebates. You may shop at thousands of cash back stores, and you’ll earn up to 30% cashback on each product purchase. Joining is free here, and you may cash out through check or PayPal.

Get paid to shop online through Quidco is also a hilarious money earning method. You can search the exciting offers from more than 4200 retailers, and you’ll get cash reward at every purchase.

5. Search Online

You might be wondering about a way of earning online through search! Yea, its “Get paid to search online”. Some websites work as a partnership with top search engines that pay you for searching the web. You’ll not make a living with paid searches, but it is one of the fun ways to make money on the internet

Qmee offers cash rewards for search loyalty since it works with best search engines like Google, Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy and so on. Just you have to search online and check the Qmee results to earn rewards, and you can cash out through PayPal.

To make money with fun, do check some reliable pay-to-search sites like Bing, Scour, and iRazoo.


This post has been written with an intent to give some helpful ideas to make money online and I (Nirmala Santhakumar) cannot in any way promise the success of earning online cash with the listed ideas and websites.

Final Words

Everyone wants to earn money! As the internet has opened up a lot of opportunities to make substantial income, you may carry out the computer-based jobs to use your skills and creativity to take home some cash from the web. To chill out after a hectic day job, you may attempt some of the above listed funny ways to earn money at home. 

So, you don’t have to get bother or spend long hours with these cool ways to get extra money online. Don’t think that you’re going to be rich with these pioneering earning methods but I’m sure that you’ll get more pleasurable experience to grab some online cash.

What is your viewpoint on these fun ways to make money online? Do you know any other pleasurable idea of getting online cash? Share your breathtaking feedback in comment section.

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