8 Legit Online Money Making Sites That Pay Fast (Some Instantly!)

jingit is a legit money making siteThere are tons of legitimate money making websites out there. But with many of them you have to wait weeks and in some cases month to get paid. They are not scams, it’s just the way they pay their members.

But what if you don’t want to wait weeks and months to get paid?

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What if you want to be paid instantly, or at least fast within a day or so?

Well, you are in luck. I’ve found you 8 trusted websites that do actually pay quickly, some instantly and some within 24 hours or so. Some pay via PayPal, others will write you a check.

Here are 8 money making work at home sites that will pay you instantly or within hours.

1. Transcribe Me

  • Payout Minimum: $1
  • Payout Speed: Instant

Transcribe Me is a website where you can transcribe audio files for money.

If you don’t know what transcription is, it’s the practice of taking audio and writing it down. It’s simple stuff, and all it requires is that you be able to type quickly!

Transcribe Me has just a short little test to qualify, and then you can get right into it.

This website offers $20 per audio hour. Don’t think you’ve just found your next job, though: you can expect each audio hour to take 3 or more real life hours to do.

2. Qmee

  • Payout Minimum: None
  • Payout Speed: Instant

Qmee is a browser extension which will show you sponsored advertisements on your sidebar when you make an internet search.

Each advertisement has an associated value, usually a few cents. If you click on the advertisement, its value will be added to your virtual Qmee piggy bank. This can be cashed out whenever, straight to PayPal, and it transfers almost instantly on request.

It’s not a big earner, instead it is something recommended to keep installed on your browser throughout the week and let it build up to a total. That way you can get a decent amount when you find yourself in need of the piggy bank funds.

3. Slice the Pie

  • Payout Minimum: $10
  • Payout Speed: Every Tuesday and Friday (fixed payouts)

Slice the Pie is unique among the many mini-task sites that have been very popular under the mTurk model, because it’s a music review site. An artist’s song will play in a 90 second clip and you’ll provide feedback on it.

The payment will be anywhere from 6¢ to 15¢, depending on whether or not they’re running any specials. Payment also increases with your rank, which you’ll gain as you review more songs.

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Try Swagbucks, the famous online rewards program that pays for playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, shopping and more. It is free!

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It’s not amazingly lucrative, but definitely a more fun way to earn than many other options.

4. Jingit

  • Payout Minimum: N/A
  • Payout Speed: Instant

We couldn’t provide the payout minimum because Jingit is pretty unique in the way that it operates the money side of things. Jingit won’t pay out to a PayPal or a bank account; they instead pay out to a Jingit Visa debit card, which you sign up for when you sign up for the site itself. Supposedly, any money you earn goes straight to the card, which cuts out the need for a payout system.

Earnings for this site are low, $5 to $10 in a week for those who are only putting in minimal effort. This one is probably best done as a rainy day fund.

Use your Jingit account to earn funds a little bit throughout the week and just let the money save up on your card, that way you know you’ll have a little bit built up by the time you need it.

But how does Jingit work?

Well, it has sponsorship from lots of major retailers- Kraft and Walmart to name a few- and you earn money by watching ads, giving feedback on products, doing a check in at a store, or shopping for certain items.

This will earn money towards your total, and then it goes right on the card. You’re basically participating willingly in advertisements so that you can be paid directly, which is a straightforward way to get the money without a lot of effort.

5. Ibotta

  • Payout Minimum: $5
  • Payout Speed: Instant

This option, Ibotta, is more of a cost-mitigating option than a payout option, but it does technically pay out, so it earned its place on this list.

Ibotta pays you back for items that you buy from the store. They’ll tell you what products are sponsored, and then you’ll be compensated for buying them and checking in with the app (verified via a snapshot of your receipt.)

Once the minimum has accumulated in your account, you’re free to cash it out. This is another option that’s better if you’ve let it build up over time, since the rewards are relatively low, but steady.

It’s worth noting that it has a referral system too, just in case the others in your life might be interested in a service like this.

6. Postloop

  • Payout Minimum: $5
  • Payout Speed: A few hours

Postloop is a website that pays you to post to forums.

It’s mostly used by new websites who are trying to drive traffic to the site, so all you have to do is follow the links through the site and make some quality posts.

This is one of the more favorable options on the list, if for no other reason than the fact that it is so open-ended. I’d gladly get paid to post to forums, after all!

Reaching their minimum payout is no trouble at all, so it’s a good site to keep around if you ever need a few bucks in a pinch.

7. Amazon mTurk

  • Payout Minimum: $1
  • Payout Speed: 1-2 days

If you’ve heard of anything on this list, it is probably Amazon mTurk. mTurk is the king of task websites, hosting hundreds of thousands of tasks every day and seeing very large amounts of money flow through from task-providers to task-takers.

You’ll need an Amazon Payments account, because this is a very official way of making money (probably the most official behind finding work on a freelancing website.) The Amazon Payments account will want to be linked to your bank account, that way you can transfer the funds between the two (you can also spend the money on Amazon.)

The tasks are called HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) and they can vary greatly in difficulty, from assigning labels to pictures to writing full-on articles, or transcription work like we discussed before.

You can easily make $10 in a day, or even more, if you sink a lot of time in. mTurk is a pretty serious part of some people’s income (those who do complicated tasks with big payouts not easy tasks that pay few cents), so it’s definitely something to look into if you find yourself in need of this type of service.

8. Newslines

  • Payout Minimum: $20
  • Payout Speed: Varies, but less than a day

Newslines is a crowdsourced news website. It’s organized by topic, which are updated as a timeline through 50-100 word posts about the topic and its details or goings-on.

You can get paid to add these little blurbs, $1 per accepted post.

If you can find a way to get a groove going with posting things, you can easily make the money by the day. Even if not, you could probably manage to get a payment in a week, or a few days.

The website is always accepting contributors, though the posts will have to pass through a minor editorial check (just to see if it fits the site’s standards.) You can find more about what they require at their website.

Final Word

I am sure there are many other legitimate money making websites out there that do pay fast. If you have used any personally and have gotten paid quick, I’d love to hear from you. Please share your experience in the comment section below. Feel free to mention the name of the site that paid you as well.

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