A 10-second Hack That Can Earn You an Extra $200 a Year

A 10 second hack that can earn you an extra $200 a yearMost people think of Google as the gateway to the internet, so they automatically think Google is the only way to search online. It just becomes a habit.

But there are also other search engines as well, mainly Bing and Yahoo.

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So why should you change your habit of using Google?

Because Bing actually pays you to search!

Bing gives you money every time you use it as long as you join the free Bing Rewards program. You can make an easy $100 – $200 a year just doing what you already do (search) by simply searching on Bing.

The Bing Rewards program

This program is a fidelity program and will pay you with different types of rewards for each use of the search engine.

You may get gift cards for Starbucks, Amazon, Applebee’s, I’Tunes, Fandango and a lot of more stores.

You’ll also be able to exchange the rewards for membership in places such as Hulu Prime, Xbox Live and others.

You can even consider donating every credit to the charity of your choice. Once you sign into the program, you’ll be in for all these benefits and more.

To sign up for Bing Rewards, visit bing.com/Rewards.

How Much Can You Earn with BingRewards?

To have some idea of how much money you’ll make exactly, consider that it takes two searches to earn one credit and that one credit is worth one cent.

You need then a hundred searches to make one dollar.

Now, many of you may be taken back by this, but if you are like me, you probably use search engines constantly throughout the day. It can add up pretty quickly.

And let’s not forget that you are not really doing anything extra to earn that money. You are doing what you always do, search. So its like free money.

Plus, once you start using the program, you’ll have access to other benefits, such as the Bonus Points and the upgrade to the Gold Level Status, which will give you an extra value to your credits. You’ll be able to get the rewards you want a lot faster.

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Bonus points

Be alert and consult the Bing Rewards daily dashboard!

Sometimes Bing will offer double points for the day or that particular week or for one month of the year.

Bing also sponsors some stores and will give you more credits if you shop there. It may happen that Bing, out-of-the blue, proposes some trivia questions or reading some stuff they want to promote or even buy a specific product.

You’ll get extra credits for participating in everything Bing offers as an entertainment or purchases.

Reach the Gold level status!

Once you join the program you’ll be a regular member, but as soon as you earn your first 200 credits, you’ll be upgraded to the Silver status earning a one-time 50 credits bonus.

With 700 credits and after you redeem a certain number of credits, you’ll reach the Gold level status.

Being a Gold member will bring you multiple benefits, such as a credit discount in the rewards, that is, getting the same rewards for fewer points.

One example: you want to redeem your credits for a $5 Starbuck’s gift card; as a regular member you’ll need 525 credits but as a Gold member, just 475.

Note: you need to earn at least 150 search credits per month to keep your Gold level status valid.

Tips for Earning More Bing Credits

As in every rewards program you’ll soon be looking for ways to get more credits.

Yes, you will!

Here is what you need to know:

1. Make Bing the default engine on all your devices

You can use the program in all of your devices, you mobile phone, your tablet, your PC, your laptop, and never miss a credit. This way you’ll make sure of cashing all of them, all the time.

Binging for money!

2. Search in your free time

Of course, some days you may not genuinely need to search for anything. Those days you can still spend some of your free time binging.

There’re always things you wanted to know or news to read and catch up. Use your Bing every day, as much as you can!

Note, though, that there’s a limit to how many points can be credited in a day: between 15 and 45 (Bing knows about your bulimia for cash!)

3. Ask members of your household to do searches on one of your devices

While they perform their searches, they’ll help you to earn more credits.

4. Refer your friends

Once they start using it and reach their Silver status, you’ll be awarded 200 credits!

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Credits/Points

Three well-kept secrets of old time users

1. Resist the temptation to enter into Bing sweepstakes

While Bing recovers lots of credits by the sweepstakes system, you’ll more likely lose your credits because the chances you have to winning the big prizes are one against the thousands of people participating in the same sweepstakes. Save your 35 credits!

2. Make your credits go further

Once you are a Gold level member, be aware of the convenience to redeem your credits for the most appropriate rewards.

Remember that one credit equals one cent and that some will benefit you more than others.

For instance, as a Gold member, you can get an Amazon $5 gift card for 475 credits instead of the 525 credits you would have to trade as a regular member.

You’ll get $5 for just $4.75. But, in a company like Tango, which offers gift cards for stores like Target, Williams Sonoma, Home Depot and many others, as a Gold member you’ll still have to use 575 credits for a $5 gift card, spending then $5.75! Better trade your worthy credits elsewhere!

The One Minute Hack: Set Bing as Your Default Search Engine

This the hack the title of this post is referring to– setting Bing as your default search engine.

This simple hack will automate this whole thing for you so you don’t even have to think about it or remember to use Bing.

In most browsers you can enter your search term in a little box in the upper right/left corner of the window. Then when you hit search, it uses the default search engine to search for that term.

Every browser has their own default engine, but you can change that to your favorite search engine.

Here are links to instruction on how to set default search engines on different browsers:

  • Setting/Changing default search engine in FireFox
  • Setting/Changing default search engine in  Google Chrome
  • Setting/Changing default search engine in  Internet Explorer
  • Setting/Changing default search engine in  Edge

If you are using a browser that is not listed here, you can simply do a quick search (here is your first credit with Bing Rewards) using ” How to set default search engine in browser name” where “browser name” is the name of the browser you are using.

You can also make Bing your homepage so you are automatically brought to Bing as soon as you open your browser.

Is It Worth It?

I say it absolutely is!

Sure, you are not going to get rich or come even close to making $500 a year, but its free money for doing something you already do anyway.

All you have to do (beside signing up) is TO take one minute to change your browser’s default search engine to Bing. From then on it’s all automatic. You don’t even have to think about it anymore.

Once in a while check your credits and redeem them for a coll price or cash. That’s it!

Why wouldn’t it be worth it!

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