A Complete Guide to Non Phone Work at Home Jobs

A Complete Guide To Non Phone Work at Home JobsThere are many companies that offer non phone work at home jobs. You need to know where to find these companies offering work from home jobs with no phone required and how to get started. Many people looking to work from home want to do work at home jobs that do not require any phone. You can earn a living from some of these jobs but others are good to earn a side income. Some work at home job sites or companies online can hire you as an employee or an independent contractor. I have broken down different non phone work at home jobs and top companies offering work at home jobs with no phone required below:

Types of Non Phone Work at Home Jobs and Where to Find Them

There are lots of jobs that can be done from home via Internet connection without a phone required. You can find non phone work at home jobs in the following areas:


Writing online is one of the best home-based jobs that can bring in enough money to earn a living. There are lots of writing and blogging jobs on the web that anyone with a knack for writing and having some knowledge in content marketing and SEO can do from home. Many people earn full-time income from online writing jobs while others earn good side income. Most writing sites or companies online do not require writers to have any phone to complete writing jobs for others. Writing jobs include writing articles, blog posts, product or service descriptions, SEO web content, and other types of content. Freelance sites or bidding sites, content mills or article writing job sites, and article marketplaces offer non phone writing jobs. You can check out the following list of websites and writing companies to find and land writing jobs online:

  • About.com
  • Demand Media Studios
  • HireWriters
  • Scripted
  • Write.com
  • WritersDomain.net
  • Textbroker
  • iWriter
  • WordGigs
  • Skyword
  • LoveToKnow
  • Crowd Content
  • CopyPress
  • Break Studios
  • BlogMutt

You can learn more about companies that recruit writers to work from home.

Search Engine Evaluation Jobs

If you have good Internet research skills and are familiar with how search engines rank sites, search engine evaluation jobs are perfect work at home jobs for you to earn some cash on the side. You should be familiar with the language and culture of a particular area and familiar with the popular culture on the web to get search engine evaluation jobs. The pay is reasonably good and the hours are flexible. You do not need a phone to work as a search engine evaluator. Below are some of the best search engine evaluation job companies you can check out to apply for search engine evaluation jobs:

  • Leapforce
  • Lionbridge
  • ZeroChaos
  • Appen
  • iSoftStone

You can learn more about companies that hire search engine evaluators to work from home.

General Transcription Jobs

If you have fast and accurate typing skills and are a good listener with an understanding of different accents you can do general transcription jobs to earn money on the side working from home online. You will need transcription software, a foot pedal and some good headsets to do general transcription jobs.  Here is a list of some of the best transcription companies offering general transcription jobs with no phone required:

  • TranscribeMe
  • Rev.com
  • TigerFish
  • CastingWords
  • VerbalInk
  • Way with Words
  • 3Playmedia
  • SpeechPad
  • SpeakWrite
  • TranscribeTeam

You can learn more about transcription jobs and the companies offering transcription jobs here.

Website Usability Testing Jobs

Many companies and people that are developing new sites or that have existing sites want to know from real users that meet their targeted audience’s demographic about how their sites look and work. They usually outsource website usability testing jobs to third-party companies known as website usability testing companies that then hire work at home workers to test their clients’ websites and give feedback about their user experience. The website owners then make necessary changes based on the feedbacks given by website usability testers. Most website usability testing companies pay anywhere from $5 to $20 per test taken with the average pay is about $12 per test taken. Each test can take 10-20 minutes, so the pay is really good considering hourly rate. You can take several tests a week if you grab any job invitation promptly sent to you via email notification before others grab it. Here are some of the best companies offering non phone website testing jobs:

  • Userlytics
  • UserfEEL
  • Analysia
  • TryMyUI
  • User Testing
  • What Users Do
  • uTest
  • Enroll

You can learn more bout website testing and the companies hiring website testers to work from home.


Microtasks are small tasks or gigs that are done by independent contractors or freelancers for a small fee per gig or task. You get paid a small fee for completing a small or short task. Most of these microtasks are easy, and they do not require any phone or expertise. These short tasks can be done online or in person depending on the microtask sites offering the tasks. The pay can be anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars depending on the length and complexity of the tasks. Most tasks include researching the web for particular companies, products, services or information, filling out surveys, writing short articles, blog posts, forum posts, social media posts, reviews, etc, translating documents, transcribing audio files, testing websites, watching videos, and doing other small tasks. These companies usually pay via PayPal. Here are some of the best micro-task websites offering non phone work at home jobs that are relatively small tasks:

Virtual Assistance Jobs

Many companies hire work at home workers to provide virtual assistance to their clients, usually small companies and professionals in various fields. If hired, you will be working as a contract employee. Tasks include providing general administrative tasks such as typing documents, sending emails, scheduling appointments, etc that anyone would have done in an office environment but virtual assistants can and usually offer a wide range of other tasks such as posting content on social media sites, writing content for their clients’ sites or blogs, researching the Internet, designing and developing sites, managing social media marketing and doing much more tasks. Some of the legitimate companies hiring for virtual assistance jobs with no phone required are listed below:

  • WorldWide101
  • Fancy Hands
  • Assistant Match
  • Office 88
  • Time Etc
  • Contemporary VA
  • Life Bushido
  • Zirtual

You can learn more about administrative work and companies that hire virtual assistants to work from home.

Bookkeeping and Accounting Jobs

If you are detail-oriented and good with numbers, you can assist small companies and busy professionals with their bookkeeping and accounting services needs. You will organize and prepare their monthly income and expenses with no phone required to do the job. Some companies and individuals may require relevant educational background and experience. Some of the reputable companies that offer non phone work at home bookkeeping and account jobs include:

  • Balance Your Books
  • Accounting Books
  • Bookminders

You can learn more about companies hiring bookkeepers and accountants to work from home.

Customer Service Non Phone Jobs

There are some customer service job agencies or companies that do not require you to be on the phone to work as a customer service representative. You will provide customer services live chat and email via these companies. Here are some companies that offer non phone customer service jobs:

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