Is Affiliate Marketing That Hard? A Success Plan for Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing conceptual guide

Affiliate marketing involved helping different online stores to advertise and market their products and it is the fastest way for you to start your own online business. You must understand the benefits that affiliate marketing can bring you if you want to be a web marketer. There are many e-books and services that provide a detailed guide on what affiliate marketing is and how easy it is to begin it.

Affiliate marketing can offer several important benefits for your business. Both merchandisers and web marketers will get a lot of benefits. It does not require a lot of capital so it is easy for you to earn lots of money. Affiliate marketing will work as a great extra income.

But there is a bitter truth about affiliate marketing!

  • Over 95% of people are unable to generate enough income to replace their day job in affiliate marketing.
  • Over 90% people never make a single penny from selling any product in affiliate marketing.
  • 99% of the products that claim to teach you about the secrets to achieving sales in affiliate marketing are actually fake.

The best action is to stop wasting your money on books about affiliate market and follow the affiliate marketing plan that is layout for you in this post.

Success Plan for Affiliate Marketer

You can follow the 6 steps outlined below if you want to have some success in affiliate marketing a these steps have been proven to work 100%.

Create a Micro Niche Site

The majority of the affiliate marketers utilize micro niche sites to make money in affiliate marketing. This strategy requires you to create a website that targets on a specific niche

There are two benefits of creating a micro niche site:

  • Google favor micro niche site and will rank it higher.
  • Visitors who come to your site will think you are an expert in the field and this will increase the chances of them generating more sales.

It is based to set up a EMD (exact match site), which means the domain is based on an exact match keyword. Even though Google has announced that they will demote EMD sites, I advise you nevertheless to go for it as it will increase your site quality.

Target the right niche

Google users can be divided into two categories. The first type of searcher is those who search for information and the second type of searchers is the ones that are doing research on a product and interested in buying. For example,

  • Users that perform a search on news such as celebrity and political news are labeled as informational search.
  • Users that are searching the web for reviews on products or performing comparison between different products are labeled as buyer’s search.

The niche that you choose must be a buyer’s search.

Target the right niche

Many newbies often make mistake here and the reason is that they don’t target the right people. Not all traffic is going to convert into sales and help you to make money.

You must optimize your site with all the on site factors. You must make sure the content on your site is unique, fresh and helpful for the visitors that have come to visit your site so that people will want to recommend your site to those they know.

Start with a single product promotion

There are lots of things you must learn in affiliate marketing and you haven’t learn these in your school. You have to be patient if you want to thoroughly master the strategy of promoting a product.

You can begin by promoting one product first. You must focus all your effort to promote a product. Many successful marketers spent a long time to learn about affiliate marketing before they get success and achieve sales.

After you become knowledgeable, you will find that it is easy for you to generate sales.

Don’t wait for perfection

There are lots of internet marketers who never even earn a dollar from affiliate marketing. This is because they keep delaying in setting up their affiliate site. They lose some money while in the process of setting up the perfect website. It could also be that they feel that the effort and money spent on building the perfect website is a waste. So, they decided to stop their project once and for all. If you keep on aiming for perfection, you will easily lose. The key is to be fast in setting up a website and use it to promote the chosen product quickly.

Don’t expect easy schedule

There are many advertisements that claim you can make a lot of money by just doing a little bit of work. This is a misconception. However, if you only concentrate all your efforts on promoting one product, it is potential that you can earn thousands of dollars. But, this is usually impossible for a newbies to achieve. At first, you must be hardworking in learning and doing promotion for the product. If you are not taking any action, you should not expect that you will make a profit from affiliate marketing.

Follow these rules

Do you want to have some success in affiliate marketing? There are a few rules in affiliate marketing that you need to follow. Having success means you already know how to make money online. There will be challenges in the journey but it is possible to overcome them by following the tips in this post.

Affiliate marketing is a like business relationship since you get paid with a commission to refer people to buy the product. The store will offer a few types of products and services. The store owner needs the help of many people to help them to sell more products quickly. It is ineffective to use banner and posters in the street. Instead, they rely on affiliates to help to increase their sales and the affiliates will get paid with a commission when they successfully help them to generate a sale. Most importantly, you will get paid when the customer buy the product, even though the product is not yet delivered to your home.

Success checklist

Choose a product or service to market

First, you must choose a product or service to promote it online. Most people will first check how much commission they are receiving and whether the product has any demand. If you are interested in gaining some basic knowledge in earning, you are advised to join Clickbank or Commission Junction.

Choose a hosting company

You are to choose a hosting company that promise a good uptime. The hosting is like your land and the internet is like your home. It is very important that you choose a dependable hosting company if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing. The performance of your website has connection with the performance of the hosting company. This is because your website will lose visitors if the server of the hosting company keeps on crashing.

I would naturally opt for Hostgator as my no. 1 choice of web hosting company. You can add unlimited domains if you sign up for the Hostgator baby plan.

Custom URL

Short affiliate URL is the best because they are easier to memorize. I recommend you to replace your longer affiliate URL with a shorter URL. Most vendors will generate a long URL, and you may lose money if you use this type of URL. Simply purchase a new domain with a short URL and redirect it to the affiliate URL.

You should make use of the Pretty Link plugin if you have a WordPress blog. This plugin can reduce the length of your affiliate link and it could also help you to keep them organized and keep track of any click from visitor through email and Twitter.

Creating of plan

There are a number of advertising and affiliate marketing questions you should ask yourself. What is the target earnings you want to achieve in affiliate marketing? How much are you willing to invest on advertising? You have the option of getting the traffic to your site or free or buy the traffic.

Real Affiliate marketing secrets

The success of using any strategy in affiliate marketing differs across the individuals. You will not be able to find it through using a software or watching video tutorial or reading e-books. Some people obtain the strategy by using their common sense. The problem with many people is that they tend to dream too much and didn’t bring it into reality.


There is a distinction in between people who have been a newbie for a long time and professional affiliates who are successful. People who like to dream too much lack dedication. If you want success, you must be dedicated and be hardworking towards attaining the goal. You must continue to work hard and pour in all your efforts in affiliate marketing if your goal is to attain a good payout.
You must concentrate on achieving your goal even if you are faced with many challenges. Total concentration is the key to success for affiliate marketers who want to achieve success. You just need to focus on a single project and don’t make the mistake of working on several projects when you haven’t completed the first project. If you work on several websites, you probably won’t be able to finish them and you will not achieve anything in the end but just a feeling of disappointment.

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