American Bill Money Review – Legit Business For Recruiting?

There has been a lot of buzz about this company so I decided to find out what it was all about…

So you are reading my American Bill Money Review because someone probably approached you about the business opportunity…

Or someone messaged you on social media about it…

Now you are here because you want to make sure the company is actually legit and won’t run with your money?

Or maybe you are here because you want to make sure that positive results are possible.

There are a ton of opportunities out there and can be overwhelming to choose…

In this blog post, I am going to walk you through the company, the products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision to join or not…

Find out if American Bill Money is legit…or a scam!

American Bill Money Review – The Company


American Bill Money is the brain child of Paul Korzeniowski who launched the company in 2003.

Apparently Paul has over 31 years of experience in the network marketing industry but I couldn’t find any other information on him.

The actual website is very… let’s say… busy.

They should have provided more information on the actual leadership but they don’t…

Next, let’s take a look at the actual products…

American Bill Money Reviews – The Products

The companies main product is postcards that can be used for prospects to join your business…

The membership package is called “Deluxe Purchase”.

You get the following:

– Two toll free 800 numbers and the company website that explains everything about ABM to your prospects for you.

– Live operators or our website taking your orders for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

– All questions are answered by the company for you.

– All orders are sent by Priority Mail immediately from the company.

You are personally notified every time you refer someone and paid $75 the next day.

– Free genealogy reports with every check.

Also, you get 150 fresh income opportunity seeker names and mailing addresses as leads on peel and stick mailing labels each month.

If you Prepay for 12 months for $1500, you get 1800 fresh income opportunity leads immediately.

Next let’s take a look at their compensation plan…

American Bill Money – The Compensation Plan

In all of the MLM opportunities out there, you get paid commissions when you sponsor people in the business…

Here at American Bill Money, you get paid to sponsor people at the $125 per month level.

Direct Deluxe Requirements

To be qualified for Direct Deluxe, you have to recruit one hundred members that are paying the affiliate fee.

Once they hit this requirement, then an affiliate can be paid Direct Deluxe commissions from their one hundred and first sponsored affiliate on wards.

Recruitment Commissions

When you recruit a paid member at $125 per month, you get paid out $75.

You get the $75 regardless if the affiliate is Diect Deluxe qualified or not.

Residual Commissions

Residual commission of $75 is paid when recruiting affiliates that is Direct Deluxe qualified.

If the affiliate doesn’t mean Direct Deluxe qualifications, they will get $25 after the first month.

The $25 is paid to their upline (The person who sponsored them) and $25 to their upline’s upline.

To be qualified for residuals, you need at least one active member.

PrePaid Commissions

As I said earlier, the PrePaid American Bill Money membership is $1500 annually.

If an affiliate is Direct Deluxe qualified, they earn a $900 commission.

If they are NOT Direct Deluxe qualified, they earn $300.

$300 is also paid to their upline and $300 to their upline’s upline.

American Bill Money Review – The Verdict

Overall American Bill Money is not a scam…

They have been in business for a very  long time and if they were…

They would have been shut down by the FTC already.

There are only a few issues I see…

First postcard recruitment in 2015 is a little obsolete…

Plus, how good are these leads?

Can those leads be used for other businesses?

Second, to make the BIG bucks, you have to recruit at least 100 people to be Direct Deluxe qualified…

Let me ask you this…

Have you sponsored 100 people ever?

And can you make money off the actual product?

I don’t see it here…

And for that reason I am out.

There are tons of business opportunities out there with real products…

And there are even a FEW where you don’t have to actually recruit anyone to make money.

You are probably wondering…

“There are businesses out there where I don’t actually have to recruit and make money on the product side??”.

The answer is… YES.

it’s rare though.

I have been part of an experiment where we generated over $2 billion dollars in sales outside of the company without recruiting a single person…

It’s a done for you eCommerce platform where you get the right training and tools/softwares to run it from home…

The best part is you don’t stock up on any inventory…

Heck you don’t even BUY inventory…

The supplier sends the products direct to your customer on your behalf after you have sold it and been paid.

So you SELL first then BUY.

Click here and See What I Mean

So if you are tired or recruiting and you have….

  • No Marketing Skills
  • No Business skills
  • No Recruiting Skills
  • No technical Skills

This is RIGHT for you.

Prior to all of this, I was just a car mechanic who got in a bad car accident in July of 2013…

I was rock bottom by the time December of 2013 hit financially…

Then I was selected for this experiment and after 20 months, I have generated over $500,000 in profits…

Check Jesse

(Results May Vary)

I am NO one special.

I was just an average Joe who got started and if I can do this…


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And if you are in American Bill Money, this will work for you as well…

Because it’s something completely difference.

Why not have multiplie streams of income right specially when they don’t clash?

I hope you enjoyed my American Bill Money Review and if you have any questions, please post them in the comments below…

Bless and Be Blessed,

American Bill Money

-Jesse Singh


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