Are You a Working Mom Struggling to “Do It All”? You Need to Watch This Video

Are you a working mom? Then there’s a good chance you’ve struggled with guilt at one point or another.

I don’t have kids myself, but from what I’ve witnessed — both in my personal and professional life — many mothers don’t feel like they’re doing enough.

They feel torn between the responsibilities of parenting and working, and are constantly worried they’re not excelling at either.

They have this image of the “perfect mother” in their heads, and are afraid they don’t stack up.

If that describes you, or any working mom you know, you NEED to watch this video (hat tip to POPSUGAR).

The Video Every Working Mom Needs to Watch

This is actually an Japanese ad for a hot cocoa company. Although I don’t know if the women featured are real — their emotions are. And they’ve probably been felt by working moms across the globe.

(Warning: Save it for home if you don’t want to cry at your desk like I did.)

Like I said, I’m not a parent. But I know lots of amazing working moms and dads who impress me every day.

I hope this video helps you see:

A) You’re not alone, and B) You are enough.

Your Turn: Are you a working mom? How did this video make you feel?

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