The Best 10 Free Web Hosts for 2017

There are a lot of costs involved for starting your own website. Not only must you buy a domain and hosting, you also have to spend money on hiring a professional designer to design the website and hiring other people to maintain the upkeep of the website. As a small business, you should sit down and do some calculation to see how you can reduce your overall budget.

Free hosting places a lot of limits on the resources usage. It will put a cap on the resources such as disk space, bandwidth, visits, uptime and backup. You just need to spend a bit money to invest in a high quality web hosting services for hosting your websites.

The limitations placed on free web hosting is the reason why many people have turned to commercial web hosting companies to buy web hosting plans for their websites needs.

Free web hosting can be used temporarily to market your business but you must understand that they can change their TOS at anytime they want and it is likely that your site will experience a lot of downtimes since you are not paying for the web hosting and there is no service level agreement (SLA).

In this guide, you will find a list of top free web hosting that you can join to get free hosting for your websites without paying a cent.

1. 000Webhost

000Webhost is a USA based free web hosting company that started offering free web hosting plans in 2007. the free web hosting service offers a free disk space of 1.5 GB and the bandwidth is capped at 100GB per month. You can open up to 5 email accounts. 000WebHost supports PHP and MySQL scripts and it offers almost 99% uptime daily. Users’ files will automatically be backup every week.

It is able to offer the free web hosting services because of the donations of its users. There are almost 14 millions of users that have joined 000Webhost. You can upgrade your free hosting plan to a full feature hosting plan for just $2 per month if your website expands.

2. Freehostia

Freehostia offers free web hosting company that offers a variety of free hosting plans in unique names such as Wildhoney. Chocolate is the basic plan that is free to sign up for all. The Chocolate plan gives you 250 MB storage space with a bandwidth allowance of 6GB per month. Besides, it also support PHP, and MySQL and you can open up to 3 new POP3/IMAP email accounts. The server uptime of Freehostia hosting remains at 99.9% and it offers 24/7 customer support.

It offers fast email response through ticket submission within 1 hour. You can use the one click installer to install all kinds of CMS scripts such as WordPress, Joomla and PHPbb forum. if you need more resources for your website, you can quickly upgrade your hosting to a paid plan in just a single click.

3. 5GBfree

As its name says, 5GBfree offers free hosting with 5GB disk space for users. each 5GBfree hosting plan comes with 20GB of bandwidth per month. You can set up three new SQL databases. It supports PHP scripts.

5GBfree does not allow your website to have email accounts. However, they claim that the free hosting services they offer is worthwhile to sign up because you would be paying $15-$20 per month elsewhere. This is because they use high quality software such as CloudLinux OS, and security certifications.

If you need any help, you can start a thread in the forum to get fast response from the staff. The phone support is available to customers who sign up for the Pro version. The Pro version which costs $2.95 per month provides you with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

4. offers the largest monthly bandwidth allowance compared to other free web hosting services. The monthly bandwidth for the free hosting plan is 250 GB per month. In addition, the free hosting plan offers up to 10Gb disk space for you to store your files. You can set up one email account on your hosting. If you can’t afford to buy a domain, you can start a subdomain on, for example,

You can upgrade your free web hosting plan to Economy and Deluxe plan. The Economy and Deluxe plans offer unlimited storage space and bandwidth just like the free hosting plan. you can set up as many email accounts as you want for the economy and deluxe plans. There is no limit on the size of the files you can backup at one time. It has no problem in performing backup on files as large as 10 GB.

5. Zymic

Zymic is regarded as the free web hosting with the most comprehensive features. Zymic free hosting plan offers 6GB disk space and 50 GB bandwidth. You can use it to host websites that run on PHP scripts or have SQL database. You can setup up to 3 MySQL databases. Zymic web hosting is completely free and it does offers any upgrade option.

There are a lot of free website templates, and tutorials on how to use the free web hosting plan. Zymic Twitter account informs the users about the latest updates on any downtime. It operates its own community forum but the forum is currently not accessible.

Zymic does not look like a reliable free hosting services even though we were able to successfully created an account. Zymic did not post a single update on its Twitter account in 2014. A VPN link that is not known about its purpose is placed at the bottom of the Twitter account.

6. Bythost

Bythost is started by a web hosting company called Byet Internet that is based in the USA. Byte Internet not only offers shared and reseller web hosting services but it also offer domain registration services. It currently hosts over 1 million websites on the internet so it is ranked as the leading free hosting services.

Each Bythost hosting account has 1GB disk space and a bandwidth allowance of up to 50 GB. You can create new MySQL database and run PHP scripts on your website without any problem. There are tech support available for 24 hours around the clock every day. You can share your problems with other users of Bythost and get solutions from them in the forum. There is a knowledgebase where you will find article tutorials on all subjects about Bythost web hosting. Bythost also operate another services called myownfreehost that allows you to also become a free hosting provider.

7. Awardspace

Awardspace is a green free hosting company that uses wind power to provide electricity for its data centers to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions. Awardspace offers a basic plan with 1GB disk space and 5GB bandwidth per month that is free to join. You can create up to 5 new MySQL databases. It also include an email account.

You can read the tutorials in the knowledgebase if you don’t know how to use the features of its free hosting services. There are 24/7 email support for those who join the Awardspace free hosting plans. If you are interested in upgrading, you can contact their customer support via live chat. Awardspace is a free web hosting company based in Kiel, Germany. It hosts more than 1 million websites. You can check the test hosting speed to find out how fast is the transfer speed.

8. FreeHosting EU

FreeHostingEU is a free hosting services provided by two companies including and AttractSoft GmbH. As you can see, eh founders are based in Germany. There is a free plan and two premium plans.

The free hosting plan gives you 200GB disk space to host your website files and it allows a data transfer of 4Gb per month. It also includes one email account. You can get 5 free domains for and These domains will not be useful for businesses operating in the UK.

If you want to run a WordPress or Joomla blog, you can use the one click installation feature to install it. Several languages are supported on the control panel interface. Various types of scripts are being supported including PHP, MySQL, and CGI. The forums are not opened anymore but it will soon be available to the members.

9. U Host Full

U Host Full offers free hosting services that are easy to set up in 5 minutes. It offers a one click installer that allows you to conveniently install various kinds of scripts including WordPress, Joomla and Mambo.

It is an unlimited hosting plan that offers fast uptime of 99% uptime. Email accounts can be set up in the hosting. The advantage is that it does not display any advertisement. There is no limit on the size of the files you can upload.

10. Free Hosting No Ads

The free web hosting services listed in this guide will not show any advertisements because they receive their revenue by other methods. Free Hosting No Ads is also an ad-free free hosting plan that offers a disk space of 20 GB. You can create up to 3 POP email accounts. It supports 3 PHP versions from PHP 5.2 – 5.3. You can set up 3 MySQL database. The cost of the free hosting services are covered by the premium hosting plans.

In the disclaimer, claimed that they can send an email message that contains promotional content to one of their affiliate products to the customer once every 6 months. There is an option to unsubscribe from it.

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