Better Ways to Make Money Online from Home Without Investment

Ways to make money online is one of the most searched query on internet but still many of the people do not get a clear idea on how to earn money online.

Do you know what are the biggest problems when you try to search for make money ideas?

  • First, either you find an article on a popular site showing legitimate ways to make money but not giving any detailed guidance or training on how to start the same.
  • Second, you find a scam site like Bharat Online Work showing you some of easiest but useless online jobs asking for money to send you a CD package.

So both of the sites are useless because your actual problem of earning money from internet is not solved.

But that will not happen here on our website MoneyConnexion because you will find 3 main things here-

  1. We will show you all the genuine, well researched real money making opportunities.
  2. We have developed one of the best training package which will guide you in a simple step by step methods to work on these online jobs.
  3. And yes, everything is FREE Without Investment.

More than 70,000 people have used our free training are making part time or full time money from home.

So if you want to earn money online then read about the 10 best opportunities then decide which one is better for you.

And then you can signup for the training package which will help you to work on these online jobs.

ways to make money online

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

Just check here the top 10 ways which are most common people talk a lot about them to make money online. This article will use a rating system for each option in terms of trust, earning potential as well as in in terms of simplicity of the program.

1. Earn money by reading ads

Can you believe, you can earn money by clicking reading ads? Yes, this is 100% true there are many sites where you can signup, view ads earn some extra income.

I myself earn $400-$700 per month from few sites. You can see one of the video below where I am showing my earning from one of the site.

If you want to earn from this, then you can check these top PTC sites with complete details to earn money by reading ads how to grow your income.

Trust Rating: 7/10
Earning Potential: Not much. Good for part timers only
Simple or Hard: Very Simple. Even a 10th class boy can do this.

2. Earn with Google AdSense

This option comes on the top of my money making list. I make 6 figure income in INR every month from Google AdSense. You can see one of the latest payment proof below-

adsense earnings

AdSense is simply the best earning opportunities on internet and no one can deny this fact. In fact, earning from AdSense was never so easy as you can earn today.

What you need here is a simple blog or website where you can write share your knowledge experiences with the world.

You can apply for AdSense account place 3 AdSense ads on each every page on your blog. When people visit your website click on any ad, you will earn minimum Rs.10 to Rs.50 depending on your topic.

Trust Rating: 10/10
Earning Potential: Great! People Earn from $100 to $10000 or even more
Simple or Hard: Not very simple not very hard. Everyone should try this.

You can refer this post on Google AdSense to learn more about this.

We have created one of the best AdSense guide which gives you complete understanding in a very simple way. You can signup here to get it free.

3. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

I don’t have to convince you to show the growth of online shopping in India. Flipkart, or Snapdeal is not the only ecommerce portals, people are shopping online from.

There are more than 500 sites in India or thousands of sites all over the world where people buy things online.

Do you know all these sites offer you a way of making money online? That system is known as affiliate program.

If you signup affiliate program of any shopping site and then refer someone to that shopping site, you can earn minimum 4% to 15% commission.

make money from affiliate programs

Although it looks simple but there is a perfect way, you can start this online business. Millions of people from all over the world make money from number of affiliate programs.

Our training package will show you the complete ideas all the tricks to become successful earn lots of money from affiliate marketing.

Trust Rating: 9/10
Earning Potential: Great! No limit for income for super affiliates
Simple or Hard: It’s a bit hard but don’t worry, our training will help you a lot.

4. Make Money on Fiverr

If you know anything that can be useful for other people then you can make money from Fiverr. People sell many different types of services on Fiverr earn $5 from each sale.

Anything related to graphics design, advice or consultancy, data entry, virtual assistance, music videos, programming, writing, marketing, business or hundreds of other things you can do on Fiverr.make money fiverr

It does not take more than 15 minutes to complete 1 order and if you receive even 1 order per day then you can make $150 (Rs.9000/-) per month.

Trust Rating: 9.5/10
Earning Potential: There is a great potential of earning for experts.
Simple or Hard: Its very simple because you are doing only what you know.

5. Earn from online surveys Smartphone apps

Here I am going to tell you about 2 ways of earning online that is by completing online surveys by installing apps in your Smartphone completing different tasks.

earn from survey

I have already written detailed articles on both of these earning methods so you can directly refer this link below-

Trust Rating: 5/10
Earning Potential: Not much. But you should try because some people earn good some little. Many sites ask for registration fee for the same sites, I have provided above.
Simple or Hard: Its easy to work. You can signup from the above menu so that we can provide you more similar sites.

6. Earn Money as a seller

There is another way you can use online shopping sites as a way to make money online. And that is by becoming a seller.online_seller

Do you know, thousands of sellers on sites like Flipkart, Amazon or others started selling first time in their life.

Neither they sold anything before nor they had any product. So don’t worry if you are one of those because first thing you need to decide is “Yes, I want to sell online”.

You can roam around local market in your city check some of the popular reasonable priced items that is not easily available in other places.

You can also do the research on shopping sites for prices, response etc. before joining as a seller. Then you can list your item on these top shopping sites make money by selling this.

Trust Rating: 8.5/10
Earning Potential: Depend on your product, margin, response no. of sites you join.
Simple or Hard: Moderate

7. Earn Cash with Micro Jobs

There are dozens of sites that provide micro jobs. You can become a micro worker make money by doing simple short tasks. One of the top site on this list is mTurk and other are MicroWorkers, ShortTask micro jobs

Example of some of tasks are-

  1. Write a comment or give rating to a webpage, a video or app
  2. Search something from Google
  3. Find contact details of sites related to a particular brand
  4. Complete a short survey or write a small article
  5. signup on a particular website or install an app
  6. Transcribe audio
  7. And many other things

Trust Rating: 7/10
Earning Potential: You can earn $100 to $400 in part time.
Simple or Hard: Simple

8. Make Money through Freelancing Sites

Freelancing sites is again one of the good way to earn income but its not a cup of tea of every person. You need to have some skills before you could decide to join any freelancing site.make money freelancing

There are many top freelancing sites where you can signup and start earning. You can do any job which can be delivered online on these sites. Things like software coding, creating websites, internet marketing, writing, Photoshop jobs are some of the things you can do on these freelancing sites.

Here is a list of top 10 freelancing sites where you can join and start making money.

Trust Rating: 8/10
Earning Potential: Good but you can’t make millions with freelancing jobs..
Simple or Hard: Easy for those who posses skills.

9. Make Money on YouTube Facebook

Now a days people search if there is any way to make money from YouTube or Facebook. These sites are the most used sites on internet and so the potential of earning money from these income

Program like YouTube Partners can earn you some handsome money by uploading videos on YouTube. There are other ways as well to earn money from YouTube.

Can you believe a 1 minute funny video ‘Charlie bit my finger’ has earned more than 1 million dollar to the person who has uploaded this video in YouTube.

Similarly, there are many ways you can earn using Facebook. Just check this article which will show you many similar ways.

Trust Rating: 9/10
Earning Potential: Average for average people unlimited for smart hard worker.
Simple or Hard: Easy for some and little difficult for some

10. Make money by entering Captchas

As internet is growing, there is a huge demand for online captcha entry jobs. Capthca images are used to prevent automatic software to access a webpage.

So when these software access the sites find the captchas, they pass on these captchas to the captcha solver once they enter captcha, the software can access the site.

You can also become a captcha solver earn some extra income by working 2-4 hours a day. You can find here some of the best sites where you can join start earning.

Trust Rating: 6/10
Earning Potential: For people who are looking for extra income upto $200 a month.
Simple or Hard: Simple but you spend more time earn less.


These were the most common ways to make money online but these are not the only ways to earn money but you can find many other ways. But yes, if someone is looking for the ways, then these top 10 options are the only way to begin.

We will write about more such money making programs and the best tips tricks you can use to work on these programs.

So just subscribe to this blog so that you will never miss any way to make money online neither any tips about working on them.

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