Bing’s New Logo: Green With Capital B

Bing New Logo: Green With Capital B

Bing is launching a new logo, quietly, that changed the Bing logo from the sharp yellow color to a duller green color and capitalizes the lowercase letter B.

Above is the three logos Bing has been through since they relaunched their search engine in in 2009 – at least they didn’t change the name again. 🙂

AdAge reported this saying the changes come partly because the green “is easier to see over yellow,” a Microsoft spokeswoman said, and because the new look displays well “across Windows devices and services.”

I am not sure I like the new logo any better than the yellow one but I am no branding expert.

The Bing iOS app already is using the new logo for its app icon:

Forum discussion at Twitter.

Update: Here is a higher quality version of the new Bing logo:

click for full size

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