Boost Your Affiliate Marketing with WP Product Review + Giveaway of Pro Version

If you have been blogging for a while, then you understand the power of affiliate marketing as a method to generate income online.

Basically you need to write some good content and then place targeted links of products or services you think your audience would be interested in.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, it’s not.

It’s a bit more complicated.

Making researches, understanding your audience needs and problems, producing very interesting and useful content, having a solid reputation online and building good authority, creating a nice and clean website layout, and finally using the right tools are all factors that influence your success in creating income with affiliate marketing.

With reference of the last point mentioned, it’s surely important to use the proper tools, like the right WordPress plugins, which can help you during your work.

In this post I am going to write about “WP Product Review”, a plugin that offers a fast and simple way to add several functionalities to your blog posts and pages, like creating nice graphics with different options for your reviews with pros and cons of the product or the ability to easily insert affiliate links.

Also, be sure to to enter the giveaway at the end of the article. There are 3 single site licenses for the Pro Version of WP Product Review plugin waiting for you (each worth $26.95)! :-)


WP Product Review Options

First, grab the free version of the WP product review plugin here and install it in your blog.

Or simply use the search box within the plugins menu of your WordPress dashboard.

Wp Product Review plugin download detail - screenshot

Once you have installed it, you’ll notice the “Product Review” menu added in your blog dashboard.

Clicking on it, will bring you to the settings of this plugin.

general settings of WP product review - screenshot

There are several options available, this is because you can create personalized graphics for your reviews.

Let’s see the settings in detail.


General Settings

Here you want to set the position of the review box, if after content, before content or manually placed (using different codes depending if you have installed the free or pro version).

Then decide whether to show or not the review comments, by allowing your blog visitors to rate every point of the product you are writing about in your review.

You may also select your visitor review influence, in other words how much visitors rating will affect the main one (from 10% up to 90%, or no influence option).

The “change default rating icon” and “number of options/pros/cons” options are only available to Pro users of the plugin.

Finally, set the content width of the review widget (just enter the number in pixels – mine is “600”, the maximum width of my blog posts in my Genesis Framework theme).


Rating Colors

Browsing in the menu on the left, you see the rating colors option.

ratings colors option in the WP product review - screenshot

By default, you see red color for a weak rating, yellow for not bad, blue for good and green for very good rating.

It’s also possible to change the “rating options” and “rating chart” default color.

You can personalize the colors, by choosing the tonality you prefer, just be sure to tweak them in order to match your main blog theme.


Typography Options

The “Typography” section of the WP Product Review plugin helps you edit the “font” color, together with “pros” and “cons” text colors.


typography options within WP product review plugin - screenshot

Also, you may want to specify the text for pros and cons headings, by modifying them to “strong points” and “weak points”, for example.

You can change the review box border color and width, by inserting the number of the pixels you prefer.


Buy Button Options

The second-last part of the menu is the “buy button options”.

Buy button options at WP Product Review plugin - screenshot

Here you want to select a color for the button border, background and text color, together with the hover options.

Also, you need to choose whether to show a shopping cart icon on the button.


Upgrade to Pro Version of WP Product Review

The last part of the menu is “Upgrade to Pro”,  where you can purchase the Pro version of WP Product Review plugin for $26.95.

See the differences between free and pro version in this image:

Difference between Pro and Free version of WP Product plugin - screenshot and details

In the “upgrade to Pro” tab, there is an interesting option.

You can choose to use the preloader functionality, by displaying a “powered by link” (which will be nofollow) on your review posts which points to the plugin.

Save all your changes and you are now ready to create your first review.


Create a Review Using the Plugin

So it’s time to create your first content, using WP Product Review.

After having installed properly the plugin, when creating new blog posts you will notice a new addition within your “screen options” of your WordPress dashboard.

In order to write your first review, just click and save “yes” in the product review extra settings.

turning on wp product review plugin - screenshot

After saving, new boxes of information to fill will appear.

The first part is related to the product details – the product name and image, or the choice to link your picture to the affiliate link or simply to the image (of course when writing reviews you want to add your links).

The next box is where you want to write the product options settings, with their grades.

See an example as the image below:

product options settings with WP product review plugin

As finally step, you need to enter “pros” and “cons” features of the product reviewed.

When you hit the publish button on your review, this is how the rating widget will look (see this image, as an example) :

WP Product Review widget example



The free version has many interesting features, and you can start creating awesome reviews in your blog just by using the lite plugin.

While upgrading to the Pro version will ensure you more usability, with some more features.

WP Product Review is a great solution for boosting your affiliate marketing results.

I liked the many options available and even if it takes a bit to understand how to use it, after the initial set up, then it’s very simple to build nice reviews.

The review box of the plugin has really a beautiful graphic and will add a clear understanding of the product to your readers.

You can choose to display it at beginning, so to give your audience an overall view of your review.

I highly recommend to take a look at this plugin to all the affiliate marketers out there.

It could help maximizing your revenue!


Awesome Giveaway – 3 Single Site Licenses for the Pro Version

You may want to enter the giveaway, for a chance to win one of the three single site licenses offered.

Just follow the steps included in the PunchTab as below (mandatory is only leaving a comment).


UPDATE (Dec 22th 2014) And the winners are :

– Tim Bonner;

– Nikhil Ganotra;

– Jackson Nwachukwu.

What do you think?

Have you ever heard about WP Product Review plugin?

Please let me have your thoughts in the comments below, thanks!

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