How You Can Register Free Domains

The easiest way to register free domains is to sign up for a web hosting plan. You can check the web hosting plan’s description page to see if a free domain is included.

Register Free Domains
Register Free Domains

If it does include a free domain, you will be prompted to enter the name of the domain name you want to register on the checkout page of the web hosting plan order. This type of free domain is recommended for webmasters who want to develop a personal website.

It is also suitable for new webmasters who need to register free domain to sell their products/services and they don’t want to have to spend money on purchasing a new domain. There are a lot of tricks in this as you are getting a free domain. So, the best thing to do is to find sites that have already done the research in beforehand and list down web hosting companies that offer legit and free domain name that won’t cause any problem for you afterwards. Another way to register free domains is to pay for the one year price of the web hosting plan instead of choosing to pay the monthly price. There are a few web hosting companies that offer this type free domain such as Hostgator, and JustHost.

You could also get a place to host your site for free at the free web hosting site like Tumblr. In such site, you are assigned with a sub domain where you can create your own website. The downside is that they may display advertisements on your webpage to cover the hosting costs. The moderators will also constantly review the content you post at the free hosting site and they can terminate your site if they feel that your content has violated their terms. Many free hosting site let you transfer your website conveniently so you should definitely consider buying the domain name if you can afford it.

Buying your own domain name is always the best because you will have full control over it. Domain names are not expensive and it only takes a small invest of $10 to get a .com domain. Besides, many domain registration companies are offering discounts when you register for a domain with them. If you decide to use coupon code to get a discount on the domain, make sure the coupon applies towards the type of domain extension you are buying. Some coupons will offer you discount when you buy the domain names in bulk.

It is important to buy the domain from a reliable domain registration company that has positive reviews. If you are going to use the domain for your business, you should never buy it at a cheap price like $1. This is because you are likely to face problem with the domain afterwards. Many domain registration companies offer $1 domains on extensions that people seldom buy like .biz. If the domain is too cheap, it could also cause problem in the ranking in the search result. Cheap domains that cost $1 will usually take longer to rank compared to domains you purchase at the normal rate.

These web hosting companies are reliable as well as affordable. None the less they offer the free domain and few more freebies such as Facebook ad coupon, AdWords ad coupon to help you in marketing. So, let’s see which all generous hosting companies made the list of hosting companies with free domain.

List of Good Hosting Companies with Free Domain name:


Bluehost free domain

This is the first company that I recommend to you because I’m using it for the couple of my WordPress projects, and they are quite efficient in hosting WordPress sites. None the less, they offer free domain name that you can get at the time of purchasing the hosting, or you can use it anytime after purchasing the hosting. Along with free-domain they also offer free AdWords and Facebook credits. Do remember, this free domain is valid for the 12, 24 or 36 month hosting plan.

Total freebies:

  • 1 free Domain name
  • $200 marketing offers

free domain hosting

Siteground – Free Domain for life

Free domain for life

This is one offer that sounds too good to be true, but it is. Siteground not only offer the free domain with a hosting account, but you also get the free domain for life. The only catch is you need to keep your hosting with them, and indeed it’s a great offer. The price of Siteground is reasonable and with industry standard, in terms of hosting they are par excellence. Do remember, you need to pick a domain name at the time of signing up for the hosting.

free domain hosting


Dreamhost Free Domain

If you are looking for a web hosting company with the minimum price, I have the best deal for you. ShoutMeLoud offers you $50 discount on one year hosting plan for Dreamhost, and you will be paying only $69 for one year of hosting with one free domain.. On hosting purchase, they will add domain registration credit. You can use it to renew your existing domain or buy a new domain. Could one ask for more?

free domain hosting

There are many other hosting companies that offer the free domain with their hosting package. But these are those hosting companies that I have used and had experience with.

At-times, a newbie, misses out to chomp on such deal, and end up paying extra for the domain name. This may not be a huge saving for others, but I wouldn’t want you to miss on extra $11 saving.

Important things to know about free domain offer:

  • Many hosting companies let you avail the free domain offer at the time of sign-up. So make sure you check theirs TOS.
  • Only selected Top level domains (.com, .net, .org, .info, etc..) are allowed in the free domain offer.

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