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  • Google: Webmasters Likely Won’t Notice Future Panda Updates

    John Mueller in a Google+ hangout this morning said that with future Panda updates, since it is now part of the core algorithm, webmasters “probably wouldn’t see those kind of updates happening.” Meaning, webmasters might not notice future Panda updates. Truth is, this is similar to the Panda 4.2 update which went unnoticed by many […]

  • Google: Nothing Has Changed Now That Panda Being Part Of Core Ranking Algorithm

    As I keep trying to get the answer to what’s the difference now that Google added Panda into the core algorithm, I keep getting more and more confused. Look at how Gary Illyes explained it when Kenichi Suzuki asked in this Google+ thread: Question: What is “Core Ranking Algorithm” at all? How different is it […]

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  • Bing Adds Speed Test Widget To Search Results

    Bing is now testing a speed testing widget in their search results to measure the speed of your ISPs internet connection. You go to Bing and search for [speed test] and you may see this widget: It does not work for all, it does not work on all browsers. I was unable to get it […]

  • Google Brings Back The Google Dance

    Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t like parties or social gatherings 🙂 but the Google Dance is unique. The Google Dance was something Google put on for webmasters and marketers annually during the old SES San Jose shows. The Google Dance 2004 was the last time they held that event, that is until […]

  • Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: January 15, 2016

    This week will be named Panda week, as we covered tons of topics on Panda. But first, there was a core ranking update this weekend, which we spotted late last week, as you know. Google still didn’t launch the Penguin update, yet. Google Panda is now part of the core ranking algorithm, and we dug […]

  • A Google Piggy Bank

    I am now going through some of my archives, since I am having a harder time finding new images for this today but there are some goodies back there. I wonder if Google is getting less interesting, hence less fun photos out there of the place? Here is a picture of a Google piggy bank […]

  • Google May Temporarily Show Duplicate Titles Even With Rel Canonicals In Place

    Google’s John Mueller answered a question in the Google Hangout from Tuesday on why sometimes you will see in the search appearance HTML improvements for duplicate titles and descriptions in the Google Search Console when those pages are using rel=canonical? The question was asked at the 25:20 mark into the video: Does a search appearance […]

  • Bing’s New Logo: Green With Capital B

    Bing is launching a new logo, quietly, that changed the Bing logo from the sharp yellow color to a duller green color and capitalizes the lowercase letter B. Above is the three logos Bing has been through since they relaunched their search engine in in 2009 – at least they didn’t change the name again. […]

  • Google Cache Goes HTTPS

    It seems like Google has begun to switch their cache results pages over to HTTPS. It seems to be coming on and off for me, but if you search and you see a site that is HTTPS, the Google Cache link may run over HTTPS as well. Here is a screen shot of a Wikipedia […]

  • New Google AdSense Optimization Tab

    Google announced a newly improved Optimization tab within the Google AdSense console. This is where Google gives you automated ideas on how to make more money with AdSense – which most AdSense publishers ignore anyway. Google said the new Optimization tab allows: Explore new opportunities and features that could boost your income Run A/B experiments […]