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  • The Advantages of Single Sourcing for Technical Translations

    The use of single sourcing can be beneficial for the management and use of technical documentation. With single-source authoring, a writer can re-use the same content in different materials, and it can be used in a broad range of different formats. To put it simply, it is a process that allows you to write the […]

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  • Dead Simple Way To Dominate Tumblr & Get Some Easy Profits.

    I’ve been abusing Tumblr, pushing it to it’s limits and I absolutely love it. Over the last few months, I’ve built up some Tumblr accounts. No particular reason why but in the end it paid off. Building them up with followers was so simple and automated that I actually forgot about them. When I remembered […]

  • How To Build A Private Blog Network Like The Pros & Rank.

    I recently did an article that exposed my SEO secret on how I rank my easy to rank keywords but what about the harder keywords? Well it’s simple, you need more link juice and despite what people say Private Blog Networks are still the way to do. I don’t have a PBN yet but after […]

  • How To Find Content Writers That Don’t Suck & Make You Money.

    This is one thing I hate doing, writing content I know nothing about. With this blog, I don’t mind writing because I know what I’m writing about but with my niche sites I have no idea. One of my latest websites is about Sports Drills and I simply have no idea how to write about […]

  • How Blogs Make Millions of Dollars off Other Peoples Content.

    A few weeks ago I came across an article about DIY Ready and how they make millions from other people’s content. The best part? It’s legit. So, this blog will simply post pictures and information from someone’s blog then link back to them. Whoever they link back to loves it because they get a backlink. […]

  • How To Generate Email Subscribers On Youtube – You Could Be Losing Leads

    Long time no see huh? Over the last week, I’ve been testing and optimizing a lot of things. One of them being Youtube. One thing I’ve also wondered is why bloggers don’t use Youtube as much as they should. Sure we have some bloggers who do but most don’t. I guess they could be busy […]