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  • whatsapp desktop

    WhatsApp Desktop App Free Download

    WhatsApp has just launched a desktop app that is compatible for PC users. The WhatsApp Desktop app is now available for download on the mobile phone. The WhatsApp desktop app can work on Windows OS starting from Windows 8 and beyond as well as Mac OS, starting from Mac OS 10.9. The features of the […]

  • Whatsapp plus

    Download Modded Version of WhatsApp Plus v.4.25

    WhatsApp is a free messenger app that can work on land line phone and internet connection but the problem is that the app has put limitations on its features. Whatapp Plus unlock many of the features that have restrictions in the original version. The modded version of WhatsApp Plus v4.80 give you the option not […]

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  • whatsmapp

    WhatsMapp v1.7.0 Version Free Download – Latest update

    WhatsMapp is a different version of WhatsApp that allows you to enjoy all the features in WhatsApp Plus and it offers even more features compared to WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Reborn. A lot of the features in WhatsMapp are not found in the original version of WhatsApp. Many great features has been built into this […]

  • Whatsapp modded version

    WhatsApp Modded 2.12.5 Version Free Download – Latest update

      WhatsApp is an instant messenger compatible with the 3 major platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It is a very popular app used for contacting others through text messages and you can also transfer images and videos in the text messages. The built in calling allows you to make a phone call through […]

  • whatsapp logo

    EnWhatsApp Plus v.722 Version Download – Latest update

      If you are a WhatsApp user, you should check back this page for the latest versions of WhatsApp. The WhatsApp version available for download on the page is the modified version that comes with many additional features. It features the same UI just like the previous WhatsApp Plus version and several bugs have been […]

  • gbwhatsapp v4.25

    GbWhatsApp Plus 4.25 and WhatsApp Plus Download Free

      GBWhatsApp Plus 4.25 is the modified version of WhatsApp designed for Android mobile devices. The modified version allows you to hide your online status, blue ticks and second ticks and you can also display other features which cannot be achieved in the original WhatsApp. Many of the features that are not available in the […]

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    Whatsapp gold version

    Download WhatsApp Gold version 5.5 with Dual Base and Extreme Mods

      Fans of WhatsApp can use both WhatsApp Gold Edition and the original version of WhatsApp on their mobile phones. There is not much difference in the features in between the version that you can download from this page and the previous WhatsApp Gold Edition. Our team have tested this version of WhatsApp and we […]