Category: Work at Home

  • 5 Reasons Not to Wear Your PJ’s to the Office

    By Patty Buccellato Did you start your workday at the computer in your snugglies this morning? Convenience is probably one of the reasons you started an at-home business in the first place. You can stumble from bed, to coffee maker or kids’ room, to your office in less time than it takes most workers to plan […]

  • How to Start & Run a Successful Subscription Business From Home

    Sponsored by Cratejoy Subscription boxes have been growing in popularity over the last year, with both consumers and small or home business owners, for a while now. The end of 2015 saw a rapid increase in overall interest: Individuals starting, buying and talking about subscription commerce as a new and exciting way of doing business. […]

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  • The Advantages of Single Sourcing for Technical Translations

    The use of single sourcing can be beneficial for the management and use of technical documentation. With single-source authoring, a writer can re-use the same content in different materials, and it can be used in a broad range of different formats. To put it simply, it is a process that allows you to write the […]

  • How to Make Your Home-Based Business a Partnership

    By Deborah Sweeney The vast majority of home-based businesses are sole-proprietorships – according to the SBA a mere 4% of firms based out of a private residence operate as partnerships. And while going it alone may fit the standard idea of a home-based business, running yours with a partner can be a real boon for […]

  • Best Ways to Earn Income From Home in 2016

    By Holly Reisem Hanna There is absolutely no excuse for you NOT to earn money from home this year! With advances in technology, more jobs are able to be done from home and startup costs for launching your own business are little to nothing. If you’re ready to FINALLY work from home — here are […]

  • Huge List of Work-at-Home Jobs by Location

    By Holly Reisem Hanna Each week we post new, work-at-home job leads on the website, via our social media channels, and in our newsletter. While  many people are able to find jobs that suit their needs through these listings … there is ONE complaint that I receive over and over again. And that is … […]

  • 13 Weird Things You Can Rent for Money

    By Kimi Clark Are you looking for ways to earn a little extra money? People all over the world have taken to looking at unexpected ways to generate cash. A new up and coming way to do this is to rent out things you already own … stuff that you have, and someone else needs. […]

  • Digital Photo Chaos Creates Income Opportunities 

    By Cathi Nelson One Trillion Photos in 2015! That is the number of photos people around the world will have taken by the end of 2015. Why? Because we can. Just ten years ago, taking a photo required a camera, film and developing. In 2007, digital photography changed all that. Now we take endless images […]

  • Maternity Leave: What It’s Like When You Work From Home

    By Anum Yoon Being self-employed can be incredibly liberating. You are allowed to follow your passions and make your own rules. Being self-employed can also be incredibly burdensome. If you aren’t working, you aren’t making money. When it comes to taking long periods of time off work, like maternity leave, self-employed women must be more […]

  • Make Money From Home with VarageSale

    By Holly Reisem Hanna I’ve been a reseller for a LONG time. Even when I was little, I would clean out my toy box to see what toys I could sell at our neighborhood garage sale. This tradition stayed with me throughout my college years and well into my adult life. I’ve sold used clothes, […]