Cisco Webex Plan and Costs

Cisco Webex is designed for small businesses who regularly need to conduct conference calls with their remote workers.The Cisco Webex plan allows web calls.  It does not allow you to dial in to attend the conference.

The Cisco Webex plan comes with the necessary training materials. There is a free trial that you can sign up to test its web conferencing service. There is no need to submit your credit card information in order to use the free trial. However, the free plan does not include phone support. You can use the free trial to test the web conferencing service for up to 2 weeks.

There are 3 plans including Premium 8, Premium 25, and Premium 100. The premium 8 plan, which costs $24 per month allows the online meeting to have up to 8 people. Premium 25 costs $49 per month allows 25 people in the meeting. Premium 100 costs $69 per month and allows 100 people in the meeting. You can see the other participants in full screen or split screen. There is also the option to see up to 7 participants in one screen.

It is possible to share any type of application during the conference call. The application can be resize to the full screen of your monitor during the conference call. All Cisco premium Webex plans support VoIP and call in feature. In addition, you will be able to record the entire meeting including voice over and video conference call meeting. The premium plans also come with free markup tools, and mobile apps.

You can add the optional Add Call Me add-on plan to the premium Webex plan to easily participate in a meeting by picking up a phone call from your meeting. This prevents you from having to dial and enter the passcode when you want to start the meeting. The Add Call Me is toll free so it won’t add any additional expenses to your phone bill. The call me plan is available for US & Canada and Western Europe. The pricing for the minutes is applicable to each attendee. The minutes will not roll over and it will reset at the start of the next billing period. If you surpass the monthly limit, you will be charged with the overage pricing.

There are 3 different US & Canada monthly plans including 500 minutes ($45), 1,200 minutes ($99) and 3,000 ($225) minutes. The plan that also include coverage of the Western Europe is more expensive. For the western Europe coverage monthly plan, the cost is $75 for the standard 500 minutes plan; $156 for the 1,200 minutes plan and $360 for the 300 minutes plan.

The overage price per minutes starts from 7.5 cents to 9 cents for calls within US and Canada. On the other hand, the overage price per minute for call me plan for Europe coverage is 12 cents to 15 cents. There is the option of purchasing the pay as you go which is 12 cents per minute for calls made in US & Canada and 19 cents for calls made in the Europe.

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