Comprehensive Guide for CAT Para Jumbles

One of the important aspects of the IIM CAT exam’s Verbal Ability section is the questions from the Para-jumbles also known as Sentence Rearrangement. There would be a set of sentences as questions with letters labelling each one. To form a logical sentence, it has to be arranged coherently.

Tips and Tricks to Tackle Para Jumbles

Search for Introductions and Conclusions: It would be ideal to follow the rule of general to specific viz.  begin from introductory sentence to the ones with details. Look for the sentence that sounds like an introduction about a person, event or idea. This would certainly be the starting sentence. Similarly, search for a sentence that would give hints similar to that of a conclusion.

Find the mandatory pairs: The Para jumbles should be put into pairs that seem mandatory as this trick would be helpful for aspirants. The sentences that come together in a logical manner are called mandatory pairs. Finding them would help aspirants to solve questions based on Para Jumbles.

Look out for Pronouns and Nouns:  Most of us know the fact that Nouns in a statement would, in turn, be later traced in a coming sentence as a pronoun. Finding them would help aspirants to move ahead of their competitors during competitive exams like the CAT Exam. This would be one of the simplest ways to find answers for Para jumble questions.

Matching Subject Pairs:  Always be aware of the fact that matching pairs with the topic based on a similar subject would lead to answers in an unseen fashion. This is due to the basic logical conclusion that two statements based on the same subject or topic would be termed as a pair.

Beware of Sequences on Timelines:  If the set of statements contain references to events based on events that are time-based, one could conclude without a doubt that there is a pattern behind the series of events like past-present-future that one has to follow.

Check for Transition Wordings:  There would be wordings like besides, also, in addition to, consequently and so on used in sentences that would provide clues to answer the question. These connectors would act as connecting dots to reach the answer for para jumbles with ease.

Works with questions without options: While working with questions based on Para jumbles like the type in the answer ones, it would benefit the aspirants if they practice with questions without options as they would be able to tackle them much easier.

Re-read the paragraphs: Once the aspirants have completed the working on Parajumble questions, take the time to revisit them to see whether they make logical sense or not.  This would help them to improve their efficiency.

Apart from the points mentioned above, always remember the fact that solving Parajumbles would be a challenge that rewards the aspirants immensely once they understand the inner workings of the same. Just remember that by improving the reading skills/ability would help them to score easily in verbal and reading comprehension for CAT section.

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