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WhatsApp is a free messenger app that can work on land line phone and internet connection but the problem is that the app has put limitations on its features. Whatapp Plus unlock many of the features that have restrictions in the original version. The modded version of WhatsApp Plus v4.80 give you the option not to show your last seen activity and online status. You can go through the messages that you have received on the messenger by selecting the Blue Ticks options and hide the blue ticks. It comes with a lot of free themes that you can use to customize the app.


List of the Highlighted Features in Modded Version of WhatsApp Plus

  • You can customize various aspects of the WhatsApp including colors, and sizes
  • You can raise the uploading limit to transfer even bigger image and video files. The limit of the media you can transfer in the original WhatsApp version is 16 MB.
  • You can enhance the quality of the images that you send (The resolution of the image you send in the original version is much lower)
  • There is no advertisement in the modded version just like the original version of WhatsApp
  • You can share your favorite song tracks with friends in just a single click
  • You can select any part of the text messages in the chat window and copy it instead of having to copy the entire message.
  • It gives you the ability to watch status in the chat window in WhatsApp Plus v.2.10
  • The contact profile pictures can be hidden and you can also customize the phone book pictures to display
  • It comes with a theme viewer and theme downloader. You can see what theme is the most popular among the users and apply it
  • It is anti-ban proof.


Step by Step Guide to Installing WhatsApp Plus V.4.25 APK

  1. First of all, you must download the APK file for WhatsApp plus v.4.25 APK onto your computer and mobile phone
  2. Next, you must backup your chat conversations and broadcast lists
  3. Remove the original version of WhatsApp that is currently installed in the deice
  4. Launch the APK file and get it installed on the Android phone
  5. Follow the instructions that are laid out on the screen and press the Accept button to begin the installation.
  6. You have already installed WhatsApp Plus on your mobile device
  7. you must restore the chats and broadcast list you just backup in order to activate teh app
  8. Have fun using WhatsApp Plus & Reborn.


Reminder: Don’t forget to go to settings and check the option for installation of third party apps


Improvements in WhatsApp Plus Version 4.80

  • Base has been upgraded to version 2.16.57
  • Use a password to encrypt the conversation by going to Conversation Lock in Options
  • Post a response via the heads up bar notification so there is no need to launch WhatsApp anymore
  • if you want to send an image or video, you simply click the camera icon and select which image/video you want to transfer
  • Customize the background of the chat conversations window with a solid color
  • You can select more than one contacts to archive, delete or mute.
  • Features a variety of text formatting
  • You can apply bold formatting by typing asterisks in between the text that you want to bold for example, *TEXT YOU WANT TO BOLD*
  • You can apply italics formatting by typing underscore in between the text that you want to italicize, for example _italics_
  • You can apply strikethrough by typing ~ in between the text you want to have strikethrough, for example, ~Strikethrough Text~.


Improvements in WhatsApp Plus Version 4.25

  • Base upgraded to 2.12.556
  • Messages and calls can be encrypted
  • Supports several formats for the text files including XML, PPT and TXT, Microsoft Word .doc
  • Included 6.15 option to change a circle image to a square image
  • Included 6.16 option to manage the image
  • addresses the bug issue where the message did not appear in the notification bar.
  • transfer videos to the other recipient smoothly
  • fixes a number of options from version 1.2.3 – 6.6, starting from 2/1/37 to 2/1/38
  • addresses a bug issue that causes the app to crash during a phone call
  • addresses other bug issues


Improvements in the WhatsApp Plus Version 3.90

  • Base upgraded to 2.12.361
  • Included Floating Action Button on the main screen
  • Many options have been included in MOD 2.7 to personalize the floating action button
  • Include MOD 6.12 to customize the dark theme in settings
  • Include MOD 6.13 to modify the notification circle color for devices that are based on Lollipop
  • Get a preview on the Ticks Styles so that you can decide which tick style you want to use
  • Include MOD 1.2.46 to modify the voice message bar color
  • Include MOD 1.2.47 to modify the color of the Play/Pause button for the voice message
  • Address the bug issue that causes the first 100 themes on the Themes Server to crash
  • Addresses the bug issue where the phrase “data” shows up on the media caption
  • Addresses other bug issues


Improvements in WhatsApp Plus Version 2.20

  • Base is upgraded to 2.12.315
  • you can switch the style of the conversations header in between the old and new user interface
  • Includes the Acra mod so you can send error report when the app crash
  • Don’t let your contacts see your online and last activity status
  • Show and hide the floating action button
  • Change the contact color and White name’s message
  • Completely redesigned icons on WhatsApp
  • Don’t show the List Divider
  • The names in the contact are bold
  • Show and hide the toast of the status
  • Display the group counter in photo of the profiles and near the names of the participants
  • Choose Always online in your status
  • Display the name in center alignment in the topbar
  • Don’t show the profile pictures in the chat window
  • Choose whether you want to show or hide the attach icon and call icon in the chat window
  • Show your name on the main screen
  • Enter up to 251 words in the status
  • Deactivate the headsup in lollipop devices
  • Completely redesigned bubbles styles
  • Completely redesigned ticks styles
  • Get a preview of the images and videos without experiencing any crash
  • Faster
  • The app will run smoothly without experiencing any crash


Improvements in WhatsApp Plus Version 2.10

  • Transfer as many images as you want at one time
  • Preview the media files without having to download them
  • copy or share a media file with your friends
  • Don’t show the window post links and get a preview of the windows post links without any window popping up on the screen
  • Confirmation window will now appear when you attempt to contact the participant call list
  • Don’t show the list of participants
  • Encrypt the talks secret phone number
  • Addresses the bug issue that has to do with the battery and data consumption

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