Download WhatsApp Gold version 5.5 with Dual Base and Extreme Mods

Whatsapp gold version


Fans of WhatsApp can use both WhatsApp Gold Edition and the original version of WhatsApp on their mobile phones. There is not much difference in the features in between the version that you can download from this page and the previous WhatsApp Gold Edition. Our team have tested this version of WhatsApp and we can say that the app offers optimal user experience without any advertisement. It has included the same great features as the previous version, for example Disable Call, transfer several videos with total size limit of up to 30 MB, make changes on the text size, and addition of many new emoticons like those in iOS 9 and Android Mashmallow. You will definitely enjoy the gold edition. It is going to be a handy app for those who want to use two versions of WhatsApp on their smartphones. We encourage you to go ahead and download the extreme mods edition to try out the features yourself.


New Features in WhatsApp Gold Edition


Name: WhatsAppgo

Package name : com.wago

Base : 2.12.437

  • It will show your name in place of chat (you will have to restart wago following the installation)
  • Send message sound notification
  • Ability to deactivate voice call
  • Ability to deactivate voice note
  • Hide the call button and attachment button
  • Add toast when you get a new message
  • Conveniently search for the theme that you like and get it installed with a single click
  • Customize the app icon
  • Address SMS verification issue
  • You can now modify the notification icon
  • Ability to customize the fab button’s color background
  • Ability to customize the fab button’s color
  • Address a preview bug issue that exist in certain drivers
  • Six conversation styles
  • More bubbles are included so there are now 35 bubbles altogether
  • New color codes are included
  • More styles are included in plus settings
  • Two new styles are included in the conversation styles so that there are 6 styles
  • More new styles for conversation entry so there are now 16 styles altogether
  • Address the bug issue that has to do with the wallpaper used in the theme server
  • You can now perform a search on renovation
  • New forms are included to modify the bubble shape
  • New forms are included to create input boxes
  • Address a bug that prevent that surfer rear from loading
  • Modify the default icon
  • Modify the chat wallpaper
  • Anti-ban feature
  • More font styles are included
  • Color of emoji icon is altered
  • Includes HD icon
  • Download themes from OSM themes site and load the themes in wago
  • Ability to save a copy of the theme and share it with friends
  • You can now apply a theme in wago, works similarly as WhatsApp (so you don’t have to visit the website)
  • You can permanently delete files that you don’t need in the WhatsApp log file
  • Open the log file and perform a filter search
  • Decide whether you want the photo to be circle or square
  • Modify the size
  • Remove the ability to modify the icon because it prevent the counter from functioning
  • Includes toast in the ring tone contact
  • Transfer HD photo
  • Modify the circle color in the color notification
  • Modify the size of the text
  • Delete the most recent emoji
  • Modify the WhatsApps Plus theme
  • Attach images in your chat messages
  • Toast notification for online contact
  • Toast notification for status
  • Chat with your contacts in private conversation
  • Customize the status text
  • Customize the screen of the text conversation
  • Address a bug issue that has to do with the color code
  • Enlarge the image in the user profile
  • Ability to copy the status
  • Transfer over 10 images at one time
  • Activate with SMS code so there is no need to backup
  • Option to not automatically save the phone number of the sender or group owner when you click on the links
  • Includes the hide archive
  • Differentiate between ordinary messages and messages in the broadcast list
  • Includes two additional tick styles
  • Address a bug issue on the attach button


Highlight Features

  • This edition of WhatsApp has all you need
  • Every single feature that you need is now included in a single app such as GB, OSM and Yo
  • Remove the voice call feature
  • Remove the voice note feature
  • Don’t show the call button
  • Add toast notification when gets a new message


Step by Step Instructions on Installing the WhatsApp Gold Edition

  • You must first go to Google Play store to install the original version of WhatsApp
  • Just have a chat with any of your friend and have the chat conversion backup. To backup the chat conversation, you must go to Chat Backup under Chats and calls in settings
  • Remove the original WhatsApp on your smartphone
  • Install the WhatsApp Gold edition. You have to confirm your phone number and restore the backup of the chat conversation in order for the app to work
  • If you have multiple phone numbers, you will have to install the original WhatsApp at the Google Play store.

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