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WhatsApp Gold Version

WhatsApp Plus 5.0 Gold Edition With Extreme Mods:

Few bloggers even mentioned about WhatsApp Plus 5.0 gold edition. I have summarized all those rumors about WhatsApp Plus 5.0 gold edition. As per that, It is the latest WhatsApp release that features fixes to many different bugs and addition of a number of new functions. The interface has been completely redesigned and users now have the abilities to upload large videos with a maximum of 5 GB of video size for each upload, which is a significant improvement compared to the previous version that only allows 16 MB of video size. New font styles have been added and the names of your friends in the contacts lists have all become bold. The application loads fast and you won’t experience any intermittent freezing problem when running it. It has a more efficient performance compared to other versions of WhatsApp including OGWhatsApp, Whatsfapp, GBWhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Gold for Android with Extreme Mods Today

Important Highlights in WhatsApp Plus 5.0 Gold Edition

  • New icon
  • New chat wallpaper
  • New attached icon
  • Anti-ban features
  • Addition of a number of new font styles
  • Make phone calls
  • Prevent others from seeing your last activity time stamp
  • Invisible mode available
  • Ability to make modifications on the ticks/bubbles style mod
  • Group counter statistics
  • Preview a media instantly
  • Let your contacts see your online/last seen status in the default screen
  • Transfer a video that is as large as 5GB to your friend in the chat message box
  • Ability to transfer up to 10,000 image files at one time
  • Ability to modify your status and you can type up to 251.99 characters in a single message
  • The name and date can be removed when you are copying multiple messages at one time
  • Copy the status of your friends
  • New icon for the WhatsApp gold application
  • Don’t show chat conversations that are archived
  • New color on emoji
  • Included a HD icon
  • Ability to deactivate switch relays
  • See the status of your contacts and shows contact online toast
  • Floating action button (FAB) included
  • Customize the colors for your name and the message that appear in the chat box
  • Ability to restore the old user interface look
  • Lots of other new functions added

What are Some of the New Features in WhatsApp Gold Download Edition

  • Included all the facilities that you need in WhatsApp gold apk including GB, GIO, OSM, Yo, and OG
  • Completely redesigned user interface for WhatsApp golden version
  • Make modifications on the WhatsApp conversation style
  • Change the UI to look like other popular chats application such as hangout, imessage, WAMA modsand stock
  • Second counter customized to look like hangout
  • Ability to make modifications on the notification icon
  • Many new styles included in the settings
  • The style of the attachment picker can be switched in between the old and new styles
  • It has a new floating action button but you can hide it if you want
  • Don’t show the plus icon above
  • Addresses all bugs that cause the application to crash

What are Some of the New Features Introduced in WhatsApp Plus 3.0 Gold Edition

  • Fresh design for the user interface in WhatsApp gold version
  • No longer restricted to 16 MB and can now transfer up to 5 GB video
  • No limit to sending 10 image files at one time and you can now transfer 10,000 files instead
  • Modification to the color of the emoji icon
  • Choose from several new font styles
  • Comes with a new floating action button
  • Modify the conversations’ header in the original UI as well as the Call UI
  • Ability to choose whether you want to display or hide the floating action button
  • Make changes on the contact color
  • All names in the contact list are bold
  • Enter up to 251.99 word for your status
  • Preview media such as pictures and videos without causing the application to lag
  • Fully optimized to run smoothly without causing any screen freeze

Download the Original WhatsApp from Google Play Store

  1. Launch WhatsApp and send a message to a friend in your contacts
  2. Backup all your chats and completely remove the default version of WhatsApp through running the uninstallation
  3. Download and run the setup for the golden WhatsApp
  4. When it prompts you to restore the backup, you should restore the chats you backup and you also have confirm your telephone number
  5. WhatsApp plus gold edition is now ready to use
  6. Have fun

What are Some of the New Features Added in the Whatsapp Gold APK Free Download with Extreme Mods?

  • Send a video that is 5GB size without any lagging problem at all
  • Transfer a collection of 10,000 image files to your friend at one time without any problem
  • Removed the payment option
  • Add up to 251.99 words in your status
  • See the preview of an image and video instantly

UPDATE: It is not a authorized version by officially by whatsapp, and they actually warns the user to refrain from download WhatsApp Plus 5.0 Gold Edition With Extreme Mods.

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