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My blog MyMagicFundas has just one vision, and that is to bring you new and viable methods to earn money online

I have always tried to find out the best ways that can add to your revenue stream. Today, I have an excellent idea that is helping many people make a decent online income.

It is nothing but “Making Money With Short URLs”. I have taken one genuine URL shortening service to explain making money with short URLs.

Yes, in this post, I’m going to introduce, a link shortener service that pays you to shorten your links.

HINT: Not only this, if you stick until the end, I will show you how to make money from this tool with proven techniques.


You do not even need to have a blog; you don’t need to have any particular skills. All you required is, a little creativity with which you can earn good revenue per month with

Before you become too excited, let me give you a brief about

What is is a URL shortener like any other URL shortening service like or It helps to shorten the long and ugly looking links and make them beautiful to check.  

What sets this European link shortening service apart from others is it pays you for every hit that you generate on their links.

The team behind believes in giving its users a better and legitimate way of earning money with link shorteners, something that had never been possible before.

When you create a short version of any URL (no matter it is of your blog, a YouTube video or any Facebook post’s link), they generate a short version of that URL along with a relevant ad.

The simple trick here is that when a visitor visits the link, they see a small, non-obtrusive ad. If they check the details of that ad, then you will generate income. 

It is a pretty good way to earn the decent money even if you don’t have any blog or any technical skill.

Sounds interesting? Am I Right?

Let me tell some more details of, URL link shortener

How Does Work? is a nice web tool that helps you make money with URL shortening. But, you may ask why does this pay you? What is its revenue model and will it harm your visitors?


Let me answer the above questions!

Whenever you create a link on, you automatically generate an ad that is potentially related to the topic of your page.

Now with the short link in your hand, you can share it anywhere, on WhatsApp, in Facebook groups, in forums or even on your blog.

When you get users to visit your short link, they will see a small ad that they can skip after 5 seconds. It is something that is similar to what you see on YouTube channels. 

If the visitor finds the ad attractive and checking it, you will generate some income out of it.

For example,
1) Go to homepage and create an account.

2) Type your long URL and hit shorten link.

3) Copy the shortened link.

4) Share it with others and wait for your earnings.

Here is a screenshot of the ad that appeared when I hit the short URL created by me for All you can say is it is not obtrusive and does not make you feel cheap.


What Are The Other Benefits Of has some helpful features that make sure you earn more with every link you create. They have other monetization tools that can help you perform even better. Here are some of the coolest features of

1. High Converting Ads

As you saw in the previous screenshot, the advertisement generated by was for some earning program. It is highly related to my blog and so better click through rate and more conversions.

The ads are never cheap or explicit advertisements that would harm your reputation in any way.

2. Various Monetization Models has an array of tools to help you create some great income without wasting your time much. Here are some of its tools.

a) Mass Shrinker: This tool helps you to shorten 20 links at once. It is truly helpful when you have a massive campaign going on and want to shrink bulk URLs.

b) Social integrations: Like I said in the beginning, if you do not have a blog or a website, you can use their social share widget to share your URLs quickly onto social media channels like Facebook and Twitter and generate a good amount of clicks from it.

c) WordPress plugin: If you are a blogger, then you can create links with their official WordPress plugin without any hassles. It is useful for sharing a link as internal links in the blog posts.

3. Real Time Stats

If you get into any online earning program, you’d know that checking your current earnings is a great feeling. With you can verify and track your clicks and the amount of income you generated with them in real-time.

4. Support

The customer support in any program is a critical factor that holds you to them. The support channel of is quick and helpful. They are available to you in times of problems and even advice you with tips to make the most of your short URLs.

5. Payout is very prompt when it comes to payout. They have various methods to create a good income source for you. One of them is their referral program.

With their referral program, you earn 20% of whatever your friend (or anyone you refers to makes. It is a good way to increase your income.

The payment is made through trusted payment methods like PayPal, Payoneer, and WebMoney.

They have a global program so you can earn from anywhere no matter what country you live in.

The minimum payout of is $5 for Paypal, $20 for Payoneer and $5 for WebMoney. The transfers are done on the 10th of every month.

Now comes the fun part.

How To Increase Your Earnings With

Do you remember that I told you, I will share proven methods to make money with Here are they!

1. Share Video URLs

Videos are an excellent way to make some awesome money on the internet. You can find millions of videos of cute cat actions and amazing stunts on YouTube or Facebook pages.

What you have to do is, short those URLs and share them with Facebook groups that have a huge number of members. Be creative with the status you share. Make it catchy so that people would like to check the details.

CAUTION: Make it legit and don’t spam many groups at once. Some groups have a strict policy about what you share.

2. Blog Posts Internal Links

Internal links in your blog are the great way to reduce bounce rate and make your readers stick to your blog. You can use links to internal link your posts and make money from page views. You could easily do it as they have a WordPress plugin for it.

3. Mobile Messaging

Messaging on mobile platforms is very viral now. WhatsApp jokes and viral videos are just another way to make money. In that case, you can write catchy and funny jokes for WhasApp and share it.

Remember to use your in the bottom of the joke so that when people forward it to other groups it reaches to everyone.

Final Words

The internet world has opened a lot of genuine work from home opportunities and thus many people have started to quit their day job and searching for the ways to make money on the web. 

It is more likely to make a steady online income but you need to find the legit ways as the web has more spammy places that never pay a penny for your work. is a genuine URL shortener service and it is not just a link-shrinking tool; it helps you earn cash from something that is being going waste.

It has global users (nearly 475000) that use the service and make money online, so it is a trusted and legitimate service.

Other alternatives like or only cater to shortening URLs and do not contribute to your income in any way. However, is free to join and easy to earn money online.

What so you think about the way of make money with URL shortener? Do you aware of this online money making method? Share your viewpoints in the comment section.

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