Fiverr Alternatives: 26 Sites like Fiverr to Make Money Online

Earn Free Cash

If you like getting paid for surveys, and are going to join only one site, I would recommend you choose Ipsos-iSay. Ipsos is the most fun and well-paying panel. Give it a try to see how you like it. It is free anyway!

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The website encourage competitive bidding, but just as well, they always emphasize that bidding price should stay proportionate and realistic.

The mark of professionalism is hard to miss, and I recommend this site strongly regardless if you are on the mood to buy or sell.

3. Envato Studio

This site offers comprehensive range of services related to digital marketplace.

In that regards, there are always plenty of jobs for programmers, website designers, online content creators, and graphic designers.

The site is fairly easy to navigate and you pretty much get to what you want in a breeze.

Another positive aspect for me is that just like TaskArmy above, members’ qualification is properly screened and approved.

Correspondingly, they also take on more realistic pricing that sets it apart from the wild swing in prices as seen in sites like Fiverr and its wannabes.

4. Fourerr

Fourerr takes the easy way out by emulating Fiverr.

This is perhaps the most obvious in the user navigation. B

ut there is one thing that they do differently, i.e. they make it a house rule to only allow bids starting from four dollars, which explains its name.

Just like many sites, it also features a rating system.

It gets into my top five because there is tremendous traffic on this site. So this could be a nice place for you to hawk your skills and expertise.

5. GigBucks

This has an absolute advantage over Fiverr in that it allows bidding range of $5-$50.

Other than that, there is also no registration fee and there is no preset limit on how many gigs a provider can set his hand on.

For payment options, you choose between Payza and credit cards.

More Fiverr Clones

Here are other Fiverr looking/acting sites that haven’t been as successful as the 5 above, but nonetheless, are good to keep an eye on.

No harm in listing the same gigs you offer on Fiverr, on these sites as well.

6. Zeerk

You should not ignore Zeerk if you are hoping to land more meaty gigs.

Here you can bid up to $100 finally.

Charges are proportionately rated based on the level of skill and expectation.

There are also gigs that cost little like two dollars, and for those jobs, no commission will be imposed!

7. Fora20

The website only allows for gigs in the tight band of $5-$20.

I notice the listing here is kind of like micro version of Fiverr, but seems like nobody bothers to give any rating, and the traffic is certainly not among the most fantastic ones.

8. Geniuzz

The website is in Spanish only and the gigs here are dedicated to just social marketing stuff.

9. GIGsclerk

This is one of the better micro-job sites with a decent traffic.

The bidding range here is $1-$10, so it may not look attractive if you are gunning for those gigs that pay well.

You can still make some money here anyway, but make Fiverr or the top five websites listed above as your mainstay.

10. Damongo

I really can’t tell it apart from Fiverr. They seem to get their acts right in resembling Fiverr’s look and feel.

So if you are already familiar with Fiverr, this particular website certainly makes it easy for you to navigate and find the right gigs.

11. Tenrr

What makes this site stand out is that it allows you direct communication with the buyers.

Obviously, Fiverr does not allow that since you can exchange personal contacts and bring the business out.

I figure one reason they are inclined to do that is because they don’t charge any commission, and the website just function to facilitate gigs and direct payment between buyers and sellers.

Individual gig can go up to $10 only.

12. TenBux

Another website where you can sell gigs for $10 a pop.


13. Dealerr (Changed to

The main difference between and Fiverr is that the default currency in use here is the € (Euro), rather than the USD.

All bids are set to multiple of 5€, e.g. 10€, 15€, 25€, 50€ and 100€. You can cash out via PayPal ones your account reaches 5€.

14. Ffiver

This is yet another one that I can’t tell it apart

15. ImGigz

The gigs over here are restricted to just Internet marketing stuff or SEO.

One good thing is that there is no preset maximum when bidding.

16. MicroWorkers

This one counts as among the early pioneers in the online freelancing industry.

17. BountyIt

The ground rule here is somewhat different from the industry practice.

Here buyers name their prize money and the terms of the gigs. If you are chosen and deliver according to instruction, the prize money is yours.

18. GigBlasters

This is the place to boradcast your skills and wait for gigs!

19. Redlr

Focused entirely on small micro tasks that cost 5$ and up.

20. FiveBucksDeals

One of many Fiverr clones to find gigs worth $5.


This is same as above. But gigs here worth $10.

22. MyCheapJobs

MyCheapJobs employs the so-called Fiverr Script, meaning that it gets to enjoy all the whistles and bell of that script.

Traffic is decent as well.

The job level is calibrated nicely so that makes it easy for providers, and jobs range from $5 to $50.

Certainly one of those places to add to your regular Fiverr to make extra online money.

23. Socialhawkers

I think this one is comparable to MyCheapJobs in quality.

One neat feature is that you can bring yourself to the first page of qualified providers if you can spare $1 more. Think long term, this may be $1 more in your expense, but the payback is tremendous as you slowly boost your profile, and that will optimize your earning in return.

24. GigHours

GigHours does not set upper limit on bid price.

Depending on the demand of the gig, anything $5 up is fair game here.

This scheme is beneficial to providers. As you build up and bolster your profile (with every gig taken), you can gradually increase your price.

If you have not got much luck with Fiverr or the likes, you may just want to focus here.

25. HubWIT

Gigs are are available at just $4.99 each.

26. RoundShelf

This is probably one site that not many are looking at. But it is interesting as they don’t impose a cash out limit on your individual withdrawal.

Final Words

This list was originally much bigger, but a lot of Fiverr clone sites disappear as fast as they appear.

Everybody is trying to replicate the success of Fiverr as a money making site, but not many are realizing that they have to put their own twist into it to make it successful.

That said, as a freelancer and someone who is trying to make money online, these gig sites are great for earning money with your skills.

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