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gbwhatsapp v4.25


GBWhatsApp Plus 4.25 is the modified version of WhatsApp designed for Android mobile devices. The modified version allows you to hide your online status, blue ticks and second ticks and you can also display other features which cannot be achieved in the original WhatsApp. Many of the features that are not available in the original WhatsApp has been included in the GBWhatApp Plus 4.25. For example, you can transfer over 10 images at one time and send a video that is as large as 700 mb. In the original WhatApp version, you can only send a video that is 16 MB. GBWhatsApp Plus 4.25 is anti-ban proof so you don’t have to be afraid that your WhatsApp account will be suspended for 1 day when it is detected that you are using a modified version.


List of New Features in GBWhatsApp Plus

  • Share song tracks with your friends with a single click
  • Display your online status and last activity information on the main screen
  • Modify the themes
  • Don’t show your online status
  • Don’t show the blue tick
  • Don’t show the second tick
  • Enter into privacy mode when chatting with friends
  • You can now transfer batches of videos of up to 700 MB in size compared to 16 MB in the original version
  • Transfer batches of photos of up to 90 photos compared to 10 in the original version
  • You can now use 250 characters to choose from when typing a message compared to 139 symbols in the original version
  • Get a preview of the image so that you know what image it is prior to downloading
  • Don’t include the name and date in copied message
  • Use personalized smileys
  • Modify your status and choose from 250 characters to type your status message  


New Features and Improvements in 4.25 + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp Plus

  • Address a bug issue that occur when you transfer a picture
  • Improve privacy feature
  • The base of the app is upgraded to 2.12.556


New Features and Improvements in 4.17 + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp Plus

  • Ability to hide call button
  • Features upgrade version 2.12.453 for the base
  • The video file size sending limit has been increased to 700 mb
  • ability to send word document in chat messages now
  • addition of 100 emoji icons
  • include square photo
  • include emoji icons from iOS 9.1
  • Customize the color of the UL Call


New Features and Improvements in 4.16 + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp Plus

  • Address the big issue that has to do with transferring images and letters over the cht
  • Features the upgrade version 2.11.225 for the base


New Features Included in 3.90 + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp Plus?

  • The next fresh theme will display automatically after the addition of a new theme word
  • show the meta tags of the pictures and it can support up to 3,000 symbols
  • ability to save images onto your phone when you are browsing the images
  • New themes are added everyday
  • Changes in the tier profile of the Conversation
  • Fixes 1.1.12 bug issue so that it won’t display icon calls
  • Other modifications


List of New Features Found in 3.80 + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp Plus?

  • You will see new themes load after the addition of a new theme
  • You can now view the characters that have been attached onto the pictures
  • You can conveniently save a photo while in browsing mode without having to load.
  • Fresh themes are included every day
  • Modification in the profile during the chat conversation
  • Address the bug issue that has to do with hiding icon calls
  • Address a number of bug issues


List of Improvements in 3.70 + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp Plus

  • Addition of 9 material design icons
  • Address a bug issue where the MOD 1.4 is restored and causes the profile pictures will be displayed in the Conversation Screen
  • Type up to 500 letters in the meta tag of media compared to 160 letters
  • MOD 2.5.3 features modified position for Contact Online Toast
  • MOD 1.2.45 features modification of the Star icon’s color in the Conversation Screen Header
  • Address a bug issue that causes the app to become hanged when attempting to open chat conversations in certain mobile devices
  • Address freezing bug issue in the application


List of New Features that are Included in 3.60 + GBWhatsApp & WhatsApp Plus

  • Flag messages that are of priority to you so that you will remember to read them later
  • Save your chat conversations on Google Drive
  • Remove chat messages in a specific period of time for example past month or past 6
  • months
  • The capability is shown on the screen of the chat window
  • the phone number of the contact you are chatting with will automatically be saved onto the device
  • Built in decoder does not allow the telegram
  • Address the bug issue that causes the application to hang when you are transferring a photo to another person over the chat window
  • Address the bug issue that causes the text messages to vanish
  • Addresses a number of small bug issues


New Features that You Can Expect in 3.20 + GBWhats App & WhatsApp Plus

  • New widget that allows you to hide your online status
  • Addition of over 50 themes but you have to download them yourself
  • Ability to preview the profile picture of the other person you are chatting with without having to go to his profile
  • Many small bug issues have been addressed


Step by Step Installation Instructions for GBWhatsApp Plus 4.25

  • The first step is to download the WhatsApp Plus APK file and have it saved onto your PC and phone
  • You must then save your ordinary chat conversations as well as the broadcast list
  • Run the uninstallation for the original WhatsApp
  • Next, run the installation of the AOK file and get it installed on your Android phone
  • Press the Accept button to start the installation
  • The WhatsApp Plus is now installed on your device
  • The final step is to restore the chats and broadcast list that you just backup
  • Have fun using GBWhatsApp Plus

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