Get Paid $5 for Every Phone Call You Make: a Great Part-time at Home Job

woman-making-phone-callIn the today’s world, almost everybody is carrying around a cellphone. Phones are involved in everything, from making money and work to socializing.

A while back I talked about a company that pays people to listen to phone calls. Today, I am going to talk about a company that does the opposite–paying you to make phone calls.

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How does that work, you ask?

Through a company called Call Center QA.

If you’re good at listening and catching details, great news– Call Center QA is prepared to pay you to make phone calls for them!

These guys are a telecommunications group that offers a variety of phone-related services, and they’ll pay you to do them. Anyone from stay at home moms, students, or disabled individuals can get part time quality assurance work doing anything from evaluations or call auditing.

You might consider this work to be something similar to mystery shopping but you are doing it on the phone— you’re calling places and evaluating them without a warning.

It’s call center work, so if you’ve ever done that before, you’re already familiar with the type of stuff you’re going to be doing.

The good news is that this company has a lot of respect for family and different circumstances, so you can work lots of different kinds of shifts for whatever schedule works the best for you.

What Will I Do Working for CallCenterQA?

You’ll be taken on as a “QA Evaluator,” which is basically a phone-based mystery shopper.

What you’ll be doing is calling businesses and posing as a potential customer, but you’re actually just gathering data to write an evaluation on the way the business handles themselves. Are they nice, rude, courteous, knowledgeable?

After you finish a call, you write up a little review and send it CCQA. They have to read it and accept it first, but they’ll pay you once they do.

Is the Work Flexible?


As I had touched on up above, the best part about this work is that they’re willing to accommodate a variety of lifestyles and schedules. So, even if you’re working in the day, or watching your kids at night, they’ll still have a position that fits to your needs.

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Of course, they do prefer that you have some relevant experience, whether it’s call center experience or at least a little bit of phone-based customer service.

They accept all kinds of applicants, but are particularly interested in those with diverse backgrounds. One of the keys of a good mystery shopper service is a wide variety of workers.

Even though the requirements are pretty flexible, there are a couple things that are must-haves:

  1. You must have a phone (or phone-like service) that is capable of making the calls,
  2. and you must be able to send and receive emails.

If you don’t have a phone, something like Google Voice or Skype should work, as well.


These positions are definitively part-time, and intended to be done as supplemental rather than primary income.

The schedules are definitely flexible, but you won’t be working any graveyard shifts (after all, you need to be able to call businesses while they’re open!)

In general, they will use your services on a contractual basis. Which means that rather than having a consistent schedule, they’ll get in touch with you specifically when they need something done.

That means that they’re great for part-time, but not something you can plan your expenses around.


The payment for CCQA is flat-rate and paid via PayPal.

You make $5 per call and accepted evaluation, so if you’re capable of really hammering out the calls and evaluations, the per-hour rate becomes pretty good.

They’ll pay you between 24 hours to a week after you submit your application, usually on the quicker side.

After you’ve amassed $600 or more in payments from them, they’ll ask that you submit your 1099 information, for legal reasons.

How Can I Apply to CallCenterQA?

This is the directory page for their applications.

It’s easy to apply, just a brief information form. They will ask you to submit a resume like a normal job application.

Bottom line?

This is a pretty good service and the community feedback on it is positive.

If you want to rack up a little bit of call center experience and you’re not afraid to take on this contractual work, then it’s a great opportunity that I would absolutely recommend taking advantage of.

Of course, if you get nervous during phone calls, this isn’t a very good option for you!

This one is for people who are OK with being on the phone. Past that, though, this is definitely among the better ways to make more money part time.

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