Get Paid to Donate Sperm: Earn up to $1500 a Month!

Donating sperm for cashDonating sperm is one way in which a man can earn a little extra money each month.

If you are interested, the reality is that only around 5% of all applicants are accepted by businesses in this market. In addition, do not expect to earn as much as women who donate their eggs, as this is in much higher demand.

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If you are still interested though, here is some helpful information to let you know what sperm donation is all about.

Requirements for Sperm Donation

Just like blood donation centers that pay you to donate your blood plasma, every sperm bank is going to have a different set of rules and standards. And it is up to each individual sperm bank as to how selective they are with their sperm donors.

With this being said some general requirements that most sperm banks have in common are:

  • Must be between the ages of 18 and 39
  • Have a height requirement, which is generally at least 5’7”, though many sperm banks require the person to be taller
  • Have a college education or be attending college to get a degree
  • Do not smoke
  • Have to have a clean family history, and this is a vital requirement, meaning that most adopted men are out of the running with this point
  • Have no genetic diseases
  • No mental illness and no history of mental illness in your family

How Much Money Do You Get Paid for Donating Sperm

The money that a man can make by donating his sperm varies according to where they donate, their location in the world, and the like. Each center is different when it comes to what they pay their donors.

For example, Cryobank (one of the major sperm banks) lets you donate up to 3 times a week (assuming you qualify to be a donor) which will earn you a total of $1500 a month.

One aspect that is surprising to most men is that these centers usually require that you make a time commitment with them for donating sperm.

Here is a common example of how this works:

  • The man must commit to make 2 visits per week for a time period of six months to a year
  • For each sample that is a quality sample, the man will earn $100
  • After the time period is fulfilled, the man is paid $500 to complete the exit blood screening process

Though you are not going to get rich by any means in doing this, you can earn a decent amount of money.

How to Find Sperm Banks Near You

There are sperm banks in almost any major city these days. However, finding them isn’t as easy as, say, blood donation center. That’s because sperm donation is kind of discrete.

Thankfully, there is a website that makes it very easy to find a paid sperm donation center near you.

It is

Simply visit, select your location to see a list of sperm banks near you.

You can also use Yellow Pages by searching for “sperm banks” or Google by searching for “sperm banks in your city”.

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Final Words

Donating sperm for cash isn’t as easy as some movies and TV shows depict. It is a hard process and not many people qualify for. But if you do qualify, it’s a great way to not only help someone, but to earn a little extra cash as well.

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