Google: 302 Redirects Pass PageRank

Google Juice

This is probably obvious to most of you but I don’t think I covered a Google saying that 302 redirects to indeed pass PageRank, aka link juice.

John Mueller of Google said this in the comments area of a Google+ thread:

it’s incorrect that 302 redirects wouldn’t pass linkj Pagerank. That’s a myth.

We know sometimes Google will treat 302s as 301 redirects but we also have heard Matt Cutts say that 301s don’t pass full PageRank – although that may have changed over the years.

So using a 302 is fine, although I’d still recommend a 301 where you know the move will stay in place forever. It is just that many folks use 302s without thinking and Google needs to handle it.

Forum discussion at Google+.

Image credit to Barry Makariou.

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