Google Adsense Ads Per Page Limit Lifted – Big Adsense Policy Update

Google policy update

Google Adsense just done a policy update which makes web publishers happy. Google adsense ads per page limit has been removed.

There is a good news for Google Adsense publishers as Google has just removed the limit on the number of ads you can display on your webpage. We are among the first to learn about this update in Google policy and post about it and we don’t know if there are any other site that has already posted about it.

Proof of Google Policy Change

You can learn all about this update in Google Adsense policy via the two images below. As you can see, the first image is a screenshot of the policy on the 10th of August 2016 while the second screenshot is a screenshot of the most recent Google Adsense policy.

Detailed information about google Policy Change

The following is an excerpt of the old policy, which has been replaced with the new text after the new update.

> Old (obsolete) policy: Ad limit per page

Currently, on each page AdSense publishers may place:

Publishers may not place more than one “large” ad unit per page. We define a “large” ad unit as any unit similar in size to our 300×600 format.

Go here to read the full text on Wayback Machine.

> New policy: Valuable inventory

Advertising and other paid promotional material added to your pages should not exceed your content.

Furthermore, the content you provide should add value and be the focal point for users visiting your page.

For this reason, we may limit or disable ad serving on pages with little to no value and/or excessive advertising until changes are made. Examples of unacceptable pages include but are not limited to:

  • Mirroring, framing, scraping or rewriting of content from other sources without adding value;
  • Pages with more advertising than publisher-provided content;
  • Automatically generated content without manual review or curation;
  • Hosted ad pages or pages without content;
  • Pages that don’t follow our Webmaster Quality Guidelines.

Source page for new policy.

Summary of Google Policy Changes

1. Publishers are allowed to display over 3 units of ads on the webpage.

2. Publishers is no longer restricted to display one ad that is larger than 300 x 600 on a webpage and they can display more than one large ads if they want.

3. Just like before, you can only display one 320x 100 ads unit above the fold in a mobile optimized webpage. There is no limit on the number of ads you can display below the fold.


What This Means for Publishers


In publisher perspective, It is a relaxation of policies, and increase in revenue. Being able to include more than 3 ads per page can definitely help you to increase your revenue and now the Adsense team has allowed it in their new policy.

In google adsense perspective,  the focus is on “valuable inventory” and its usefulness to users. The new policy is placing more importance on the value of the content to the visitors of the site so the rules have become more flexible and less strict and less rigid.

One possible reason that Google makes this update is because many people have installed the ad blocker to block the ads and this results in the publisher losing money. Besides, many people have also had their accounts suspended due to displaying more ads than the limit but the limit is now lifted.

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