Google: AMP Not A Ranking Signal Yet

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As you know, Google launched AMP in the mobile search results this week.

Back in December, Google said AMP might become a ranking signal but that is currently not the case.

John Mueller of Google said today in a Google+ hangout that AMP is currently not a ranking signal by itself.

At the 15:50 mark into the video, John said:

Is AMP a ranking signal? At the moment, it is not a ranking signal.

It is obviously one way to make mobile friendly pages, so that might be an option where you do that. I’ve already seen some web sites where they’ve moved the whole web site to the AMP format. Obviously that is mobile friendly setup so it kind of picks up the mobile friendly thing.

But just AMP itself is not something that we have a ranking signal at the moment.

So there you have it, AMP is not a ranking signal now but he did not say it won’t be in the future.

Truth is, AMP is just in the news carousel now anyway.

Here is the video embed:

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