Google Update Underway? The Tedster Update?

Early last week, I reported around chatter on a possible Google update from the weekend before, maybe starting around the 17th.

Well, that chatter has not slowed down much – in fact, it kind of took an uptick and I am seeing more chatter around Google updates over the past week or so.

Some of the tracking tools have showed a spike in Google fluctuations around the 23rd of September as well.

It seems like Google is possibly testing something or that there is a roll out slowly pushing out. I am unsure if this is an uptick with Panda or something related to another algorithm. Or maybe it is nothing at all. I have not heard from Google about an update – so it is hard to say.

The folks over at WebmasterWorld are trying to give the September fluctuations a name, they think there has been enough changes going on this month that it warrants a name. Here were some of the suggestions, including naming it after Tedster who passed away a couple years ago, others think pocketliner, or Orangutan and others. I like the idea of naming an update after Tedster, although I am sure he would not have thought it to be appropriate (he was very humble).

Have you seen shifts in your Google rankings over the past couple weeks?

Forum discussion at WebmasterWorld.

This post was pre-written and scheduled to be posted today.

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