Google: We Don’t Forward Retroactively Your Reconsideration Requests

We know that some old messages may show up in the Google Search Console around manual actions and their history. But Google doesn’t have a system to send you the old reconsideration requests and manual actions dating back forever.

A Google Webmaster Help thread has an SEO asking for the old messages because he has a new client that had some bad history in 2011 and he wants to be able to see the full history.

John Mueller of Google said it isn’t something they offer. He wrote in the thread “this is not something that we’d forward retroactively.”

Why? John said:

One reason the account might not have the older reconsideration request texts is that in the beginning we didn’t include the reconsideration request in the message. I don’t know when that specific change took place, but if you’re looking at a longer period of time, that might be a factor.

It would be cool to get the full history to have Google note what is resolved and what is not.

Forum discussion at Google Webmaster Help.

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