How And Where to Get Social Media Jobs Online?

As I have been in the internet marketing field for a long time, I’ve found that the companies offer jobs in the social media space to the well-established bloggers and people who thrive in their online business. Today, I came here to discuss the topic on “How and where to get social media jobs online?”.

Grabbing a social media job online is not a cakewalk, and this is why you are reading my post. However, after reading this whole post, you will not feel the same.

I am trying to bring to your notice some significant aspects of your profile and steps needed to get a job as a social media marketer online. Also, I will let you know some places to look for the social media jobs on the web.

Before getting into the detailed talk about getting social media jobs, I want to tell about some common social media job titles that will be big in the upcoming years.

5 Common Social Media Careers

Social media has become a gateway in the digital marketing and advertising field. It helps the businesses to build relationship and reputation for their brands and, personalities to reach out interact with the like-minded people. I would say that the social media is a revolutionary marketing medium that has limitless potential for the online businesses.

More companies are joining in social networks to get a public image and thus the social media jobs salary is still on the rise. Some of the hottest social media careers are as follows.


1. Social media manager

Social media manager implements the social strategies and responsible for the social presence of the company. Also, he would handle the latest social media trendy tasks.

2. Community Manager

Community manager would act as a liaison between the company and communities like forums, e-mail groups, social networks, etc. In simple words, a manager of the community understands and assists the customers of the enterprise.

Persuading active management of the community members, calculating the performance of the enterprise by using analytic tools and generating reports are some of the major tasks of the online community managers.
With these activities, the community manager would increase brand loyalty and web traffic of their company.

Moreover, this employee works in close collaboration with the marketing director of the company to discuss and give ideas for future innovation.

3. Content Creator

Having company’s goals in mind, the content creator produces engaging and factual content through blogs, social networks, e-mail campaign, message boards, etc. As this worker uses keywords in the content, it would easily attract the readers and followers.

Along with written and verbal communication skills, the content writer possesses project management and organizational skills to meet the company requirements. This staff member might be a blogger/copywriter.

Along with written and verbal communication skills, the content writer possesses project management and organizational skills to meet the company requirements. This staff member might be a blogger/copywriter.

4. SEO Specialist

To attract the potential customers by boosting the website rankings, companies need SEO specialist. Thus, this person has knowledge in HTML, CSS blogging and knows how to optimize the content for maximum exposure.

5. Marketing Analyst

Marketing analyst also called marketing manager has the skills to dig analyze the data of the company to draw feasible insights. Experimenting new strategies is needed to give best social media campaigns, and hence this employee analyze the results in a consistent way to improve the marketing efforts.

A creative person with data analyzing skill can be a good social media marketer.

Depends on the business size, social media offers some other job titles like Social media strategist, Social media marketing coordinator, Marketing Consultant, Social Media lead and so on.

Tips To Grab Social Media Jobs On The web

Here are a few ways that can help you fetch well-paid jobs in the field of social media. It only demands a little attention and effort in the following ways:

Be On The Top

One of the best ways of enhancing your profile as a social media marketer online is being creative. There are much fish in the sea, then why should an organization catch hold of you only. You should look for creating creative genius in your resume and cover letter.

The online engagement with the organization should always be as relevant as possible. Always remember that companies engaged in this type of business know it all. So, you will need to stick to your skills that make you different from the rest.

You should always think of different ways of bringing creativity into your blogs and posts in various social media websites.

Create Your Presence Online

I have always been intrigued to read different kinds of social posts and blogs that trigger the gray matter of my brain. Any content on social media that catches me off guard is a sure shot success for me. You will also need to follow the same rule.

Establishing a presence online is guaranteed by knowing the social media like the back of your hand. Always keep in mind that your social presence is the only thing that will get potential employers interested in your profile and skills.

Network Your Relations

If you are looking to swim with the big fishes in the market, then you will need to use every social media connection. Your biggest asset is your social media connections, which can take you greater heights if used in an appropriate manner.

Meet and engage with people who are the stalwarts in the market to gain experience and knowledge in the industry you are. Here, you will need to know thoroughly about the company you are working for.

Gain Knowledge Of Basic Programs And Lingo

Well, there are many social media programs and platforms that you will need to know about in order excel in your skills. Cropping photos, video editing, basic HTML programs and WordPress are some of the things that you will need to know beforehand to get the best out of social media.

I would also recommend you to know the different types of acronyms and terms that are used in social media to increase your versatility in this domain.

Learn The Art Of Managing

The online activity never stops; therefore, it will require you to be on it constantly. You will need to juggle yourself between different browsers and messaging applications. Being an expert multi-tasker is the only way you will survive without getting overwhelmed with all the activity. Learn the shortcuts and change your work patterns as and when necessary to ensure an organized social media presence.

The above tips will help in gathering the best skills that you require shining in the world of social media. These will also help to attract potential employers easily. Now, let’s see where to grab the social media jobs online.

Places To Find Jobs In Social Media

There are tremendous opportunities available to work with social media as its usage spreads like wild-fire. Below are the places to get a suitable social media job based on your skills.

Apart from top trending websites like Elance, Odesk, Mashable, Craigslist, LinkedIn, Simply Hired etc, you may look at the following websites to get a job on social media. If you’re a native American, you may find a job related to social media from the below sites.

Media Bistro

Jobs In Social Media

Get Social Media Jobs In India

Here are the places for Indians to search social media jobs online.

Media Jobs Daily

Work n Hire

Social Samosa

Paid Social Media Jobs


A career in social media was unheard of past years. But, as the growth of social media has occurred rapidly over the recent years, companies have started to understand the importance of social media and needs qualified people to manage their online presence.

Especially, to establish trust and provide customer service to their targeted audience, businesses are utilizing this inexpensive media. Thus, career paths in social media have exploded a lot.

Almost every company has plans to market their business on social media and hiring full-time employees for different social media job titles.

What do you think about career growth in social media and employment opportunities in this field? Do you know any other worthy place to get social media jobs online? Share your views in comment section.

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